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Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centres Q & A

We are a small, registered business, and the purpose of ARC Services has been from day one to bring comfort, aid, assistance, guidance, knowledge, solutions, and above all, hope in the field of substance abuse to anyone willing to listen. It is our observation and recognition that something is lacking in the area of addiction—the contact between the addicted person or his relative and the services available in our current society. We endeavour to fill that void.

Yes. We can help guide you to the proper hotline for assistance towards a community-funded detox or rehab. Additionally, we will inform you of the general steps required by you or your loved one struggling with addiction. Including the barriers you may encounter. You can also visit our page, which gives the telephone number and sometimes the website of government-subsidized recovery centres.

Yes. Our referral counsellors know of a wide range of private facilities and can guide you to an affordable drug and alcohol treatment centre. Getting in contact with our referral agents provides an easy and rapid way to reach an intake counsellor at a facility.

A wide range of costs exists for excellent programs. It isn’t true that a program needs to be expensive to be effective.

Your insurance provider can only determine this. You should verify if your insurance provider covers only specific programs or do they allow your choice of facility. Having the option to choose your own facility is more beneficial as not all programs suit everybody. The goal is to address the addiction. 

All private drug rehabs will have trained professionals 24/7 in case of an emergency, especially during the detox stage.  Many addiction treatment facilities will have a medical professional available. You can also expect to find certified professionals in other fields related to psychological, emotional, and nutritional aspects. Often with addiction, other underlying personal issues need to be addressed.

Some people choose outpatient care while trying to go about their daily lives.  Outpatient treatment is for those who have light substance abuse issues. That is to say, the person uses once and a while but is starting to lose control. Outpatient services are appropriate for that situation. But if a person receiving counselling cannot stop, it is time to seek help with a residential treatment program. Use the link to find out more about the reason why.

Each Drug rehab will have its level of success. Knowing which is best for you is what we do. A referral counsellor is at your disposal to help you with options available to make that decision.  A variety of therapies exist, and one is best for your loved one. We will offer an understanding of what is needed to make such a decision. But in the end, the best program is one that is suited to the individual’s situation.

Each treatment center will have its own established aftercare schedule.  Aftercare is imperative to a successful recovery, and most reputable drug rehab centres know this.  Ensuring that when the person leaves, they have a support system. The good treatment centre shows an interest in their success and well-being.  Most often, there is a weekly follow-up that will taper down to monthly for up to four to six months. In some cases, this can go up to a year. Aftercare helps to stay strong during trying times to prevent a relapse.  It can include assistance for seeking work, education, strengthen relations, etc.

We recommend you read this article: which explains how to approach an addict. Hopefully, this will help. You can also call our toll-free number for help