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Drug Rehab Cambridge

Private Addiction Treatment

For help finding a private drug or alcohol rehab program for someone struggling with addiction, call our toll-free number. Our experienced referral counsellors will give you options for private centres. People looking for a Cambridge drug rehab center with public access will end up in Toronto, London, or Ottawa.

Unfortunately, the greater majority of these centres have a waitlist that can be weeks and months long. Sometimes having a referral note from a physician or an addiction counsellor can quicken the process. The best thing for community addiction services is to call their service line and ask questions. However, waiting is not always possible. We have helped people in Cambridge by finding affordable addiction treatment centres. We are confident we can assist you in finding a solution.

Cambridge & Drug Issues

Cambridge Ontario seems to have a greater demand for MDMA rehab than any other city in the province. After alcohol and cannabis, MDMA (Ecstasy) and other party drugs are the most used substance in the Waterloo region. That is what reported the Region of Waterloo Public Health in 2017.

Like other cities, opioid-related deaths have occurred more so since Covid. In Ontario, during the first 6-months of the COVID-19 pandemic, the weekly number of opioid-related deaths increased 135%, from 23 to 54 deaths per week. The most rapid growth among people younger than 35 years. During three 6-month periods, 2774 died from an opioid-related cause. Ontario’s Chief Coroner reported a 25% increase in suspected drug-related deaths between March and May 2020, compared to the monthly average of 2019. In Cambridge, drug and alcohol abuse affects family, friends, and co-workers alike.

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Cambridge Drug Rehab Centres

Cambridge offers some addiction services like AA meetings and NA. As mentioned above, all publicly run residential treatment centres are outside the city. Our counsellors have worked with addicts from various backgrounds and addicted to all types of substances they know addiction. By talking with them, they might bring to view options that you would otherwise not see.

After a brief interview, they will find affordable private rehab facilities for you. We are familiar with the amount of disruption, pain, anxiety, and constant worry this situation can create. We want you to know that there are solutions to achieve sobriety and a productive, drug-free life.

Drug Rehab Cambridge – Private Centres

Our referral counsellors have been in the field of addiction for many years and know what to expect. Their experience will help you find the right drug addiction treatment program suited to your needs and personal situation. There are good affordable rehab centers across the country to service Cambridge residents. You can do something about addiction. Get your questions answered so you can make the right decision and get the best affordable treatment options.

Cambridge Drug Rehab Centre Help

Don’t wait until the addiction gets out of hand. The person can find themselves under arrest, in the ER for an overdose, or worst. The time to act is when the person is using just to get by, or they start to lie or stealing to maintain their habit. Make the first move to find an affordable drug rehab in Cambridge or elsewhere. Call us today. You have nothing to lose. A counsellor is standing by to take your call.

We are here to help! Just give us a call.