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You are looking for New Brunswick detox centers. And you are coming across stops and wait time for yourself or a loved one. You might consider a private service to avoid the red tape. By calling our toll-free number, you will talk to a professional agent who can help you find an affordable private service for detox. We are an independent consultation service, we do not work for any center, so there is no bias.

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New Brunswick Detox & Further Actions

Detox treatment is the first step on the road to recovery. When a person aims for sobriety, other actions should come after detox. Anyone wanting to give up their struggle with substance abuse should consider further steps.

After someone decides to stop, one must overcome logistics that prevent them from entering detox and rehab. But once an individual surmounts these, the first action in recovery is detox. New Brunswick offers public access services in its many cities and towns. The main issue you may encounter is the limited room–bed availability—the wait time we mentioned above.

Bed Availability & Wait Time

Most detox programs will vary between 3 and 10 days. Certain substances may take up to 15 days or more. Skipping the waiting list and getting personal care involves the private sector. There are some reputed private detox and rehab centers in New Brunswick. However, less than one would expect for the number of residents throughout the province. Our experienced referral counsellors can help answer your questions regarding the private sector and options for out-of-province availability. When detox is a pleasant experience done by caring personnel, it encourages them to go further. It is a vital step towards sobriety.

New Brunswick and Medical Detox

Some cases require medical supervision while in detox, otherwise known as a Medical Detox. Here the person may have been abusing substances for an extended period and damaged their body. Or the person has a medical condition that complicates matters. Hard alcohol abuse, over time, can be life-threatening when stopped. Poly-drug users also may need this service. In such circumstances, the individual requires close monitoring for their own security. Qualified physicians oversee the program, and nurses assist in the process. These professionals are trained in addiction and substance abuse issues.

Intervention & New Brunswick Addiction Treatment

Getting a loved one to seek help, whether in New Brunswick or elsewhere, is sometimes hard to achieve. There are some ways to approach the subject that can lead to success. We recommend you read up on it before you talk to the person.

There is never a good reason to stop trying when one’s life is at stake. It may require a lot of convincing before they get the point. When all fails, there is the option of a professional intervention service. The results are more often positive than negative. There is no guarantee that the person will accept, but the chances increase quite a bit. Our trained referral counsellor can help you get this service.

New Brunswick Detox Centers & Recovery

Basically, there are three phases to achieving sobriety from mind-altering substances, including alcohol and prescription medications. First, getting the person to recognize they have a problem with the substance they are misusing. The second is to complete a proper detox successfully and the third is a rehabilitation process. With these phases met, all that is required is follow-up and a support system to stay drug and alcohol-free. Call us or request a callback. We will be happy to assist you.