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Substance Abuse Expert

If you are a parent, chances are you have a poison control center phone number on your list of emergency contacts. You want a substance abuse expert to help you immediately if your child takes something accidentally. A substance abuse expert is trained to properly guide you through the steps to help your child.

If you are a person addicted to drugs, you want a substance abuse expert to help you get clean. Some people think they can break free of the addiction on their own. They say so each time they sober up or come down from a high. The truth is, a substance abuse expert is what is really needed to help a person successfully detox and learn the tools needed to stay clean.


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Becoming a substance abuse expert is not like taking a job at a fast food restaurant. People who do such minimum wage jobs are to be commended because at least they are working and there is no shame in any honest job. But a substance abuse expert is someone who not only studies to become one but has a passion deep within to help others. Many times it is because of a personal experience affecting someone he or she loves, even himself.

Life changing decision

When you make that life changing decision, when you send an email or pick up the phone, you are not getting a call center customer service representative. You are getting a substance abuse expert. You are getting someone who knows what questions to ask, how to answer your questions and what steps to take. You are getting tried and true advice. You are getting a detailed map of what you will be going through as you get help and get clean.

A substance abuse expert is always standing by to have a candid and honest discussion with you.

He or she will know what steps to take based on your individual needs. Knowing what the drugs you are on can do to you and have done to you, the substance abuse expert will set you on the right path. From the time you speak to a substance abuse expert, you will know one thing quite clearly, from this point on, you are not alone. You are in the capable and dependable hands of someone who will guide you, educate you and motivate you to get clean and stay clean. This is one of those people who come into one’s life that is never regretted.


Drug Treatment

There are several types of drug treatment programs available, depending on what a person’s individual situation is. However, drug treatment can not begin unless a person recognizes there is a problem. Sometimes, even the people around the addict doesn’t realize what is going on until it is nearly too late.

An alcoholic can go without drinking during the daytime and people may not realize there is a problem. However, eventually he could start sneaking a shot during the day. Problem. A person on pain meds could take the dosages closer and closer together until eventually, family and friends realize: problem. An addict could be on cocaine or marijuana without others realizing it but again, eventually they will get on board with what is going on. Drug treatment is available for all of these problems and more.

drug treatment

Once identified, the drug addiction can be successfully overcome with the right drug treatment.

Different rehab centers have different methods of drug treatment. Some use a philosophical approach which truly does make sense when you think about it. This type of approach is getting a person clean without the use of substitute drug intake. The more ethical programs do ensure that there are no underlying conditions that require a medical detox before going this alternate route. They believe in this method because when a person is given a substitute (such as methadone), the person can then become addicted to the substitute, thereby de-valuing the detox method after all.

Some centers use medical drug treatment. Some of the harder drugs like crystal meth and cocaine could actually have dangerous withdrawal symptoms and a medical team makes sure the detox goes through without unnecessary risks in these instances. This is why reputable drug treatment and alternate drug treatment programs believe in doing thorough physicals and checking for a dual diagnosis as well as implementing the proper detox drug treatment needed in each individual case.

Besides medicinal or alternate detox drug treatment, there is also the therapy and emotional side of drug treatment. Dealing with the undercurrent, with what caused the addiction, with what stresses the person, maybe hidden past issues, dealing with all of these and bringing them to the forefront can help stop addiction once and for all. Many women in drug treatment admit to sexual or physical abuse as a child or in a relationship. Many men in drug treatment admit to PTSD from war or a beating or a bullying factor. In the end, addressing the emotional as well as the physical side of addiction with proper drug treatment leads to a successful long term recovery with little chance of relapse.

That is the ultimate goal for the drug treatment center and the person seeking help.


Rehab Facility Expert

rehab facility expert

What is a rehab facility expert? It is a person who helps someone decide exactly what kind of rehab center is right for that particular individual.  By going over what type of addiction it is, by setting the person up with an intervention if needed, by taking one’s own experience in setting up check-ins and intakes, a rehab facility expert helps a family and an addict get their lives back on track.

A rehab facility expert helps a person get set up with what services are needed, gets a physical set up so the person’s complete medical and mental evaluation can be done to see if a dual diagnosis is in order, and sets up the detox program depending on the medical team’s findings.

rehab facility expert

Each addict has his or her needs tailored individually by a rehab facility expert so that the most successful road can be taken in order to ensure a complete recovery.  Facilitating between family members and the addict, the outside world and the addict, different situations that arise, these are every day occurrences in the lives of rehab facility experts.

The rehab facility expert has your best interests at heart.

He or she knows exactly what they are doing.  He will ask you some very blunt questions in order to ensure that you get the proper help.  He cares about you.  This is his life’s work and he knows that this is your life he is dealing with.

A rehab facility expert can answer all of your questions.

Most likely he has heard them many times before.  He can set your mind at ease, he can tell you exactly what resources are available for you and what outcome you can expect.  He will be honest with you.  He gives you support and offers you his expertise and knowledge so that you do not relapse.  He gives you the tools you need to be successful.

You will see the rehab facility expert as the core of the treatment center.

The irony is he sees you as the core of its success.  There are no greater cheerleaders, no greater comrades in arms than rehab facility experts.  This is their passion.  This is their dream.  You never feel alone when you are in the hands of a rehab facility expert.  His job is not just a job to him.  Your recovery is not just a job to him. You are not a statistic to him  This is the secret to a great program and a great rehab facility expert.


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