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Call our toll-free number if you need assistance finding an affordable treatment centre serving Calgary. You connect to our experienced referral addiction counsellors. Whether you are looking for a detox service or a residential drug and alcohol treatment facility, we can help. There are basically two options when it comes to drug rehabilitation. Your options are either publicly or privately funded centres. Most have similar approaches, but each treats residents differently.

Funded substance abuse treatment centres, unfortunately, have a waitlist. If you are looking in that direction, you might want to call the centre and get informed on their procedure for admission. Sometimes a referral note from a Health Care professional can speed up the process. Finally, you should also consider the private sector. There is a lot of misinformation on the cost of these programs. We invite you to call us for more information.

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Calgary Drug Rehab Options – Local Centres

Most public access recovery programs will follow the same guidelines and have waiting lists. Most families’ problem with community centres is the limited bed capacity and a waiting list, making it challenging when the person is reaching for help. In many cases, people are to sign up and wait for a bed to become available. This often takes weeks and sometimes months. It’s not that Calgary rehab centres are at fault here but the established system for treatment programs across Canada.

Private Treatments for Calgary

There is another option; centres with quick admissions with caring, experienced staff. Our Calgary rehab centre referral counsellors can assist you with this. Whether the substance you are having trouble with is street drugs or prescription meds, there is an affordable private rehab centre available for you. Our counsellors are independent; that is, they don’t represent any facility, and they work for you.

We are here to help! Just give us a call.

Calgary’s Addiction Treatment Problem

Most people will call the local addiction program and leave a message. Or go in person and put in an application. Then you can get an appointment for a case assessment. Then another meeting with a counsellor and sometimes a third appointment.

Then wait for a bed to be available; meanwhile, you need to stay clean and sober. Most government recovery programs will not admit you if you have used within the past few days.

There is a well-known and observable fact; if you leave an addict on hold, he will start to crave sooner or later. This is accompanied, most times, by pains, tremors, severe emotional curves, and a whole list of effects, making it hard for them to stay clean.

When a friend or loved one reaches out for help, you should act and act quickly. Who knows what can happen if you don’t.

Calgary Rehab Centre Help

We have helped thousands of people find the recovery program they need. This begins with a phone call to our experienced Calgary drug rehab referral counsellors. Call and find out which treatment centre is best suited to your situation and needs.

Public access rehab centres

Aventa Addiction Treatment for Women 
610 25 Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta
403- 245-9050

Sunrise Native Addictions Services Society
1231 34 Avenue NE
Calgary, Alberta

Centre of Hope
420 9 Avenue SE
Calgary, Alberta

An addiction recovery program for adult men. It offers a holistic approach to treatment that includes biological, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects.

Fresh Start Recovery Centre
411 41 Avenue NE
Calgary, Alberta
403-387-6266 ext 525