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Addiction Treatment Centre Alberta

Finding good and affordable Alberta private drug rehab centres among the many can be difficult. To simplify the task, you can call and speak with an experienced addiction referral counsellor. If you are looking for a private addiction treatment in Alberta for yourself or a loved one, we can help. Not all Alberta rehab centres are the same. Different facilities will have different methods of approach. For example, there are programs based on the 12-steps method, some are holistic while others are more medically oriented and more. To get and stay sober, choosing the right rehab program is important.

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Alberta Drug Rehab Centres & Help in the Private Sector

You are tired of the lying, the betrayal, the anxiety, and outright confusion caused by the drug-addicted person. Or maybe you are tired of being high and only thinking of your next fix, your next glass, etc. We understand it’s not easy! Our referral service has a unique approach to assist families, and substance abusers find solutions to their struggles. With the variety of private drug rehab centres in Canada, we are confident we can find the right one for you.

Addressing Drug and Alcohol Addiction

We know the problems family and relatives face when addressing drug addiction or alcoholism. All substance abusers in Alberta as in other provinces, suffer from some unwanted life conditions. This can be emotional or physical pain or discomfort from past or existing situations. It can be as simple as being bored or wanting to forget an embarrassing moment or wanting to feel comfortable. A person fails to find a solution to resolve the situation. This often leads to an solution available: alcohol or drugs.

Mind-altering substances bring temporary relief, it numbs the issue, at least for the time their effects last. When it wears off, the pain or discomfort returns and feels worse, requiring the person to use it again to feel better. The person eventually becomes physically and mentally dependent and requires professional addiction counselling. Which gets you seeking an Alberta rehab, which brought you to our page.

Addiction Treatment Alberta– Public Access or Private

One of the missing links to addressing the issue for parents or friends is knowing what services are available and needed by the addicted individual. Unfortunately, community rehab centers will not have medical or regular detox for the cases needing the service. They do not offer withdrawal services. It is up to the parents to set it up. Most local hospitals have beds for detox, which is mainly a supervised “drying” time of three or four days. Once this step is done, the person should attend an addiction treatment centre for the full benefits of recovery. The public rehab centre will require the person entering the program to be drug-free and sober for a few days. Some facilities require up to a week of drug-free time.

Most cities in Alberta offer short-term residential treatments, and many only offer outpatient treatment programs. For more information on availability consult Alberta Health Services website at the bottom of the page.

Private Addiction Treatment Alberta

Private facilities offer various services to cater to individuals and their particular situations and needs. One-on-one counselling makes the program more personalized. Some addiction recovery centers will have professional counsellors in specific disciplines as alternative methods to attain sobriety. Interestingly, most people search for Alberta private drug rehab centres rather than public programs. As mentioned above, the type of program used is important in achieving sobriety. With that in mind, the facility best suited might  outside the province.

Alberta Drug Rehab Centres & Referrals

Suitable drug and alcohol treatment centers are important in recovery. In fact, they are as important as the decision to get professional help. Your search for an Alberta drug rehab or detox centre can end here. Call one of our referral counsellors, who will guide you to good treatment centers in Alberta or elsewhere. We know what it takes to overcome drug addiction or alcohol abuse. Don’t wait. The condition will only worsen!

Useful link: Alberta Health Services