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Alcohol for Xmas Shoppers

Season to be Jolly

Here is a new take on substance abuse traffickers. We are all quite familiar with drug dealers and drug traffickers. It’s no mystery that in order to get drugs into the public hands for consumption you need to recruit sufficient amount of people to get the product out, and it would appear this is true with alcohol. The way this is done with drugs is to choose the right person who is sufficiently addicted to their drug of choice, cocaine, pot or prescription drugs like Oxy’s, etc. and offer them a way to cover their addiction expenses by selling drugs to others, keep the person hooked on drugs and selling it.

This method works well for the drug trafficker, because a drug addict who needs his or her daily dose of drugs will do whatever it take to ensure their supply is kept coming, what better way then to sell the drug you are addicted to.

Recent review of the holiday season activities and especially in the shopping malls appears a new phenomenon not previously observed. As a consumer of goods we can all appreciate the abundance of products available. But to get those products into the hands of the consumer requires quite a team of marketing experts, and promotional cost that can skyrocket in a very short time for business owners. Similar to the beer commercials during an NFL playoff game, costs are in the millions, but sales can rise in the billions.

In the last four decades it’s been noticed that the alcohol industry, meaning those businesses that ferment the raw material to create, wine, beer and hard liquor have their greatest increase in sales during the Christmas season. This society has arrived at a point where many citizens will associate Christmas with alcohol consumption all thanks to a team of marketing experts and billions of dollars on promotional campaigns. One of these campaigns is not that different from the drug dealers as mentioned above.

Mom, dad and their daughter are out on a shopping day for gifts to get for other family members and friends, their in the mall and as they enter a clothing store, they are greeted by an elf, and pretty elf at that, who offers them a half-ounce plastic glass of bubbly wine, with a smile and a cheery giggle, Mom, dad and young daughter accept the cheery offer and down the hatch it goes. They walk through the store and exit without purchasing. As the alcohol slowly enters their blood stream, across the walkway there’s a music shop and they consider some CD’s for gifts they enter and as they are searching the various artist, a reindeer shows up with a platter and offer a shot of “peppermint rum”, dad grabs a glass and downs it, he then gets another for his wife who reject the glass so he takes it also, you get the picture.

This goes on from one end of the mall down to the other end of the mall. It is also noticeable in the various supermarkets; there is someone at a stand up booth who is offering small shots to people as tongue teasers. Usually its wine that is offered, and occasionally you will find some Beer. But what is not being seen is that these people are social alcohol pushers in their own right. A human body only needs a few milligrams of alcohol to invoke the body’s desire for more alcohol. No wonder they call this the season to be jolly, half the population is tipsy and influences by some amount of alcohol. Despite the adds, alcohol is a killer drug, shoppers beware of the alcohol pushers, their smiles and costumes may seem pleasant and endearing but their motive is to get your alcohol level just below the legal limit but just enough to have your mind open to spend, spend and spend some more. This season, just say not to alcohol, even if it’s Santa Clause offering it, just say no thanks, you will be happier for it.


Office Christmas Party

Drugs, Alcohol & the

Xmas office party

We are now on the doorsteps of entering the holiday season. This is such a great time of the year. Companies across the nation in every province from British Columbia to Nova Scotia including the Yukon will be working out the details in the next weeks to come for their employee Christmas office party. Unfortunately every year there are also some undesirable guests that show up like, Mr. Cocaine, Sir Pot & of course the life of the party Miss Alcohol.

There is nothing wrong with celebrations to acknowledge fellow workers and to wish everyone a good year to come. The issue that has been in question is those parting people that just can’t enjoy a good time without a fountain of beer or hard liquor and for the others it’s the avalanche of cocaine or intoxicating pot smoke. Over the years there has been great attention on safe celebrations, the main media on this is not to drink and drive, this is now extended to driving under the influence of any mind altering substance.

It is quite certain that you have known someone who is having a good time at the office Christmas party who then goes one step further and has those extra cheers that suddenly turn this person into someone very different. Alcohol will do that, think of it this way; a few drinks stimulate and give one a cheery type of slight euphoria, a few more drinks becomes a depressant and you can observe a sluggish, slurring appearance add a few more shots and you turn this person’s demeanor into a form of psychosis, a sort of insanity.

This last state of being is the one that causes fights, unrelated derogatory comments, bad manners and out of place behavior and the worse; self-destructive motivation to drive home in this condition. You as a fellow worker must do all you can to discourage such actions for the safety of the person and every one else. It is best to tell the person that the extra drink is not needed. Office Christmas celebrations have a lot more memories and enjoyable after reactions when everyone can say they had a real good time without the negative comments about so and so.

As a group you can set up a few designated drivers and the company can set aside funds for gas and so forth. This is actually very successful and gives everyone a chance to enjoy themselves and also be at work the next work day to talk about how wonderful the party was. Drugs and alcohol have their uses in very specific circumstances like someone going into an operation would require some type of drug. Alcohol works great as a substitute to disinfect a wound when no other disinfectant is available, it also preserved dead tissue pretty well.

In conclusion this year when your office Christmas party is established be sure to include designated drivers, take away anyone’s car keys that is obviously over the legal limit, curb your staffs alcohol consumption by not having “open bars” and stay away from drugs of any kind. Remember every time you buy drugs you are contributing to a world wide drug trafficking organization that includes countless lives lost and suffering from those family members that have to deal with a loved one addicted to some illicit drug. If you need help with a drug addiction or someone you know who is addicted to drugs or alcohol call a drug addiction placement counselor, he or she will help you get the needed addiction treatment so you to can enjoy this festive season.


Has the Mayor been Cracked ?

Crack Cocaine in


Now that Toronto’s Mayor, Rob Ford, has confessed to his “alleged” crack cocaine use maybe we can get some real help out to those who are suffering with their own crack addiction. For anyone not familiar with Crack it’s quite simple; first you have cocaine from the coca plant, with the cocaine you take out any impurities by heating it with a mix of either ammonia or baking soda the result is a crystallized rock of purified cocaine. This form permits people to smoke it by inhaling the fumes from a pipe. Whereas the powder form is for sniffing or snorting but can also be injected. People who choose to use crack instead are looking for a more instant chemical effect than that with the powder form, but the addictive nature is much faster and possibly more difficult to quit.

The media has jumped all over Mr. Rob Ford for his actions and rightly so. But what is not being included in their sensationalism is the fact that there are thousands of crack addicts at any given time in the streets and homes of Greater Toronto. Where is the media on that problem? How about we look at it in a different perspective, say ten years ago there was a real handling on the crack cocaine problem in Toronto and the joint efforts had contained and even lowered the presence and use of Crack. The chances that the mayor would have Crack to smoke might not have been available. Not just crack is a problem for Torontonian’s but all form of drugs from Cocaine to heroine, morphine and prescription drugs like Oxys and Percocet including pot and methamphetamine, just to name a few. So the real big issue at hand is not just some person smoking a bit of crack and getting caught and possibly blackmailed about it. But drugs itself is the real social killer.

Probably the worse thing for anyone addicted to Crack for extended period of time is the psychological effects, there’s a point in everyone’s addiction to Crack when the paranoia sets in. Strange noises make one jump, people are suspected at every turn, best friends are questioned for loyalties, wives and husbands are doubted as to fidelity. Many times when crack users are on a “binge” meaning: extreme use over a short period of time, they get into this state of mind. What may not be known to the addict is that this is a symptom of bordering an overdose in many cases the next hit will get you a free ticket to the Emergency Room, that’s if you’re lucky. Many don’t make it there and there heart just can’t pump enough oxygen to the brain and its lights out.

Yes, its outrageous the mayor smoked crack cocaine, well look over to your neighbor who may be a senior executive in a multi national corporation, downing a bottle of scotch, or the medical physician downing two and three hundred milligrams of Oxys just to make it through the day. How about the grade school teacher who goes home and smokes two joints each night just so she can fall asleep? Are they not just as guilty as Toronto’s mayor but guilty of what? Becoming a victim to drugs or alcohol?

A complex problem such as drug addiction must be looked at in a very simple manner. Deal with the underlying cause for a persons desire to alter their state of mind and you will no longer have a reason to alter it with substitute chemicals or the like. Do you or someone close to you have a crack addiction? If so call our addiction placement counselors today, there is hope and a treatment that is right for you. Call 1 877-909-3636


Drugs and Politics

Drugs,Politics and You

You are the public; you are the voter and the individual in this society who has put your trust in the politician you believe to best serve the interest of your community. Yet suddenly we find the media bombarding us daily with city mayors using illicit drugs and promising to get addiction treatment and another south of the border arrested for drug possession and distribution of Oxycotin and a congressman also brought to light for cocaine use and given a leave of absence to seek drug addiction rehab. These are the politicians that we heard about due to media letting the public know, but how many are still in office that have not been caught yet?

Drug addiction has no consideration as to social status, cultural background, age or sexual gender of which person to inflict. Drugs and alcohol addiction do not suddenly, one day to the next, magically appear. Even though the media defusing the news makes it sound very all of a sudden and “oh, my god-ish” the fact is that someone close to the person being reported on knew about the drug addiction way before it became public knowledge and quite possibly contributed to the persons continued use in some fashion or other. Drug addiction begins at the moment a person finds themselves seeking a solution to some unwanted personal condition.

This is as simple as; the person has a sudden headache, and then asks themselves “when did this start? Did I bump my head somewhere? No”. The pain becomes more intense; the person requires a solution, ah yes, thanks to multi million dollar pharmaceutical industry there is such a solution; “pain killers” and other commercial drugs for pain suppression. But what about the person with a personal complex, such as overweight or some visible embarrassing skin scar or the person is having difficulty dealing with the loss of a relative, a divorce, etc. there are thousands of possible reasons for someone to use drugs especially recreational drugs. Drugs, like any poison will cause an effect on the body and mind of the person taking it. With recreational illicit drugs, this is used as a solution to overcome this unwanted condition; even if only temporary relief is achieved it is desirable by those indulging in illicit drug use.

People use drugs and alcohol for as many reasons as there are drug addicts and alcoholics, each person will have his or her own reason why they began to use drugs. But that reason is now buried somewhere under all the years of drug abuse and can only be reached once the addiction has been addressed. It does not matter whether you’re a politician, a doctor, a school teacher or even a CEO of some multi national corporation, drug addiction can and will cost you much suffering and possibly your complete livelihood. When you have a personal problem or some unexplainable situation with no immediate solution, talk to someone you trust, talk to your local minister, school counselor, a close friend or family member, don’t bottle it up or else you will soon find it unbearable to live with and most likely seek a drug solution.

If you need help with a drug addiction or someone you know who is addicted to drugs or alcohol, you need to call a drug addiction placement counselor. Or you can at least consider that you need to talk with someone about your condition before it goes public and the media have a field day with your life. there are people who truly care and will help but you need to make the first move, call a counselor; he or she will help you get the needed addiction treatment so you to can enjoy life and not hide from the truth but face it head on with a smile. Be drug free today and live for tomorrow.


Drug Bust across Canada

More drug bust and problem still there

Well, just this month there have been at least ten new drug bust alerts from across Canada, wow ten separate instances of drug busts. But to make news the drug bust must have some importance or some media known person involved or it doesn’t make the news. On any given day across Canada there can be a dozen drug busts of small time dealers and traffickers. To make international news the quantity must be significant and the operation by drug squads and enforcement officers must be important.

Like the recent drug bust on the west coast with millions worth in Crack cocaine, crystal meth, guns, money, etc. The people involved in the drug trafficking business have been supplying a large portion of the west coast Vancouver area. Which than is moved in land and across the country to other major cities like Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto.

In following the drug bust across Canada for the last year It can be estimated that there is a major drug bust at least 3 to 5 times every week. This has been observed; just try it yourself, make your Google alert send all news on drug busts across Canada and you will see the pride in Police officers, and sergeants and other officials from Vancouver to St-John’s Newfoundland. What doesn’t appear to make much sense is, if there is this many drug trafficking bust across our country every year, it would seem that this statistic should be decreasing not increasing.

The simply equation is that this area is so lucrative that drug addicts cannot pass up the opportunity to take over someone else’s place on the latter of becoming a “Drug Lord”. Despite the risks, drug addicts will do anything to become a larger player in the field of illicit drug distribution. Our drug enforcement departments do a good job at stopping illicit drugs from being spread into our communities but when compared to the amount that is actually getting to our kids, family members and friends it may be time to rethink a means to stop self inflicting destruction by toxic poison.

The truth is, drug trafficking is only a latter part of the problem, the core of the drug problem is the individual; what makes a person want to do drugs in the first place? Why would anyone want to poison themselves? What causes drug addiction? These are the real questions that should be answered. Drugs are just a physical substance and do absolutely nothing on their own. You can put a pound of cocaine on a table and watch it for days on end, and nothing and nobody will get high. But once you include a person in the equation, especially a person who possibly just got served his notice for a divorce, or was just told he is being laid off, or maybe he or she just found out their closest relative just died. Now you have a reason that the pound of cocaine will be of any use.

People do drugs to rid them of some unwanted personal condition, when other attempts to handle their problem have failed, sooner or later people will find that drugs or alcohol will mask the condition temporarily at which point more drugs are required, and thus the cycle of addiction, and the resulting billion dollar industry.

The only way to beat addiction is with professional help by those in the field that know what to do. Call 1 877-909-3636


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