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Helping a relative that is struggling with mind-altering drugs or alcohol can be done; call 1-888-488-8434. An addiction referral counselor is here to get you or your loved one in a suitable private treatment program. Addiction is not a simple problem, but sobriety is very attainable. It’s a fact that while living with a relative who is abusing street drugs, prescription meds, or alcohol is difficult. You’re not alone; our referral addiction counselors are here to work with you and get you an affordable and appropriate facility. So, your search for a Duncan drug rehab center can be facilitated with our help.



Private or Community Treatments

You likely attempted to work with your community addiction center only to face multiple screening steps and waiting lists. A variety of treatment centers in BC or out of province exist to serve Duncan. With this option, there is no waitlist, no complicated admission process, and some are very affordable. When you contact one of our referral counselors, they can help find the right treatment program. You also need to know certain facts about detox, medical detox, and rehab; we can help in that respect.



Referral Counselor & Recognition

Knowing your relative is struggling with addiction or alcoholism is one thing; getting them help in Duncan is quite another. Most people with substance abuse issues do not see life as you and I do. Their ideas are focused on other matters, and getting them to see any different lifestyle can be a difficult task. Working with our referral counselors will give you confidence and understanding, allowing you to get your relative to recognize the issue. In some cases, the person has been in denial so long that it requires the help of a professional interventionist. We can provide this service as well if needed.



Duncan Drug Rehab Centers & Unbiased Decision

Our referral counselors are independent and work with different treatment centers across Canada. That means that there is no bias and no pressure to represent a specific treatment center. We aren’t here to make a sales pitch; we want to bring understanding so you can make an informed decision in Duncan. Your son, daughter, or spouse should be given the best chance at sobriety. The private sector will offer a high care level, personalized attention, and above all, professional addiction counseling.



Duncan Drug Rehab – Helping Duncan Residents

Helping a Duncan family who has a member with substance misuse issues cuts down the risk factor. That is the length of time the abuse has continued, and the person’s physical health. It also takes into account what drug or alcohol is being abused. People not getting the necessary help rapidly find themselves in worse situations. Namely, legal issues, hospitalization, in a ward due to some drug induces psychosis, or in the morgue. Drugs and alcohol are poisons; they destroy the body, mind, and spirit. You can make a difference in Duncan; you have the power to turn a loved one’s life around. It only requires you to make a call and speak with a referral counselor.



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