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To receive urgent assistance in locating a private Alberta drug rehab program, call 1-888-488-8434. Speak with one of our experienced addiction referral counselors. We understand how a relative’s addiction to some drug or alcohol can be trouble. The amount of lying, betrayal, anxiety, and outright confusion caused, can be difficult, to say the least. We believe that drug addiction and alcoholism are serious issues and sometimes complex.

Our addiction referral counselors don’t want to see family members or addicts stressed over where to get help. There exist a wide variety of drug rehab programs servicing residents of Alberta. Our assistance to you and your loved one is to locate a private residential addiction treatment center that will work for you. 

It’s one thing to know you struggle with addiction and a completely different story getting the professional help needed. But there is hope, and our referral counselors will work with you to turn the problem into a solution.

Addressing Drug and Alcohol Addiction

We know the problems family and relatives face when addressing drug addiction or alcoholism. All substance abusers in Alberta suffer from some unwanted life conditions. This can be emotional or physical pain or discomfort from past or existing situations. It can be as simple as being bored or wanting to forget an embarrassing moment.

It is an unwanted condition. A person fails to find some solution to resolve the pain or discomfort. This often leads to the one solution available; alcohol or drugs. Mind-altering substances bring temporary relief, at least for the time their effects last. When it wears off, the pain or discomfort returns, requiring the person to seek the same solution. The person eventually becomes physically and mentally dependent on the substance and requires professional addiction counseling.

Alberta Drug Rehab – Public Access or Private

One of the missing links to addressing the issue for parents and relatives is knowing the services available and needed by the addicted individual. Unfortunately, community rehab centers will not have medical detox to cater to the specific cases needing it. But will rather ask the family to set this up. They do not offer withdrawal services. That is why they require the person entering their program to be drug-free for a few days. Some facilities require up to a week of drug-free time. Most cities offer short-term residential treatments, and many only offer outpatient treatment programs.

Private Treatments for Alberta

Private facilities offer various addiction services to cater to the addict and their particular situation and personal needs. One-on-one counseling makes the program more personalized. Some addiction recovery centers in Canada will have other professional counselors in different fields with alternative methods to attain sobriety. The point here is that more and more Alberta residents are seeking private drug rehabs rather than the endless paperwork and wait time of public programs.

Alberta Drug Rehab Facilities & Referrals

Our professional referral counselors know that once the addict agrees to a drug or alcohol addiction treatment, finding the right inpatient center is important. A suitable treatment center is just as important as the decision to get professional help. So stop your search for an Alberta drug rehab and call one of our referral counselors. We know what it takes to overcome drug addiction or alcohol abuse. Don’t wait, as the condition will only worsen like it always does!

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