A comment on marijuana legalisation

As many of you are aware the Canadian government has agreed to legalize marijuana. Subsequently, it has caused much controversy by a wide variety of organizations. From school boards to health care providers to human resources to insurance companies and drug rehab centers just to name a few. All have a say in this complex […]

New government, Legalizing Pot

New government, Legalizing Pot Well, here we stand in 2015 with a new liberal government to guide the Canadian people to wealthier, healthier and more productive lives. At least this is what the campaign of the elected candidate has told us. But how factual are those statements made by our newly appointed Prime Minister? I […]

Back to School; Straight or High

Summer Break, Straight or High As school approaches closer and closer, do you know what your son or daughter has been doing during their summer break? Many young adults when their past school year is ended will get summer jobs, apply for college or university and you as the parent are always proud to know […]

Marijuana’s New Face of Evil

Marijuana’s New Face of Evil Marijuana is well-known over the decades, first as simply an imported illicit substance used by many just to chill out and ‘’be more one with the universe’’. When the risk and cost were such that import became more inaccessible Canadians began to grow their own weed. It was not of […]

Your Body vs Drugs

Drugs are Bad It’s one of those things that “everybody knows”; drugs are bad for you. Well, that’s just a big generality because it is quite another issue to actually understand what it means. Those of us who have been in the grip of drug addiction or know someone who is struggling with drug addiction […]

Marijuana to ‘Shatter’

Marijuana to ‘Shatter’ Shatter in Canada Toronto’s recent discovery of what used to be called marijuana or pot has now been upgraded or changed to create a drug called “shatter.” Police in metro Toronto Canada recently discovered a brittle, caramel-coloured sticky substance during a drug bust. This drug, called on the streets’ shatter’, is actually […]