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Private Addiction Services for Kenora

We work with family members to find solutions to existing drug and alcohol-related problems. Someone in your family is addicted to a mind-altering substance, and you are looking for a Kenora drug rehab center. We have helped many families across Ontario find affordable solutions for private treatment facilities. 

We know how difficult it can be to live with someone who is addicted, the sleepless nights and worried days. Public access services such as outpatient and inpatient treatment centers have a wait time. This situation has been more so since the pandemic.

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Seeking Help from a Kenora Addiction Service

Families across Ontario seek help from local treatment centers for addiction services but, unfortunately, find no immediate assistance. Just like any health care service, people wait. Unfortunately, sometimes it shouldn’t apply to specific services. Even a small city like Kenora is not immune to the scourge of illicit drug trafficking. One would not consider that such a remote area would have a drug problem. Yet some families of Kenora are suffering from substance abuse. But not all is lost; you can do something. You do have options.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Kenora – Help

The trouble encountered with a loved one’s substance misuse can be overwhelming, whether in Kenora or elsewhere. We understand how family dynamics are affected. It is important that family members get help and support, such as Al-Anon or Nar-Anon. But finding the right addiction treatment center is the first key. An treatment program should match a person’s philosophy. It is so much easier when things make sense. Once a facility is located, talking to the addicted person is next. You can get information on how to proceed on this page.

Kenora Drug Rehab, Addiction Counselling, or Coaching

Inpatient or residential centers may not be the right service for the person you want to help in Kenora. When an individual sees their control over substance use start slipping, an in-facility treatment may not be necessary. These people are mostly recognized as social drinkers or recreational users. But in some cases, there is a bit more to it than meets the eye.

For this individual, we offer online coaching sessions. It is a live service via computer in the comfort of your home in Kenora. These structured sessions increase understanding, strengthen control, and give a new perspective on life. This service does not replace a physician’s advice or a standard residential drug rehabilitation program.

The Right Time for Intervention

From your conversation with them and their response to it, you can see if they recognize the problem. If they speak openly about it, half your job is accomplished. The individual will deal with it and will talk toward a solution. But that is not always the case.

Someone who refuses to talk or refuses to see the problem needs more work. If you’ve approached them several times in a non-accusative manner and there is no change, you might consider a professional intervention service. Most centers offer this service and are affiliated with experienced interventionists. If you are uncertain about it, call us. One of our specialties is bringing understanding and help to families in your situation.

Kenora Drug Rehab Assistance

When You Call

When you call for a consultation, we will do a addiction assessment and ask other questions to get a general idea of what is happening. This information will permit our counsellor to evaluate the degree of substance abuse and propose options. They will suggest affordable private drug rehab centers or other applicable services for residents of Kenora. Of course, we cannot change the present scene with public access services, but we do, however, offer alternatives.

As you may have discovered, the Lake of the Woods District Hospital in Kenora offers an addiction helpline. They provide an outpatient service that can help light abuse issues. In most cases, the best program for anyone really struggling with substance misuse is a residential detox and rehab center.We believe the first step in any treatment approach is a change of environment. Having your loved away from Kenora to receive help will increase their chance of sobriety. But where do you send them? And what will be the cost of the service?

Kenora Drug Rehab & Cost for Private Treatment

There exist many luxurious facilities in Ontario and across the country. But you most likely do not want a luxury facility to get off drugs or alcohol abuse. Certainly, you want the best for your loved one without going bankrupt. Some centers offer payment plans, while others take insurance. Many centers will provide you with third-party financing to help with the cost. There exist many affordable private detox and rehab centers able to service Kenora. A major plus point is that the person you want to help can be in treatment within 24 to 48 hours.