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In Lloydminster as anywhere else in Saskatchewan searching for a good drug rehab for oneself or someone close to us we quickly find out that our options are limited. Normally found will be the government funded drug rehabs or private drug rehabs. Both will offer similar programs but there is a difference, with the government drug rehab there is often a lengthy screening process followed by a waiting list whereas the private drug problem programs will be fairly straight forward in their screening and intake can be the same day in many instances.

The deciding factor in choosing which drug rehab is the present condition of the drug addict or alcoholic. If the person was just arrested or is in the emergency ward for an overdose they should be admitted to a drug rehab as soon as possible. But the same goes for someone who is indulging more then once a week as this is just an indicator of increased usage that follows with inevitable results of; job loss, disconnection from family and friends, dishonest activities or worse.

Lloydminster Saskatchewan has its fair share of drug related crimes that puts the existence of drug rehab programs in high demand. In the majority of cases where drug problems exist there is usually some form of drug related crime associated. Drug rehab programs in Lloydminster or any other city must be prepared to address such issues; if not, the drug problem being address by the drug rehab will not fully be resolved.

Lloydminster drug abuse problem, a closer look

When we look closer into the drug problem of Lloydminster we discover a common factor which is seen throughout Saskatchewan and Canada. The large majority of drug users with a drug problem don’t want to be drug addicts. The continued failure to break the cycle of addiction and handle their drug problem creates this hopeless acceptance of a life of drugs and crime.

But upon even closer inspection of the drug problem it will be found that the social drug problem is actually a personal problem. Underlying all drug problems including alcohol, is an even deeper personal unwanted condition that overcame the person at some point in their life. This unwanted condition is as varied as there are substance abusers, be it the loss of a loved one, a physical condition, or simply shyness in any case the person was unable to solve it with traditional means and eventually will discover that drugs or alcohol will mask and push the condition from awareness, at least until the substance wears off; thus the cycle of addiction.

Our professional drug counselors have dealt for years in the field of substance abuse and are experienced in dealing with drug addicts or alcoholics. We are familiar with hundreds of drug rehab programs in Saskatchewan and across Canada.

Our purpose is to help you during this troubled time where addiction has gone on too long and must be addressed. Let us do the searching and dealing with the facility to get you the right program to handle your specific needs. We know what questions to ask and where the best options lie for you. Call us and begin a future of peace and calm, call now don’t wait till things get worse, and they will; call for a free consultation.

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  1. Hello Tammy, We can assist you in order to find a drug rehab treatment centers for your brother, obviously it would be a bit difficult to do it over this blog. You can use our contact page and send us your contact information or call our counselors at 1-888-488-8434. We will do an assessment and provide you options to help your brother.

  2. Hi I am writing this to find a goverment funded rehab facility for my brother Jesse. He struggles with alcohol abuse and methamphetamines. We the family live in Thunder Bay ontario. We have tried to help him when he lived here with a place to live and was given job opportunities that he essentially lost because of alcohol abuse and drug . Use. He was asked to leave my sisters house and eventually moved back home with my parents where it was not any better..he didnt get the help needed and then took off out west. He recently eas admitted to the hospital for paranoid behaviour and meth was found in the system. He was released after a week and seems to be right back into it…he had called my sister in paranoid ramble saying someone wad out to kill him and wanted her to call people in B.C. to tell them. She told him to go to the police. He was calling from his landlords and I calledbthe landlord as he does not have a phone or cell phone and grilled him in a way to his way of living etc. He said jesse has more then once had paranoid behaviour and yes believes he is a user and that the apartment complex he lives in is full of druggie etc. I do believe this is the begging of the end and that my brother will be dead by 35.
    I am asking for help or some direction on what to do for Jesse. What is available to him.
    I appreciate that time was taken to read this and I hope to hear from someone just to help with some answers and what we can do for him being so far away.
    Thank you