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Avoiding Addiction Relapse

Relapse & Addiction

Anyone who has struggled with a drug addiction or alcoholism knows the amount of destruction their behavior has caused themselves and others. They are also aware of the quantity of work and effort put into their recovery.

There exist dozens of approaches and philosophies in drug treatment. Some are invasive and others are not. Many professionals in the field consider it a disease others view addiction as a means to cope with unwanted personal conditions and situations.

In all cases once the person has overcome their need for mind-altering substances there is still work ahead.

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Therapy & Recovery

Reasons Behind

There are as many reason for doing drugs or drinking alcohol as there are people addicted. Each person will have their own individual reason for using drugs. Once this reason has been located and properly dealt with it should not be a problem in the future unless it is the wrong reason or it was not handle and dealt with to the person’s satisfaction. Most drug addiction treatment programs will have some form of aftercare follow-up, this helps as a support to ensure the person is doing what is needed to live a drug free productive lifestyle. But living life on a daily basis requires a bit of knowledge about life in order to make it over the bumps and through the curves.

After Treatment

One of the first conditions to know with certainty regarding sobriety is that when you complete your treatment it is vital to realize YOU are the only one that changed. You did the addiction treatment program, not your wife, kids, boyfriend, boss or mom and dad, YOU. It is you who has changed; normally the other people in your life may still be running in the past and still see you as a “potential addict”. They will be wary of your actions, still uncertain about many trust issues, watching your every move, etc. This in itself can be quite annoying. You must stay true to your goals set with your counselors and be considerate about people who care about you.

Staying Sober

Staying sober is not just saying to oneself “I am no longer going to use”. It requires you following a set social program that was established to help you, the program graduate, achieve your goals. Sometimes there will be certain environmental circumstances that can “trigger” or stimulate past memory of drug use these memories must be simply ignored. When one goes into agreement with these stimulated memories they tend to increase in power over the person. In many cases this can bring about a drug relapse.

Pain, Grief, Anger & Relapse

Other things that can cause addiction relapse are emotional upsets, without proper means to deal with various emotions such as pain, grief, anger a persons may resort to old solutions such as drugs or alcohol. Any unwanted emotion can be a stimulator for a drug relapse, the thing about emotion is to recognize that it is just that, an emotion and one can change and control emotions, usually by recognizing that it is simply an emotion.

Proven Success

The more someone knows about life, accepts what comes their way, and deals with what occurs is guaranteed success. A person that stays positive and focused on a true survival goal can avoid relapses. Addiction is simply deciding to use or deciding not to use and deal with what life has put in front of you. If you don’t know what to do, than contact your counselor or a close friend for advice. In other words do something about it, don’t just figure and figure and figure about it.

If you or someone you know is suffering from drug addiction and looking for a private drug rehab and need help, we can assist you.