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Are you looking for a Penticton drug rehab center, but your search ended up with disappointment? Speak with one of our referral counselors, call 1-888-488-8434, and find the right private residential treatment program for Penticton. The level of anxiety, betrayal, lies, and trouble that addiction creates affects everyone. This needs no further explanation. What does need further clarification is how to get good help.

Penticton Drug Rehab Centers – Helping One with Substance Abuse

When a loved one states, to any degree, that they need help, you need to act. But depending on the information you have on hand, it can become complicated to get help. When you speak with our addiction referral counselor, he or she will be able to work out options for you. We understand people with addiction to any substances. We also know of proper drug detoxification programs and substance abuse treatment programs. Not all detox centers are the same, and neither are drug rehabilitation centers. When searching for help for that person you love, it’s quite sure you would like the best possible service. We can help with this, but first, you should know a few facts.

Penticton Drug Rehab Facilities – Public Centers

There is one thing to know when dealing with a relative’s drug addiction or alcoholism. In Penticton or anywhere else in Canada, there are two avenues to choose from: public access centers or private facilities. Each will have its specific traits. The program schedules will be standard for all addicts in the public sector, whether the addiction is to street drugsprescription meds, or alcohol. These follow Provincial and Federal guidelines and are, in most part, subsidized. But unfortunately, most Government centers will tell you to sign up on their waiting list.

Penticton Drug Rehabs – Private Centers

In or around Penticton, one could find local community detoxes and rehabs. But for quick access and personalized treatment, choosing private is strongly advised. The private treatment centers in BC have, for most parts, no waiting list. The personnel is not overworked and trained in the different disciplines in rehabilitation. They offer one-on-one addiction counseling and group counseling, and in many cases, alternative treatments are available.

Addicts all have some underlying issues. These need to be addressed for a chance at lasting sobriety. We can help with this decision. Let an addiction referral counselor work with you. Our referral counselors have many years of experience working in the field of substance abuse. They work with affordable private drug rehabs in Canada that service Penticton residents.

Penticton Drug Rehab Program – Saving a Life

When dealing with substance abuse, whether in Penticton or any other city in BC, the time to act is now. You cannot expect addiction to take a break or go away. Drug abuse always gets worse. Waiting to take action only sets you up for a call from the local law enforcement, the emergency ward, or worse. Speak with a professional referral addiction counselor who will guide you and your loved one to affordable reputed private drug rehabs. To do something right now may be the difference between saving your relative and losing them forever.


To find support for yourself concerning someone’s drinking, go to this website, or if you need help for someone else’s drug use, find a Nar-Anon meeting near you.