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Portage  Drug Rehab Centers

For those of you in Portage la Prairie in need of a good drug rehab on an immediate basis this webpage might be of use for you. Though Portage is not a big city it is one that does see its fare share of drug addicts in need of drug rehabs each year. Some of the drug rehabs in Manitoba are government funded using the usual 12-step, NA or AA approach to overcoming drug problems and addiction but the majority of these centers have waiting lists that can span several weeks. But we believe that putting substance abuse on hold can be life threatening and also quite impossible in many cases.

On the other hand private drug rehab centers will usually admit the person the same day and, depending on the center, private rehab will have a diversity of program methods. In the private sector you will find partially subsidized programs which lower the cost.

For a person to recover from an alcohol or drug dependency problem finding the right drug treatment program that will best address your personal situation is crucial. A substance abuse is first and foremost a personal problem and it is as individual as the person with the drug or alcohol problem. There are many aspects to take into account when searching for the right drug rehab, it is not a matter of “get me in and get me out”.

Each drug problem case enters a drug rehab program with the hope of and fear of discovering who they really are. If you are still reading this article you are not just another drug addict like everyone else in Canada, you are an individual and have your own personal drug problem with its own set of underlying issues.

Portage  the underlying drug problem

Any person in Portage with a drug problem or alcohol abuse is not without hope; it is still just a problem in search of a solution. In most cases of drug or alcohol addiction there is also an underlying unresolved and unwanted condition. This is unique to that person.

In the majority of cases the person was not born with the need to take drugs or alcohol. At some point in their life some incident occurred that was either traumatic or emotional and the person did not have the means to deal with it and it lingered on. Failed attempts to handle such brought them to use some substance that masked or suppressed this unwanted incident from mind and body. When the drug wears off the condition returned and thus the cycle of addiction began.

Finding the right drug rehab in Portage La Prairie or elsewhere in Manitoba can be a rough task. The internet is full of various drug rehabs with offers of all sorts of promises but to find the right drug rehab requires knowledge of these facilities. Our experienced counselors know the facilities and the programs available.

By contacting our professional referral counselors you’re able to get your questions answered with no sales pitch but just facts. Why waste time searching call our counselors to do the work for you, call now and have some peace of mind; call 1 888-488-8434


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