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We offer guidance and referrals to private alcohol or drug rehab centres for Saint John, New Brunswick. Call and speak with one of our experienced referral addiction counsellors. You have options, and we are here to help you find the best rehab facility for the person you want to help.

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1 888-488-8434
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Saint John Private Drug Rehab Centres

For immediate help finding a drug addiction treatment, dial our toll-free number and talk to our referral counsellors. They will be able to help guide you to the best New Brunswick private drug addiction treatments available. Our referral counsellors have worked in the field of drug addiction for many years. They help thousands of people find the right addiction treatment in Canada.

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Saint John NB Drug Rehab Centre

Across the country, public facilities have a waitlist. The same occurs for any Saint John NB drug rehab centre in the public sector. Families do reach out to these facilities for assistance only to discover no bed availability. There are other options, and our referral counsellors are there to help. Not all treatment centres are the same; in fact, there are dozens of different approaches to treat drug addiction. We can help you find which is best suited to your situation and personal needs. The right program is important.

The Right Treatment Option

Some in Saint John struggling with addictive drugs will seek out a detox service.  But this is only one part of full recovery. In our experience, a medium to long-term in-patient drug rehab program is the best solution. It takes more than a couple of days or weeks to handle the underlying cause of one’s addiction. One should plan a good residential drug rehab centre after the detox step to achieve sobriety.

Many addicted persons have successfully overcome their addiction. With the right facility and drug addiction treatment program suited to the individual, living drug-free is possible. For example, sending an individual to a faith-based program when the person doesn’t have a religion could be ineffective.

Saint John, New Brunswick’s Drug Addiction Problem

Every addicted person will have some buried issue of unwanted emotion or situation in life. It can be as simple as boredom or shyness or as complicated as sexual abuse or neglect. Some find alcohol and drugs as a solution to relieve the burden that is most time unconscious. Because the problem doesn’t resolve, the person takes more of the substance. The body becomes dependent, and a new problem surfaces, one we call addiction.

Saint John Drug Rehab Centre & Private Referral

Our referral counsellors have many years of experience. They do not represent any particular private facility. We are confident we can find New Brunswick drug rehab centres suited to you. If not, we’ll look elsewhere.

To find the correct rehab facility, our counsellor will do a general assessment over the phone. This action will allow them to evaluate what level of care (degree of addiction) the individual needs.

Our referral counsellors have many years of experience in addiction. Their screening and knowledge of a wide variety of detox and rehab centres can make life less stressful for everyone. If you are not looking for a private program, we can still guide you to the proper service. Call no matter what direction you want to take in Saint John NB.