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Drug Rehab Ottawa

Ottawa Private Addiction Treatments

We are a free referral and consultation service for drug addiction help in Ottawa. Our purpose is to assist families with information, advice, and referrals to Ottawa private addiction treatments or nearest cities. Resolving an ongoing drug problem isn’t simple. The complexity worsens in the public sector, where waitlists and protocols abound. Whether you are looking into Ottawa private drug rehab centres or drug detox, we can get you there.

Ottawa Drug Rehab Centres & Drug Detox Ottawa

Choosing the right drug and alcohol treatment service is also vital in reaching and staying sober in Ottawa. A person may want to detox and not follow with other treatment steps. In most cases, detox is merely a bandaid and will not get to the cause of the problem. Also, with certain drugs or because of medical issues, a person might need medical detox.

When looking for Ottawa, drug rehab centres ask questions when you call the facility. Find out what type of program they have and what is the longest a person can stay. The length of a program is also important. Consider a well-rounded program to get to the source of the problem. Most likely, a 21 to 28-day program is too short. Finally, if a person relapses shortly after finishing a drug or alcohol rehab program, maybe it was the wrong program.

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Drug Rehab Ottawa & Referral Counsellor

What will happen when you call? Our referral counsellor will do an assessment over the phone to understand the situation and evaluate the degree of addiction. The information gathered will help them find the appropriate drug addiction help in Ottawa or elsewhere if necessary. Once done, our counsellor will put you in touch with the most appropriate facility. It will be a centre that is right for the person’s needs and your financial situation. If for any reason, the centre doesn’t work out for you, we will find another. Ottawa private addiction treatments may not be the right fit for your particular circumstance. In that case, our counsellors will work at finding the proper facility for your loved one. You need help now, and we can provide it.

Public Access – Ottawa Treatment Centres

Subsidized rehabs in Ottawa are an option. However, the public sector has a delay in admission, as said earlier. The demand is great, and a waiting list system is in place as a coping mechanism. Unfortunately, the wait time is longer now since covid and was progressively getting longer in the last decades. In some instances, a referral note from a family doctor or an addiction counsellor may speed up the process. But you should verify with the centre you choose with a quick phone call.

These Ottawa drug rehab centres follow certain protocols composed of several steps. Also, the greater majority of centres will only take in detoxed individuals clean for several days. It means that detox is necessary first, in most cases. And to avoid relapse, a residential facility must be available after the step of withdrawal.

We are here to help! Just give us a call.

Private Drug Rehab Centers for Ottawa

We are here to help families in Ottawa find affordable private residential centres. Dealing with a drug-addicted family member or friend is not easy. Everybody suffers in this circumstance with many sleepless nights and worries. We understand. It doesn’t matter if the person is troubled by street drugs like cocaine or prescription meds. They all require help.


Private Drug Rehab Ottawa – Cost & Availability

Affordable treatment programs do exist. The cost varies from centre to centre. Factors in pricing are the length of stay, amenities available, and the centre’s luxury rating. Prices range from a small compact second-hand car to, of course, a Mercedes Benz with all the trimmings. In the end, we are here to help you find a suitable and affordable drug and alcohol recovery centre. In the private sector, there is usually no waiting time. Give us a call.

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