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Countering the Effects of Addiction

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How to Counter the Effects of Addiction

What are drugs doing to the body?

We all know that drugs and alcohol, and any other toxic substances are harmful to the body. Though in some cases, a tiny amount can show some benefits for certain specific issues. But like all mind-altering substances, the euphoria created becomes the desired effect. This action alone brings about a physical dependency. The body will crave the stuff, if only for the desired “buzz.” But what really happens when a person takes a joint, a line of crack, or an amphetamine pill, even a stiff shot of liquor?


The Effects of Depleting

These toxins, mentioned above, are foreign substances to the body. When a person drinks alcohol, it burns up, mainly their vitamin B. This burn-up is, in part, the cause of euphoria felt by alcohol. Smoking a joint has similar effects. The THC in marijuana is the chemical compound that causes a high. However, one should keep in mind that the human body is made of specific proteins, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and many other things. When poison enters the body, its natural mechanism is to fight it off, to protect the organism. This battle is done by using up its resources, the building blocks of a healthy body. When depleted, it causes a breakdown in specific organs, triggering other failures.

Nutrition and Healthy Dietary Supplements

Fighting Back

When a person has consumed some drug, alcohol or abused medication, the side effects are quite obvious. A person can expect the following to happen to the body when deprived of essential nutrients. Some of these are temporary. Others are more permanent. The list includes liver problems – even failure, stomach pains, diarrhea, swollen or bleeding gums, tooth decay, muscle or bone loss. One can even see such issues as high blood pressure, memory loss, heart, kidney problems, etc. These and other issues can develop into serious health conditions requiring medical urgency. If proper nutritional therapy begins early, these can be corrected and even reversed.

Some of the nutrients that make up a healthy body

There are some key nutrients that you can take right now to help halt the decline. Anyone attempting to stop drugs or alcohol should seek professional help to do so. However, it does not prevent a person from doing something effective right now. The most important items to give the body when trying to quit are vitamin C, vitamin B (the full spectrum is best), calcium & magnesium, amino acids, etc. You should seek advice from a qualified nutritionist for the best results.

One can also find these products in the correct balanced dosage through trusted companies such as Kappa Health. Their daily kits are complete and will assist any drug-addicted person in gaining some control over their overuse of toxic substances. It makes sense that the person replaces the nutrients lost during drug use. It includes a balanced food diet that the body can absorb and begin rebuilding.

What to Expect

Speaking with Our Referral Counsellor 

Though we are not nutritionists or physicians, we do, however, stay informed on the most effective methods available. Our goal is to help those struggling with addiction. We assist whether this is trying to stop on their own or getting the person to accept help. Our counsellors have a working knowledge of what works and what is simply a “band-aid” or a crutch. There are too many families suffering because of drugs, alcohol and over medication. It does not need to be this way. You have the power to make a difference and change someone’s life for the better.