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Are you in need of a Brockville rehab center? Calling Addiction Referral & Consultation services will put you in contact with affordable help in the private addiction treatment sector. We are experienced referral agents and do not represent any specific facility. That means that when you call, we will give honest, unbiased information. We work throughout Canada. You have options to help that person in need of help.

Maybe you are unsure how to proceed or what to do; we can assist you in this endeavour. We’ve helped families across the nation find peace of mind with private detox and treatment centers.

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Brockville Rehab & Options

There are various possibilities for one that is addicted. There are public access services subsidized by the community, which unfortunately have a waitlist. There is no detox or treatment center in Brockville, but it’s always an option with admission to another nearby town and city. However, the waiting time may not be viable in some cases.

Treatment Program Specialty

Not all treatment programs are the same. At the same time, not all addicted person is the same. When you call from Brockville, a referral counsellor will do an assessment of the person’s life situation and determine their degree of addiction. Once all factors are known, they can advise and guide you to the right addiction recovery program.

Here are some courses of action possible

  • Medical detox

Medical detox is a withdrawal process supervised by medical professionals. The goal is to safely withdraw a person from heavy alcohol or drug addiction with minimal pain or discomfort. You can read more about this step here. Then the person should attend a treatment program.


  • Residential Rehab

A residential rehab center is a live-in treatment center for people that do not need specific medical assistance or specialized care. It is most appropriate for those with heavy addiction or a long history of addiction.

  • Outpatient Programs & Addiction Counselling

Mental health clinics, and addiction counsellors in Brockville may dispense outpatient treatment programs. The addicted person stays at home and goes to meetings, therapy or meets with a support group. Outpatient programs can be challenging for someone who lost complete control of their addiction. The heavier cases should seek the help of a residential program.


  • Coaching Services

The idea of offering aid via a computer screen was absurd two decades ago. With more people connecting through Zoom and other Apps during the pandemic, professionals saw new means to offer help.

The coaching service is for people functioning in their daily affairs, but recognizing things are not going in the right direction. They feel their use of mind-altering substances is getting out of hand and want to put control in on it or would like to quit with some help. It is an Online Coaching Service received in your home in Brockville

Brockville Rehab Assistance

Our referral counsellors will suggest private treatment centers or other relevant services for that person in Brockville. Unfortunately, we cannot influence public access services and change their long waitlist. But we do, however, offer alternatives.

You may be wondering about the cost. The cost varies from center to center and also depends on the room occupancy (private, double, etc.)

Some centers offer payment plans, while others collect insurance. Many centers will provide you with third-party financing to help with the cost. There exist many affordable private detox and rehab centers able to service Brockville. A major plus point is that the person you want to help can be in treatment within 24 to 48 hours.