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You want to help your loved one with their addiction to illicit drugs? You need assistance in locating a good affordable facility? Addiction Referral & Consultation Services offer help to you and your loved one in locating a suitable private substance abuse treatment center servicing Portage la Prairie. Call 1-888-488-8434 and speak with one of our experienced counselors.

Dealing with a Loved One in Portage la Prairie

It’s well understood that you are dealing with a situation that may be out of control or maybe you only recently observed your loved one abusing drugs. Possibly the problem is with alcohol or prescription medication. This makes no difference, drugs and alcohol are equally mind altering substances and can be generally classified under; drugs. But no matter what they are abusing you can see a change in behavior and, when severe, even their personality.

This however does not give you any handling or direction to take in Portage la Prairie Manitoba. Often, you will find social workers, doctors even psychologist excuse this behavior as “taking the edge off” or “needs to unwind” or “it’s just a phase and will pass”. But the truth is that drugs will impair ones judgment, moral choices and level of responsibility not to mention the effects on a physical level.

The Step of Detox in Treatment Programs

Whether you live in Portage la Prairie or its surrounding areas, addressing drug addiction requires knowledge and know-how. The first address with drugs and alcohol is detox. This can be a medical Detox or a regular withdrawal process. In most public-access centers, a detox requires a physician’s or some professional’s referral. Whereas in the private addiction treatment programs a family member or the person addicted can admit themselves. One can simply apply for services and be accepted directly into detox and supervised by professional health care providers.

The difficulty most families face in Portage la Prairie is where and how to get this action done? This is where a well-trained addiction referral counselor is of assistance. He or she will do the preliminary assessment and get the general existing situation in order to help guide you to rapid solutions as to options and contacts. Addiction counseling does very little for a person until their detox step is well achieved. Trying to speak with someone who is still under the influence of some street drug, alcohol or prescription med abuse will not get far. Counseling is done after detox has been successfully achieved.

Portage la Prairie Drug Rehab Center Help

It’s understood that getting help in Portage la Prairie is actually time sensitive. The addict’s life is in peril and so is the family. The daily pain, anxieties, sorrows and every other emotion felt by the family is enough to break it up. Why should you let this continue? Getting help now starts with contacting one of our experienced referral counselors. They will work with you to get the help your family needs anywhere in Canada. You have the power to change someone’s life now. But it does mean you need to reach out. Call today, start the process towards help and fast admission with a Portage la Prairie drug rehab referral counselor.


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If the private sector is not what you are looking for then we suggest that you into the Addictions Foundation Manitoba website or call this helpline number: 1-855-662-6605