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Private Rehab Programs Help for Estevan

Are you or have you a family member struggling with addiction? Are you looking for an Estevan drug rehab centre in the private sector? If so, call our toll-free number. It will connect you to a referral counsellor with years of experience in the field of addiction. They will help locate the most suitable private treatment center for you or your loved one. We understand the issue and the difficulties in finding good substance abuse treatment programs with short admission time.

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1 888-488-8434
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Estevan Drug Rehab – Estevan Detox, Private or Public

If you are looking for public programs, the city of Estevan has one outpatient addiction service at St. Joseph’s Hospital. Regina or the town of Indian Head is the closest residential rehab center for Estevan. Sun Country Health Region also offers addiction services. When calling these services, you may find that they have waiting lists and have lengthy admission processes.

Private Treatment Centers

It is not true that all private addiction treatment programs are expensive. Some are less expensive than a car, have a caring professional staff, and have immediate admission. With a general assessment of the situation over the phone, our referral counsellor will be able to put you in contact with the appropriate center. If you are looking for an Estevan addiction service that has quick admission, give us a call.

Referral Counselor Help

What is a referral counsellor, and how can he help? It is a person who has worked directly with people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. They have been in the field of substance abuse for many years, helping families and relatives alike.

We at Addiction Referral and Consultation Services understand the troubles and difficulties that follow from substance abuse. Our referral counsellors also recognize and work with a wide variety of addiction recovery centers in Canada. You still have the choice to seek help from a local treatment centre in Estevan, and we can assist with that. We advise seeking private assistance, and this is due to the rapid service and personalized care. We might be able to find a rehab center in Saskatchewan servicing Estevan, one that is suited to your situation and personal needs.

Estevan’s Addiction Problem

According to a CBC report of November 2016, Estevan Police are concerned about young people trafficking cocaine. Addressing the Estevan addiction problem is mentioned in another article of November 2015. As noted in the Estevan Mercury, where  Mr. Gary Tedford (supervisor of addiction services for Sun County’s Mental Health and Addiction services) said; “…with teenagers experimenting with drugs at an earlier age, there is a need to get the correct information to them in a timely manner”.

So addressing the problem requires families, educators, social groups, and citizens to band together and get proper education on the harmful effects of illicit drugs, abuse of medication, and alcoholism and consequences to one and all. That’s one action. The other is to contact a referral counsellor to help with anyone struggling to quit their addiction. It’s only a call away, but you need to act.