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What is a Referral Counsellor?

A referral counsellor is someone who has experience in addiction and its treatment. Our counsellors have years of work in the field and a good knowledge of what facilities are available in Canada. All too often, we hear of families struggling with an addicted loved one who faces waiting time. Knowing from experience the existing scene in the public access rehabs, we set out to find excellent and affordable treatment centers. A referral counsellor helps families find affordable recovery centers in the private sector. A referral counsellor’s purpose is to answer your questions, guide you, and help you find solutions.

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How Does it Work?

When you call our toll-free number, our counsellor will do a short assessment to get a general idea of your situation. They will evaluate that person’s degree of addiction by the same token. Once the interview is done, they will suggest a or some suitable private centers. Putting you in contact with the main person of that facility will be their next step.

Who Are We?

Addiction Referrals and Consultation Services (ARC Services) is a small enterprise composed of two referral counsellors. Susan M. Chubbs is an addiction treatment specialist. She also consults and refers people and has been in the addiction field since 2004. When Covid-19 struck, she started an online coaching service. The other referral counsellor is Marc Bernard. Marc has a background in the Humanities and has also trained as a case manager in the United States, working in the field since 1998.

Where Do We Refer?

We only refer to Canadian centers. We believe that addiction is an affliction that people can overcome with hard work and honesty. Therefore, we refer to centers that share our philosophy. We also believe that the type of program suited to the person will have better results.

Although you came across our page by typing your city, it does not necessarily mean the center is around the corner. In our experience, a person going to rehab near them is not as successful. In fact, a change of environment has been and always will be beneficial.

Straight Talk & Information

Finding a good and affordable rehab is not as simple as just calling the first place. Our counsellors will help you with good honest information on what to expect and how to proceed in this field. When possible, we suggest visiting the facility and meeting some staff, looking at the dorms, cafeteria, etc. You can now make a perfect decision based on your own observations and conclusions.

Consultation Services

We offer a consultation service for those who need an assessment. This resource consists of an evaluation of the person’s substance use or misuse and its seriousness.  We also suggest the best course of action for an addicted person and consult families on the steps to take for a loved one.

Referral Counsellors in Short

The referral counsellor’s actual work is to help guide you with the best options for your situation. If the person cannot afford a private treatment program, the referral counsellor will help guide you to a community program.

They will inform you of the various government requirements for admittance, which can take anywhere between 3 to 12 weeks. We have been in the business of helping families for many years and know what it takes.