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Drugs, Good or Bad ???

What happens to a society on drugs?

You hear it on the news; read about it on the internet, we watch it on YouTube and hundreds of other media to find out about DRUGS. You may think you know all there is about drugs, whether good opinion or bad one, drugs are a major topic on a lot of people’s minds these days. Drugs are so in the news that even our prime minister Stephen Harper has stepped up to speak about drugs. There is a reason that Drugs has received a worldwide platform.

In any good debate there must be this component; controversy. Drugs over the years have grown in controversy quite a bit even more than subjects like gun control or abortion and such. But depending on who you ask about drugs some will have a bad opinion on drugs while another will have a good one. Break this down a bit more and we find out that the first person smokes marijuana and occasionally will do a few lines of Cocaine with his bottle of beer accompanied by a few of his buddies and has a good opinion on drugs. The other person who may have had a good friend die from Heroin overdose will most likely state that drugs are bad.

So if much of the controversy on drugs depends on personal experience or opinion, which is just an expression of experience, than we can agree that the debate on drugs worldwide is attempting to work out and balance the good versus the bad drug experiences. The only problem with that logic is that every year there are more and more people on drugs and we’re not just speaking of street drugs were adding all the misdiagnosed cases on drugs for depression, sleep issues, stress, AD this and AD that and DD this. Add those to the statistics of drugs pumped into billions of human beings every day of the year and we suddenly have a different picture of society on DRUGS.

Now this is NOT talking of drugs as medication for healing an actual virus, to undergo some surgery or drug for a skin condition. The drug added to illicit drugs include those medications given to kids in schools at 5 years old because the child has a lot of energy to burn up. There are presently in North America countless millions of children being misdiagnosed with some mental disorder and prescribed medications. These medications dull the senses. It has also been documented that 7 out of 10 drug addicts are or were on some form of anti-depressant prior to or while using illicit drugs.

That’s something to think about.

If a society can be drugged sufficiently than it can become dull enough to be order around and actually be run like an automaton. A drugged society is a dead society; a drug addict has lost his self determinism. Drug a society; kill its self determinism and the playing field for control is wide open.

Pot, cocaine, crack, alcohol, aspirins, oxys, ecxtasy, tylonol 3, prosac, zanax, and the list just goes on; ALL DRUGS, poison to a human body, a tiny bit stimulates, a larger amount sedates, too much kills. In any language of any country on earth, drug abuse does not discriminate; its only purpose is to propagate more drugs. Do your fellow mankind and you a favor support any local drug free earth campaign, make a choice, be free, be human and be alive.



International Day against Drug Abuse and Trafficking

U.N. International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

A pile of seized narcotics is set on fire, during a ceremony commemorating International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, in north Tehran, Iran, Wednesday, June 26, 2013. (AP Photo/Ebrahim Noroozi)

On the 26th of June 2013 was the celebration of the yearly event acknowledging the efforts of every person, counselor, family member and politician and law enforcement officers from around the world who work tirelessly to change this civilization in the face of one of the biggest plagues every to hit mankind : DRUG ADDICTION AND TRAFFICKING.

One of the most fascinating demonstrations of convictions on this day of agreed celebration was from the law enforcement officers and politicians against drug addiction and trafficking in Iran, where they set fire to over 100 tons of illicit drugs seized from various drug bust. This statement says loud and clear to every drug trafficker and street dealer; “we don’t want any drugs killing our families and friends”.

Other countries have done all sorts of actions to promote “say no to drugs” from distribution of educational booklets on the negative effects of drug addiction, to drug lecture in school and clubs. This year the theme for this special day as adopted by the United Nations is: “Make health your ‘new high’ in life, not drugs”. The Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon had this to say about today’s events:
“On this International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, I call on governments, the media and civil society to do everything possible to raise awareness of the harm caused by illicit drugs and to help prevent people profiting from their use.”
So in keeping with the above spirit, please take a moment the next time you’re faced with a situation with someone you care about that shows signs of drug addiction or trafficking and speak out, tell them to get help, find a way to discourage young adults from abuse or simply contribute to your local drug rehab treatment center. Drug addiction affects us all, just like a drunk driver on a highway is a danger to every other driver so is the drug addict other and himself.
Discourage drug use and abuse.



Major Drug Smuggling Ring Dismantled

Drug addiction leads to drug bust in Cornwall, south Ontario and Quebec

Drug Addiction leads to criminality

Drug Addiction leads to Criminality

Once again drug addicts attempting to climb the toxic corporation of drug trafficking have fallen short on their way up the ladder. Recent drug bust in Cornwall and other drug addicts in Quebec probably started off with just a joint of pot or a few shots of liquor to find their need for the effects of the drug increasing each day and each week that goes by. As their drug addiction increases so does the cost to maintain their addiction. Then after a few close calls with the law from petty crimes to pay for their drug addiction it only make sense to the drug addict to begin drug trafficking.

Usually it starts small just to cater to the needs of close drug addicts buddies and it helps to cover their own drug use. But soon the money begins to roll in and then the drug addiction takes on a different level of use. The amount required to get high no longer suffices and must be increased. There are crack addicts and cocaine users that will go through many grams of their drug of choice just to get to the point of being high again, this can cost several hundred dollars a day.

In order to keep up with their daily demand for drugs and the expensive lifestyle, because lets face it, it’s not like the drug dealer is depositing a paycheck every week. So many of the transactions are cash a sale, the idea is to have no paper trail. Many drug dealers will be seen with big flat screen TVs, swimming pools, two cars, a boat, off road vehicles, etc. All this money being made off of other peoples weaknesses. But once caught and in most cases they do get caught, it’s the end of the joy ride and all is lost, taken away and resold at auctions.

Drug rehab counselors encounter ex-drug dealers every day. The difference now is the dealer who felt like he or she was unstoppable and can control anyone is now faced with the fact that they have a drug addiction problem and need help. It’s a hard road back to social living and helping one’s fellow man instead of destroying them. A drug addict must come to terms with their misdeeds. This includes realizing the hundreds of lives that have been affected by their actions of selling crack or meth amphetamines to someone who used to be a father to an eight year old son and was married once to a lovely women, etc, etc.

Here is some straight facts, when the police bust some drug dealer of importance, two things can happen, a) another simply takes over that dealers district or b) the drug addicts simply move off to another dealer. Here is another truth to look at, every time you go out and buy some pot, coke or crack you are helping to harm hundreds of family and friends. Also, each time you sell a gram of crack, coke or pot to someone you are actually destroying hundreds of people’s lives, simply by the side effects of drug addiction in our society.

If you are someone you know has been busted for drug trafficking and is now wanting to get out of the drug scene call one of our drug addiction counselors, the can refer you to the right drug rehab program that will give you a chance at recovery. Call 1 888-488-8434


Smoking vapourize alcohol

Toronto’s alcohol smoking is still alcohol abuse

Here is the latest in alcohol abuse; smoking vapors of some alcoholic beverage has started to show up more and more in Toronto’s younger crowd as a way to get a buzz without the horrible feeling of alcohol in your system.

The media and other supporters will tell you that smoking alcohol does less damage than the liquid alcohol drinking does to your body. When someone drinks alcohol the substance that creates an effect, the fermented yeast or other bacterial item, will cause damage to the intestines, stomach and liver. This actions is countered by the bodies defense system to fight back the poisonous substance by using is natural proteins, vitamins and other poison fighting particles. The burning up of these nutrients to defend causes the effect known as being dizzy, giddy, tipsy, and overall silly. If too much is taken then the body reacts by puking (vomiting) the poison alcohol, a sign of alcohol poisoning.

With the alcohol smoking it is stated that these negative effects are eliminated but the “buzz” feeling is still effective. It also states one does not get drunk. Because alcohol smoking is a recent fad there is no research as the true nature of such alcohol use. Even police are unaware of how this can effect one’s driving skills. One comment on alcohol smoking is the evaporating percentage which contributes to the inability to get drunk. Much of the alcohol evaporates and therefore not inhaled.

Per reports alcohol smoking is best done with alcohol that is at 70% +, without the evaporation rate who knows maybe people are buying a $60 bottle of vodka and only smoking 10% of it. Sound a bit like a rip off for $60.

In any case the one big question that is not asked by the media, or researchers, etc. is why in the hell does anyone need to smoke alcohol or drink it for that matter? Alcohol is a drug; it alters one state of mind and body. Those who feel the need to alter their minds or bodies have underlying, unresolved personal issues to address. Most people drink alcohol because of their inability to deal with some life situation. It could be a mother unable to cope with the 3 kids growing up, a husband who yells all the time or a wife who is unable to perform sexually. Or even a teen age boy whose father thought bringing up a son what like cattle wrangling. Each has some life situation with no immediate solution.

Alcohol in small quantity tends to act like a sedative, is takes the edge off, soon more edging is required, a bit more and it will numb the unwanted feeling, its like an anesthetic, soon more is require just to wake up in the morning because the body has now adapted to the poisonous effects and just to function requires a considerable amount.

The answer to whether smoking alcohol is still alcohol abuse; is yes it is. Anyone that needs to alter the mind in order to enjoy themselves with others. There lies a drug problem.




Major Drug Bust in BC

Vancouver drug bust secures community for now

Major Drug Bust in BC

A major drug bust was conducted this month on Vancouver Island and is considered a major blow to the drug trafficking criminals. Whereas it was quite a significant amount that was seized and it most likely did create some upset in the drug trafficking world, how long will it be before someone else steps up to replace those arrested?

Drug enforcement is a required activity to keep the drug trafficking in check but let’s face it, those persons who embark on the adventure of growing Marijuana, or importing Cocaine, or setting up a lab and making their own Crystal-Meth are putting the community at risk. Drug addiction treatment centers across the country have documented the consequences of drug addiction. A drug addict as their substance abuse increases so do they lose their self worth, sense of right and wrong and lack of responsibility for consequences.

When drug addicts set up to begin a distribution shop of any form of illicit drug this creates insecurity in the community. This will affect your children and young adults alike. Most dealers will begin with the local bars, and then it’s onto schools, and parks, concerts, out door events, etc.

Drug rehab centers and drug addiction treatment programs are not only there to get drug addicts off of drugs but should also have a mandate in their establishments to do drug prevention and education across the community. As a responsible citizen you should be aware of the signs that tell you something illegal is going on. For instance, if you see a house where there is a lot of body traffic of suspicious individuals, there is a good chance that there is a dealer there. Or you may notice dangerous chemical containers being left around the house outside in plain view; this could be a sign of a Meth amphetamine lab.

In any case you should notify the authorities about your suspicion, who knows you may just save someone’s life. Be active in your community and maybe your tips to the drug enforcement officers will bring down more drug trafficking rings. Also get connected to your local drug addiction treatment centers and find out how you can help bring understanding to other about the consequences of drug addiction. Even if you simply distribute drug education pamphlets this is doing something about the drug problem on Vancouver Island, help stop drug addiction get involved.





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