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Options for Rehab in NWT

One can find help with substance abuse by being directed to your local health community counsellors. You will find guidance and the process to enter a program available to NWT residents. The process requires you to be honest, persistent and reachable to ensure proper arrival for the in-patient program. If this is not what you are looking for, there are other options. Out-patient and support groups are also available.

For anyone seeking to help a loved one with a drug or alcohol problem, get them to meet with an addiction counsellor and start the process. You will also need to assist the person in attending subsequent appointments and following instructions to receive treatment in NWT. In other words, don’t think the addicted person can do all the steps alone.  

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 The condition numbs the individual.

Admission to Rehab & Cognitive Abilities

Most people with some form of substance abuse problem cannot follow through with simple requests. The condition numbs the individual. They may appear normal, but their cognitive ability is compromised. So, it is always best to assist the person as much as possible throughout the application process.

Drugs & Alcohol

When a person takes a toxic substance (mind-altering substances), it affects their awareness.  Their memories scramble, and imagination and reality morph together. The person sends all information into a mish-mash. It explains why it can be frustrating to reason with a drug abuser or alcoholic. They simply are not tracking in the same time frame as the rest of us.

Public Access Rehabs in NWT

In the Northwest Territories, residents have been afflicted with alcohol, drugs, and prescription meds, just as in the neighbouring territories. Though many public programs and services are made available in NWT, there is more demand for help than the system can help. That is why the wait time can sometimes exceed two months before a room is available. This situation can be discouraging. It isn’t that the facilities don’t want to help. Most personnel are caring and want to help others. But there are other options for addiction recovery.

Private Sector Rehab for NWT

Another option is seeking help from the private sector. Affordable rehabs and detox services exist throughout the country. Here a person can normally arrive within a day or two. Though it is a pay-for-service, so one needs to pay for admission. But, one can expect more personalized service: no wait time, single or double occupancy, and not a dorm environment. Often the hygiene standards are above average and accompanied by well-balanced nutritional meals. You will find that the majority of these facilities will also offer many amenities that you won’t find in public centers. It can include swimming pools, functional gyms, yoga, entertainment centres, etc. There may even be a business room for those who need to stay in touch with their employees.

Simplicity of the Private Sector, Rehab NWT

It’s simply a matter of getting the person’s agreement to see they need and accept help. With this step accomplished, the rest is a breeze. If the public sector is not an option for your loved one, you may want to speak with our experienced referral counsellor. They will work with you to get all the needed actions to arrive in a private facility most suited to their needs. Many private drug rehabs across the country help people from the Northwest Territories. Don’t give up just because it seems like a long process. Find a way to get the person what is needed. They are worth the effort.