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Your decision to contact us is the first step toward a lasting solution.

Our referral counsellors have a good vantage point to consult and refer people to Canada’s best addiction treatment options. Real, honest, caring approaches to treating various substance abuse are available in Canada. Across the country, each week, addicts are recovering, becoming happy, and reconnecting with loved ones.

Degrading or debasing any human being is not a practice we accept in everyday life, even less in rehab, when people are more vulnerable. We seek out and refer to centres that share our philosophy. Quality of service, pricing and care level are standards we look for in the center to which we refer. Considering that not all can afford a 20K plus program, we refer to facilities with a varied price range.

We have many years of experience dealing with drug addiction, alcohol abuse, and various treatment methods. You can expect complete discretion and understanding from us when we help you find the proper solution for your situation.

Why should you contact us?

We know & understand substance abuse issues, addiction, mind-altering substances, and treatment approaches. Our counsellors have personally worked with people from many backgrounds struggling with a wide variety of drug, alcohol, & medication abuse.

We have a unique approach to guiding callers to a wide range of resources, including private drug rehabs servicing residents across Canada. We are confident and know, by experience, that a person can overcome addiction.

Confidentiality & Care

Your message to us is fully confidential. We are here to help you find the available options. We will follow up with you on any referral to ensure you are serviced. If you are not satisfied with the center we found for you, we would expect you to call back to find another one. You and your loved one are important to us. You are there, and we will listen.  

Contact us because we are available now!