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Alcohol and Drug Rehab Holiday Message


Dont drive under the influence of drug or alcohol

Dont drive under the influence of drug or alcohol

To everyone celebrating this holiday season it is our wish to you that you will care for those you love most by being strong and not permitting a friend or family member to drive after having a few drinks. Yet despite this message having been broadcasted so many times some people still think its okay, its not, to the degree you have taking any amount of alcohol your judgment and reaction time is compromised, this is a fact not just someone’s over reaction.

But there is another message that has not been given sufficient attention and it is directed to those of you with a drug problem. If you or someone you know has been indulging in drug use, be it cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy, prescription drug abuse or any other mind altering drug, DON’T DRIVE.

Again, if you cannot help yourself its time to seek professional help, don’t ruin another holiday season for family and friends with over drinking and extreme drug use that may result in one of the saddest Christmas’ you and yours will ever spend. Get help, call our counselor he will help you find the right drug rehab to address your personal drug problem or alcohol abuse. Call 1 877-909-3636


Give Yourself the Gift of Getting Clean this Christmas

Christmas and New Year’s are coming. With the holidays come more opportunities to drink and to take drugs. You can be in a party atmosphere and celebrating with friends and family, the perfect opportunity to hide a growing problem. Or you can be depressed as the holidays do make some of us and fall deeper into a drug addiction.

This time of year brings out old memories, sadness and pain as well as joy and celebration. But I am going to share a secret with you. The best gift you can give yourself and your loved ones is seeking help to overcome the addiction. The most important people in the world to give to are yourself and your family and friends.

Perhaps you are drinking heavily enough that family and friends have tried to talk to you about it. Take heed of their words. They are only opening themselves up to your anger and denial because they care. Admitting you have a problem does not mean you are unworthy, just the opposite. It means you care enough to make changes.

Addiction Help during the Holiday

Maybe you have become addicted to drugs and you feel lonely and isolated. The truth is, drug and alcohol abuse are rampant in Canada and you can get help by calling a helpline or walking into a support group meeting practically any time of the day or night. People will support you, they will accept you and they will help you to help yourself.

The holidays are hard on some people and the support groups have more meetings during the holiday season than any other time of year. This writer lives in a town of about 100,000 people and there are 6 to 10 meetings a day all over town, for both alcohol and drug addiction.

Don’t let Addiction ruin your Holiday

Do not spend another holiday buried in drug addiction or alcoholism. Your pain is real but it can also be confronted and worked out. You will make friends and you will find that special person within yourself that you thought was lost. Whether you are alone or have family, it does not matter. Just as you would make the decision out of love for them, make it out of respect for yourself.

Giving yourself the ultimate gift in getting clean this year could turn itself around to where you can help someone else next Christmas who finds him or herself right where you are today. Isn’t that what Christmas is truly all about?


Discuss Drugs and Alcohol With Your Teen

Teenagers Rehab

Teens in Ontario are coming out about drug and alcohol use. Over the course of the last few months, this writer has seen news items on teens and drinking and teens and drug use. What I see are teens turning it around for someone else. I think a lot has to do with parent involvement as well.

Teenagers can easily fall victim to drug and alcohol use thanks to being bored, peer pressure and filling some need within themselves. But as more and more teens in Ontario are given the chance and choice of taking college credit classes while in high school, many of them are taking that education and using it to help others.

A young girl in a local college said she wanted to help others as she had problems with teen drinking. She said she would point the finger at others and then realized one day it was her own responsibility. She stated her parents never discussed alcohol and drugs with her. She has talked about becoming drug and alcohol counselors in the future. These are admirable goals for one so young and to hear her story one does not doubt she will succeed in those goals.

Openness and honesty is imperative in a family unit. Just as you would discuss the safety of sexual conduct and waiting or protecting oneself by having safe sexual relations with your child, make sure you are having candid discussions about drinking and drug use as well. It was quite effective in this north Ontario mom’s relationship with her own children.

Each of my children have called me in just such a situation. One from a junior high dance stating his buddy’s dad was drinking. We quickly re-arranged the night so that the other parent knew I would have the boys at my house for a sleepover and this prevented them from getting into the other parent’s vehicle. Once my daughter called from a sleepover. Her friend’s mom’s boyfriend was there and drinking and no one else was home and they were uncomfortable. We went after them and had the sleepover at our house. The third time, my older son admitted he and his friends were drinking. Could I come get them? I said yes. How the other parents dealt with it, I do not know but I do know I kept communication open with my own and believe that many heartaches were spared because of it.

Have an open and honest discussion with your teens. They are more open to talking than you might think.


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