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Some facts that may not be known about MDMA

(MethyleneDioxy – MethAmphetamine)

Aside from the fact that MDMA has some terrible physical side effects that are well documented and broadly known, there are however some effects of Methamphetamine that have not had enough said about them. For instance, methamphetamine also alters memory and the ability to think sanely.


A person’s mind is a wonderful computer that does thousands of calculations in an instant. It’s what permits people to be aware of such simple things as red lights at crosswalks, heat from a burning flame, and more complicated actions like researching HIV and doing major operations for heart diseases. But what happens to the mind when a person uses MDMA is just as horrible as the physical side effects it creates.

For instance, the Methamphetamine user will begin to forget simple things like brushing one’s teeth or washing daily. The mind has memory recordings that enable a person to know how to act in certain situations. These memories are used at lightning speed to stop you from doing something harmful to yourself. They also permit you to be responsible. Whereas the Meth user will have these memories all jumble up, past memories get mixed with present perception and cause the person to do things that normally they would not do.

A Meth user can be seen to think he or she is invincible and try to do things that only a Hollywood superhero can do; like leaping from tall buildings. As time moves on the Methamphetamine user will lose this invincible sensation and all ability to act responsibly. In some cases, the Meth users have ruined his ability to learn and cannot be brought back to a normal state of mind.

To say that MDMA is a dangerous drug is an understatement, it destroys the body, mind, and soul. Anyone considering trying MDMA should be warned that they are playing with a loaded double-barrel twelve-gage shotgun pointed right at them. Discourage anyone attempting to promote its use and stay away from this deadly poison.

If the MDMA user is not too advance in the destructive side effects there are some drug rehabs that can deal with this drug. But a lot of work goes into rehabilitating someone from this destructive drug. If you’re looking for help with MDMA be sure to research the drug addiction treatment center that can deal with this type of drug and its side effects.

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