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War on Methamphetamine in Alberta

Alberta law taking down the Meth-Amphetamines labs one by one

If you do not know what a Meth Amphetamine lab looks like maybe this may give you a bit of an idea. Picture a beautiful spring morning you walk outside to get a good whiff of fresh spring air and you receive a pungent dose of ammonia instead. You look over the neighbor’s fence and notice and odd heat wave from the garage door. Lying by the road side are empty canisters of drano, javex, ajaxs, broken car batteries and piles of empty over the counter cold medicines.

You question your neighbor’s education and know he is not a certified chemist yet he sometimes does look like a “mad scientist” with charcoal soot around the eyes and an over exaggerated grin of excitement.

Though the above image may be a bit ridiculous it is none the less true and a major cause of death across Canada. Meth labs like the one just outside of Edmonton are a greater danger to surrounding homes and people than we think. All these home-made laboratories are stacked with dangerous and explosive chemicals. If you knew exactly what was put in some of these home made drugs called Meth Amphetamine you would look at this person as a suicidal maniac.

The amount of toxic poison that are use to fabricate Meth Amphetamine would be like drinking rocket fuel. A person who is addicted to Meth Amphetamine has normally tried the other drugs but didn’t get the desired effect, which is to render numb the unwanted feeling, sensation, emotional trauma or whatever it is that this person wants gone.

The drug, Meth Amphetamine will stamp out that unwanted feeling but it also stamps out all other memories and feelings that make you human. Meth Amphetamine turns people into zombies, literally.

It is another success for the Edmonton drug task force and local law enforcement for closing down another dangerous Meth Amphetamine lab. As for the person running the lab, criminal? Yes, dangerous? Yes, guilty of a crime? Maybe the only crime is being a drug addict in need of drug addiction treatment.

Incarcerate by all means but give him some form of drug addiction treatment program also. What good is prison if it doesn’t help beat the addiction? Remember we are rarely born with a joint in our mouth, a straw in our noses or a mug of beer in our crib. Addiction was brought about and now out of control.

If you know of a meth amphetamine lab in your neighborhood please call the local authorities and get it dealt with, for your safety and the safety of those around you.





Addiction Treatment Centers in Canada

Drug addiction treatment centers, a growing affair

Looking over the past couple of decades we can note the increase in drug addiction treatment centers across Canada. Even more interesting is the amount of drug abuse in our schools, social gatherings and family events. The astronomical amount of prescription drugs in itself is a major contribution to the rise in drug addiction treatment centers.

Our Canadian drug enforcement law keepers have been able to curtail some of the import and export of illicit drugs into and out of Canada. But this has given rise to internal fabrication of illicit drugs, including meth labs and hydroponic green houses, etc. Dealers have found it is less a risk to make their own drugs to distribute then to have them imported.

Recent press release by the Harper administration, have taken their position on prescription drugs and the abuse of Oxycodone, Percocet’s and other prescription drugs. They want to educate people on the disposal of such prescription drugs and rightly so. Yet the real target is those entities that have the power to prescribe these drugs; doctors, psychologist and pharmacists. By tightening the rules on distribution and refills this may help in cutting down on the abuse.

As for those persons that have already been subject to large doses of some form of prescription drug and have now become addicted to this drug, there is only one avenue for escape; to enter a drug addiction treatment center and receive professional help to overcome their addiction.

At the start of the 21st century we find an incredible amount of people in Canada addicted to either a street drug or a prescription drug. This social problem has created a problem in terms of treatment for those now addicted, causing an increased demand for help. Thus we can see why drug addiction treatment centers are a growing affair. More people need help so the private sector has begun to supply this help with more private drug addiction treatment centers in Canada.

Drug addiction can be overcome; it is possible to live drug free. Thousands of people can attest to this. There are plenty of drug addiction treatment centers in Canada to serve anyone who needs help. If you are one of those people, stop slaving for another pill and get help from your nearest drug addiction treatment center in your area.



Drug Addiction Problem in Sarnia,Ontario

Despite drug addiction treatment, Ontario drug crimes continue

Recent arrest for illicit drug crimes in Sarnia and Toronto Ontario shows that there is still too little attention on drugs addiction treatment centers in our society. This most recent drug bust worth over one hundred thousand dollars makes one wonder if our government simply wants to keep arresting instead of using the tools available with drug treatment centers.

Most drug addiction treatment centers in Sarnia and Toronto have limited budgets for their drug awareness and drug education campaigns. If all drug addiction treatment centers were given a better budget for their campaigns maybe they would be able to set up some anti-drug dealer and trafficking campaigns.

No matter where you look in Canada whether in Toronto or Vancouver and all the way to Halifax drug dealers are countering the efforts of drug addiction treatment centers. But the story is the same no matter what city in Canada you’re in, the drug dealer will be caught sooner or later, arrested, sent to prison and someone else takes over the territory.

Drug addiction treatment centers are in the business of drug addiction treatment and prevention. In coordination with local law enforcement they bring about the realization that this is not a prosperous business despite outer appearances. Canada already has astronomical statistics with drug felonies in our prisons costing tax payers millions. It wouldn’t be so bad if while in prison the drug dealer was given a drug addiction treatment program, at least our tax money would serve a purpose.

Any way you look at it, drug addiction will bring about drug crimes. There is only one proven handling; drug addiction treatment centers and drug rehab programs that get the individual to realize their drug addiction is causing them and family members’ grief and sorrow.

If you know anyone with a drug addiction problem insist they get help before their drug addiction escalates to dealing drugs to pay for their substance abuse. Don’t wait until you’re in court or visiting them in prison. Call a drug addiction counselor at your local drug addiction treatment center and find out how you can make a difference in someone’s life.



Ontario Drug Rehab Centers

Going to Ontario drug rehab centers or not

Saturday morning, the sun is shinning and neighbors are up early and doing weekend chore in the yard, preparing the pool for the summer, getting the yard ready for bar-B-Q’s. But Cindy’s husband is still in bed, sleeping off a night of partying with his buddies at the locale pool hall.

Cindy tries to wake him but he simply growls and returns to recovery. His body has been subjected to alcohol, cocaine and marijuana. He has burnt up his supply of nutrients, vitamins and minerals to the proper functioning of his body. Cindy has seen this for the last two years and can no longer take it. Every weekend it’s the same thing. She tried to talk to him but he knows its not a problem, he still works each day, pays the bills, ensures there is food for them what more can he do.

Finally at 2pm he gets out of bed, scrambles to the kitchen and grabs a beer. Cindy decides to deal with this once and for all. As she brings up the subject her husband goes on the defensive, attacks her for his life style, blames her for his condition. Cindy does not fall for it. She continues to point out his decisions and their unhealthy relation.

Cindy tells her husband its time the face the fact and go to an Ontario drug rehab. Her husband blows up at the truth and rants about how they don’t work and he is not a drug addict and he can deal with it. Cindy perseveres and insists he must go to an Ontario drug rehab. She now gives an ultimatum or she will leave him.

Her husband is now faced with going to Ontario drug rehab or not.

This is all to familiar in our present society, they don’t make headline news but every day there is some couple or family member faced with the same circumstances of going to Ontario drug rehab or not. Most people that fight going to drug rehab is simply due to the association with drug addiction; being a junkie, a bum, a homeless person, etc.

But going to Ontario drug rehab or not can be the difference in living and dying. There are too many that chose not to go and ended up in front of a judge, the ER or the morgue. When someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol going to Ontario drug rehab is the only answer. There is no OR, even if your wife or husband leave you, the drug addiction is still there and won’t simply disappear.

If you or someone you know should be going to Ontario drug rehab but you do not know how to handle it, you should contact a rehab expert. There are professional people in the field of drug rehab that can help you get the person to see what must be done.

All drug addiction situations end up with the famous question of going to Ontario drug rehab or not. The answer is simple, go to drug rehab and stop the addiction before it stops you and all those around you.



Drug effects on the mind

How drugs (Illicit or not) affects our mind

There are various types of drugs, some are use to suppress, some to excite others are used to knock a person out of consciousness. All drugs will have some side effect, in the case of local anesthesia a person can expect to feel a bit numb in the area affected and surrounding physical body part.

In the case of illicit drugs such as Cocaine or Crack people have reported side effects such as a feeling of being burnt out, exhaustion, dirty, dry mouth, tense muscles, twitchy nerves and many more. Whereas a person taking Marijuana will normally just be physically exhausted and sleep, dead weight, headaches will often follow high doses of pot.

Then there are all the other drugs on the market today; a pill to wake up, a pill to sleep, a pill to counter another pill, a pill to have intercourse, a pill to pee, and a pill to not pee so much. It is astronomical the quantity of drugs available in our present society. And if you are still sufficiently awake you may notice something pretty incredible that appears to have gone unnoticed all this time.

Every drug commercial on our TV, phones, computer screen will have a wonderful background appearance of living life, smiling, enjoying the grand-kids and the warm embrace of a loved one. ALL while telling you the dozens of side effects of these drugs being promoted. Including: thoughts of suicide, serious liver disease, heart trouble, difficulty breathing and even death to name a few.

So how is it we don’t hear these things and how is it that these companies can continue to promote drugs for every possible ailment that men and women originate. It’s actually quite simple.

Drug of all types have not only physical side effect but psychological ones as well. All humans have a mind, this is somewhat different from the brain, and it stores all memory through perception channels. These perception channels such as the more obvious ones, sight, sound, touch, smell and a whole lot more are channels to record what we receive from our environments.

So what occurs when a person is under the influence of some narcotic? He or she is just a bit less aware. Drugs don’t simply affect the person’s perception channels in the present; they actually bring back past memory recordings and throw them into the mixture of the present. There is no rational here, it’s purely stimulus response. Alcohol is notorious for doing this, ever listen to a drunk? What are they talking about, the job they should have taken as a kid, the divorce of ten years ago, and usually mixed in with nonsense that is not even related to their story. All drugs do this to some degree or other. Drugs and Alcohol are a form of hypnotic.

With enough people in society today doing some form of drug, prescribed or not, there’s your formula to a sedated society just enough to make them receptive to all form of suggestible comments without the slightest regard for the side effects. An important note to all the above; the mind keeps the body safe not the other way round.




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