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For Kelowna residents seeking immediate help to find a private substance abuse recovery program, call our toll-free number. Talk with one of our experienced referral counsellors who will answer your questions and find affordable treatment centers for you. If you are looking for a Kelowna drug rehab center in the private sector, give us a call.

Addiction Referral and Consultation – Our Services

We know the destruction that drug or alcohol abuse brings to families, relationships, and life in general in Kelowna. That’s why we believe addiction is a serious matter, and quick admission to rehabilitation should be considered necessary.

When you call, our referral addiction counsellor will need to know a few things before helping you. First, they will do a general case assessment and substance abuse evaluation to get the information they need to assist you. Then, once they have the details, they will discuss your options for treatment programs in BC.

Kelowna Drug Rehab Centers

Kelowna is like many other cities affected by crimes, drug trafficking, domestic violence, and more due to drug abuse. These events have consequences and impact the community and residents. When looking for help, most family members will contact the local addiction program in or around Kelowna. But unfortunately, most of these centers have a waiting list.

In Kelowna, there are no community residential drug addiction treatment centers available. You can, however, find outpatient programs and intervention services.

Treatment Program Options

Also, centers have different methodologies for the rehabilitation of substance abuse. Some have programs based on faith; others will have the 12-step method, while others have a disciplinary approach. There is also the alternative program and the holistic one; most have group therapy; others have one-on-one counseling.

To choose the right private rehab center, knowing the facts about each type is vital. Our referral counselors know of the best addiction treatment programs. Call to get assistance from our referral in this regard.

We are here to help! Just give us a call.

Kelowna Drug Addiction Problem

Unfortunately, Kelowna has some of its population affected by drug addiction. At this writing, people have fallen prey to methamphetamine addiction and fentanyl abuse. Methamphetamine being the second most abused drug in the world is the leading cause of drug fatalities worldwide.

From Drug Abuse to Drug Addiction

People use drugs and alcohol as a solution to their existing pain or discomforts. These substances will momentarily relieve the pain by masking it or take the edge off. The person having no other resolution for their issues will take mind-altering substances. The person can come to depend on it regularly (daily or weekly); the result is a new condition called addiction.

Kelowna Drug Rehab & Assistance

Our referral counsellors are available to help locate an affordable private drug addiction program across Canada. They will find a center suited to your needs.

Our professional referral addiction counsellors work with a variety of substance abuse treatments in Canada. They do not represent any particular center, so their help is unbiased, and they are ready to listen. We know what centers offer and can help you find the right treatment program. Get the best options for a stable drug-free life!

Give us a call and stop your search for a center