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Getting Help Finding an Addiction Treatment

In seeking immediate help with addiction, call our toll-free number. You will be connected to a professional referral counsellor. They are experienced in guiding those in need to treatment centres for Camrose residents. We can ensure that the facility we find is suited to your situation and needs. Whether you seek short-term or long-term residential recovery program, we can find the right program for you or your loved one. Feel free to request a callback by using the callback form. We will get back to you rapidly. You can also call our toll-free number.

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Public and Private Drug Rehabs for Camrose

You may be looking to go to a publicly funded drug rehab centre, or you may want a private one. In any case, getting help is the most important viewpoint to have. Whether you go public or private, each will have its own set of rules and methods. They will have an established schedule and treatment methods. Unfortunately, community treatment programs in Alberta have a lengthy waiting list and long admission process.

If you wish to shorten the admission time, a private treatment program is recommended. Usually, there is no waiting list in those addiction centres, no lengthy screening process, and personalized drug addiction treatment.


Treatment Centres in Camrose

Though the city of Camrose may not have a significant drug problem, it does have family relatives or friends who need detox and rehabilitation. As mentioned above, there are government services to help the residents. Most often, this service will be in the form of guidance and outpatient counselling.

You may want a rehab near you, but it may require seeking addiction help in a neighbouring city or another treatment facility in Canada. It is a known fact that a substance abuser recovers best away from the abusing area. You want the best for your son or daughter or yourself. We can help with options to top addiction recovery centres that will suit you or that person you want to help.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction & Treatment Centre – Camrose

Just because we don’t hear about drug and alcohol addiction every day in the Camrose newspapers does not mean a problem is not present. It is quite likely you know someone with a problem with substances.

Underlying this drug or alcohol abuse is a real unwanted condition. When a person faces a painful and undesirable feeling, emotion, or physical ailment, they will seek relief. It is not long before the person discovers that some drug will ease their suffering by temporarily masking the pain.

As the drug wears off, the pain returns, more drugs are taken, and the body becomes dependent, which we call addiction or dependency. Removing the drug, alcohol, or medication addiction, we can see the source that now can be addressed.

Fast action is key in dealing with addiction

In Camrose, like any other place, one can overcome their addiction. Many have beaten it with the proper guidance and are now living happy drug-free lives. Don’t wait. Fast action is key in dealing with addiction. Call now for a free consultation with our experienced addiction referral counsellors. We are confident we can find a drug rehab centre suited to you, call 1-888-488-8434 or request a callback.

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