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To receive immediate assistance in locating private drug rehabs in Canada call one of our professional referral counselor. Having many years of experience working with families and friends we are confident we can help. We understand the importance of finding the right private residential rehab center with a good treatment program. One that is suited to your situation, your needs and budget. There is no need to wait for a bed or go through all the government red tape call for immediate help, 1-888-488-8434. Looking for drug rehabs in Canada? take the time and call us.

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Canada Drug Rehab Help

Luckily, many affordable private drug rehabs in Canada. Many of these are available with no waiting time. Their sole purpose is to get a person back on track to a healthy and promising life. Caring personnel are there in sufficient number to give first rate attention and personalized service. They make sure that your loved one gets through the program and reach sobriety. There are many different treatment options available. We are independent referral counselors who service all of Canada, no matter where you. You just need to call and talk to one of our referral counselors for help.

Canada Drug Rehab by Provinces

Drug Problems in Canada

According to the World Health Organization, almost 80% of Canadians 15 or older drink alcohol most drink moderately. According to Health Canada 4 to 5 million Canadians engage in high risk drinking leading to health issues, family problems, crime and violence. About 1 in 6 Canadians have used an illicit drug at some point during their lives and recent statistics (2011) show that drug consumption have come down since 2004. That is good news but when you have an addict in your midst the fact that drug use is down doesn’t mean a thing.

Canada Drug Rehab – Characteristics

When working to select a treatment program in Canada, one should take into consideration several different characteristics of the center and the program they provide. How long is the program? Do they offer a healthy, natural and holistic approach? What are the options for aftercare once the program is completed? One could possibly look into intensive out-patient versus a long-term residential rehabilitation center. And of course, the cost must also be considered when selecting a treatment center. Canada has many affordable substance abuse treatment programs and many families choose private to avoid waiting list and red tape.

Canada Drug Rehab – Choosing the right one

Choosing from all the drug rehabs in Canada for yourself or your loved one is not an easy task. The private centers you will call will definitely sell their treatment program as being the best. This may be the case in some circumstances but not all. Every addict is an individual with their own likes and dislikes. A hospital setting may be just right for some people whereas a small group atmosphere may be the right fit for someone else. Our referral counselors are independent and do not represent any one center. They will talk with you, ask question and assess the existing scene. Determining which treatment program would be best suited to your loved one or yourself is what we do.

Canada Drug Rehab Centers – Private Treatments

We offer referral to quality private drug rehab centers catering to different budgets. We also have a consultation services for families and friends of individuals that are suffering from substance abuse and in need of help. Regular drug rehab centers in Canada are unfortunately over populated and often have waiting lists. Family and friends will find that getting admitted to a drug treatment center is almost impossible because of red tape and admission criteria that are not realistic for the majority of people.

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