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What is Medical Detox

Medical detox is a withdrawal process supervised by medical professionals. The goal is to safely withdraw a person from heavy alcohol or drug addiction with minimal pain or discomfort. It is also employed when a physical medical condition could make regular detox life-threatening. Medical detox is not sufficient to help a person achieve a long-term drug-free life. An effective drug rehabilitation program is strongly recommended afterward to ensure the person’s recovery.

Medical Detox

Medical detox will only address the physical aspects of drug addiction, it does not deal with the psychological reasons.

Medical detoxification, in some cases, is necessary to manage the medical complications that can occur while withdrawing from drugs or alcohol. Medical detoxes are done on an inpatient basis. Patients are monitored by a medical team on a 24-hour basis. Most often a group of professionals which include nurses and sometimes counselors is led by a physician. Providing care to the patient during the initial withdrawal process of addiction.

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Because each addiction and each person is unique, the need for medical Detox varies. The severity of the addiction, the type of drug coming off of, and the individual’s personal physical health have to be evaluated to determine if medical supervision is necessary.

In some instances coming off drugs “cold turkey” is not an option and can be life-threatening.

  • Alcohol’s withdrawal symptoms are among the most dangerous and can be life-threatening in a long time or severe cases.
  • The sudden stop of benzodiazepines can also be life-threatening and should never be done without medical supervision.
  • Heavy use or polydrug addiction is better done with medical supervision for the safety of the individual.

Withdrawal from certain mind-altering substances can bring about seizures, extreme muscle spasms, excruciating pain, convulsions, and many other unwanted consequences, including cardiac arrest.

More on Medical Detox

A medical detox center will administer medication to ease the uncomfortable symptoms of drug or alcohol withdrawal. The evaluation of any other existing or potential medical problems or complications is assessed prior to medical detoxification. Medical detox provides 24-hour nursing staff under a physician’s advice. It includes monitoring the person’s careful descent from one chemical drug to another. A decreasing dosage helps taper the person to a point where he or she can now safely participate in a drug rehab program with little or no side effects.

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