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To receive immediate help to find a private service for drug addiction in New Brunswick, please call 1-888-488-8434. One of our referral counselors will take your call. They are there to listen and give you some options for drug addiction treatment programs. Our counselors are knowledgeable about services available across Canada. There are New Brunswick drug rehab centers ready to serve you. So don’t hesitate and call the number below.






New Brunswick Drug Rehab

Our referral group is not associated with any particular drug addiction treatment center; we are unbiased in our advice. By calling us, you will be assisted in getting what you need. We will do the screening, assessment, and search for a New Brunswick center or elsewhere best suited to your situation and needs. The most common problem found with family members struggling with addiction is the lack of immediate help from the local centers.



Rehabilitation Options for New Brunswick

Our referral counselor is someone with enough experience and knowledge in the subject of rehab to guide you through the various options available in New Brunswick. Not all centers have the same program; each has the same goal, but how they achieve it varies. Some treatment programs in Canada are based on Christian belief, others are 12-step, while others are established on self-awareness, and many other approaches exist. We help you work out the most useful and suited to your loved one or close friend’s needs.



Drug Addiction in New Brunswick

The first fact to know about drugs or alcohol is that no one “wants” to be an addict. This is true whether you live in New Brunswick or anywhere else. The majority of people do not want this condition but ended up with an addiction to drugs or alcohol.


In the past 11 years, at least 241 people have died of an accidental opioid overdose. Over the past five years, New Brunswick has seen an increase in the emergency room for opioid overdose.



The Need for Treatment Program

Seeking out relief or resolution to this situation and not finding it. Drugs, including prescription medications and alcohol, cause a numbing effect on the actual pain, emotional or physical discomfort. When the drug’s effect no longer brings about that temporary relief, more and more drugs are taken. The body builds a tolerance, and larger quantities are required for the same effect. The body now has a dependency on the drug or alcohol, resulting in a new unwanted condition; addiction.



New Brunswick Drug Rehab – Private Sector Referrals

Some people are unwilling to get help for addiction in fear of the pain from withdrawal. Family members may intervene. In fact, it is not true that the drug addict must hit rock bottom to get help for their substance abuse. Often, it takes the intervention of family and friends to get the addict into a drug rehabilitation center. If you live in New Brunswick, we are here to give you a hand in finding the right treatment center.



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