A New Outlook on the Opioid Crisis

A New Outlook on the Opioid Crisis It would appear that the opiate crisis can be read, heard, and watched at every turn. How is it that suddenly in this day and age of knowledge we, as a civilization, are plagued with such a life-killing substance? For all intents and purposes, one could easily state […]

Canada Health Care; Get in Line Option

Canada Health Care If one wishes to understand what the problem is with helping drug addicts from all walks of life in Canada it’s best to start with knowing what our healthcare system is. In Canada we have a group of “socialized” health insurance plans, these are intended to provide coverage to ALL Canadians. The […]

Environments & Drug Rehabs

Importance of Environment Struggles with Addiction & Recovery When a person is struggling with drug addiction or alcohol abuse and needs help, the first thing on their mind is getting through the physical and emotional pain. Following the attempt to quit their substance of choice comes withdrawal symptoms. Anyone who has ever been through a […]

Major Drug Bust in Vancouver

Illicit Drug Trade in British Columbia It’s a well-known fact that Vancouver BC is a major player in the illicit drug trade in British Columbia and throughout Canada. But recent drug bust has put a major dent in the drug trade in Metro Vancouver. According to Vancouver Police, a long-term investigation called Project Trooper has […]

Drug Addiction Referral Explained

Governmental help with drug addiction Over the years in the field of drug addiction and alcohol abuse, much study and research have been done. As the problem of drug addiction spreads throughout the country and across the planet more precise solutions are needed. Every year drug addiction professionals from various government health agencies in the […]

Drug Addiction Future Trend

Drug Addiction Future Trend Over the past decades, we have seen rises and drops in drug addiction on various levels. At one time it was Marijuana that was a major concern this moved over and Cocaine became the number one drug of choice for the North American population. Obviously, this created a huge problem with […]