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Nunavut Private Addiction Treatment Centers

Are you looking to help someone with an addiction problem? We can do some things to assist you in your search. Nunavut has its fair share of drug and alcohol problems, but treatment centers are scarce. We have experience in private rehab centers in Canada and could most likely come up with some solutions for your situation. Most people think private is expensive, but it isn’t always so. There are a lot of misconceptions in this field. Call us; you have everything to gain and nothing to lose except a few minutes of your time.

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 Inukshuk in Nunavut

Addiction Treatment Facility in Iqaluit

The substance abuse problem is just as great if not worse in major cities across Canada. However, the only difference is the population density. In a city with millions of people, one does not see addiction on the street corner. Whereas in smaller communities, it is quite obvious. In recent years this has caught the attention of certain premiers of Nunavut and Nunavut Tunngavik. And in August 2019, a signed agreement was made to build the first full treatment facility in Iqaluit. With major investments over five years. That is very good news for the people of Nunavut. But meanwhile, what help is available to those struggling with drugs, alcohol, and prescription medication?

Nunavut Detox Center & Solution

The solution is to either go out of territory or do the support programs available to Nunavut. Anyone with perseverance, determination and a strong desire to change can find help in the public sector. It is an option. The other possibility is to go with a private detox center. In the private sector, one does a detox and rehab program in one facility, unlike the public access centers. A private service will have more personalized attention and qualified staff to assist in the program.

Nunavut Detox Treatment & Medically Assisted

In certain cases, some may require a medical detox. Qualified physicians and nurses monitor the person while detoxing to prevent any complications. There are two reasons why a person needs a medically assisted detox. One depends on the type of substance misused, the amount frequently used, and the length of abuse. And two, the person may have a pre-existing medical condition that could jeopardize their life.

Medical personnel may use prescription medication to ensure a safe and easier withdrawal process. Attending staff closely monitor the person through the procedure. In the end, the person would normally be off all medication and drugs and ready for their rehabilitation step.

Seeking Help with Detox in Nunavut

A key reason a person would find it hard to enter a detox is their fear of stopping and its side effects. Sensing the pain and discomforts of withdrawal may alter their decision. It makes them back off getting real help. The best thing a family can do, in Nunavut, is to support and encourage them and keep them focused on the goal of recovering from their destructive lifestyle. That is best done by being understanding and not authoritative with the person. You will get more results by being a friend than being “mom” or “dad.” You can read more on how to help an addicted person.

Nunavut Detox Center Help – Private Services

If you require some assistance with a loved one, feel free to speak with our experienced certified drug and alcohol treatment specialist. They will answer your questions and present options that suit your needs, including coaching you to get results.