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New Brunswick get help from National Anti Drug Strategy

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Financial help for youths in New Brunswick from our Canadian government as part of the National Anti-drug Strategy is welcomed by those social worker in the youth criminal justice system.

We are all well aware of the devastating effects that drug abuse has on people and more so with our youths. Kids are much more likely to get caught up in drug addiction than adults are, in fact the majority of drug addiction cases interviewed by substance abuse counselors can tell you that these hard core drug addicts began at an early age to use drugs. Whether the gate drug was pot, beer or wine or even cigarettes the youth felt more accepted by his peers or felt it easier to talk with othersor maybe just wanted to forget about the difficulties of teenage life for a short while. In any case the youngster tried his or her first joint of marijuana or glass of alcohol and discovered it did bring about a desired effect.

Drug Free Youth

Drug Free Youth

So now that the desired effect has been achieved the youth believes this is the solution to other difficulties faced in growing up and uses the drug more often. If this drug doesn’t give the same effect anymore than another stronger drug like cocaine or crack or even meth-amphetamines are used. It doesn’t take long for a 14 or 15 year old body to become dependant on a toxic substance. But at this age money is not coming in as fast as the need to use drugs. The options are simple; quit doing drugs, which is unlikely and not an easy thing to do, the other is begin selling drugs to pay for their own daily needs and is done by many or the last option is to resort to crime.


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Drug crimes and youth

Drug crimes and youth

Many find it easier to steal from a pharmacy, local electronic store, etc and then sell the items to some pawn shop to get the funds needed to supply their daily addiction. This is a major concern to social workers in all areas of New Brunswick who have noted the rise in youth criminal activity and the relation to drug addiction. What is needed is some plan of action to educated kids before they get offered drugs to deal with the teenage blues. In accordance with the National Anti-Drug Strategy Mr. Peter MacKay, Minister of Justice and the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister Robert Goguen have announced their support with $100,000 funding on a project to train community workers and personnel in the criminal justice department on various effective and efficient substance abuse treatment strategies for youths that are caught up in the criminal justice system.

It’s nice to hear every now and then that our Canadian government is actually listening to some of the concerns of the people and is able to give a hand at bringing some sanity to areas where drug abuse, crime and out-of-control go hand and hand. We should fully support such actions and support any National Anti-Drug Strategy program.

It should be noted that if we also put some attention on kids before life as a teenager becomes a challenge to “fit in” and “be accepted” without solutions and drug or alcohol are the only solutions available, we may save a lot of wasted youths in our criminal justice system. The time to act is before a child is fighting for his or her place in the world. Give them the tools and proper education on the devastating consequences to using drugs as a solution while also providing real useful methods to deal with growing up in a world where society depends on technological wonders to solve their personal problems.

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Opiates Related Deaths in Quebec

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Opiates killed 700 people in past 5 years in Quebec alone

Recent investigation in opiate related deaths in Quebec as reported by the Journal de Montreal has brought to light alarming news in opiate abuse. This investigation has noted from 2000 to 2009 it discovered a 10% rise in opiate related deaths and the average opiate deaths are numbered at 139 per year. Anyone in the field of drug abuse and drug addiction treatment can state that opiate addiction is a dangerous affaire to say the least.

But not all these deaths were from illicit opiate abuse on the contrary; opiate drugs like Oxycodone, Percocet, Tylenol and even morphine and Dilaudid are amongst the opiates that are prescribed to patients. These drugs were prescribed by some physician to help a person deal with some physical pain during recovery; the study also shows that the age groups most affected were people between the ages of 50 and 64. When broken down one will find the percentage of men with opiate related deaths around 21% whereas or women it was around 14%. This is a subject of great concern and one of the reasons behind these deaths is misuse of ordinance.

Many people prescribed some opiate for managing their physical pain are also on some other medication or they mix with alcohol, etc. A more known fact by substance abuse treatment professionals is that a person prescribed some opiate drug such as Oxy’s or Percocet’s, etc. will discover that the body builds a tolerance to such drugs and the person begins alter the ordinance and begins to double up on the dosage. This is the point when it becomes a grave danger for the person’s health and addiction can set in.

Opiate Addiction Catch-22

Medical Detox can help you get away from the trap of Opiate Addiction

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Canada World Leader in Opiates Abuse

Considering that in the same study it‘s noted that Canada is the second country with highest level of opiate use in the world. It goes to show what has been known by drug addiction professional for years, anyone with some physical or emotional pain, depression or some unknown ailment will seek a relief to their condition. Drugs such as opiates will bring about momentary relief from this discomfort. This is the drugs purpose to bring relief temporarily while the body recovers. But when the drug wears off the pain returns and more doses are taken usually above what has been prescribed.

This also takes into account those opiate related deaths due to illicit abuse of such drugs. Anyone addicted to morphine or heroin will also find them in a position where the dose taken is not sufficient to mask the painful emotions or feelings and when too much is taken the drug will simply over depress the central nervous system and respiratory system causing failure to these vital organs resulting in death.

Government representatives should review their tough laws on Opiate type drugs and realize there are other options. The body has a natural ability to regenerate and with proper nutrition and extra minerals and proteins, pain would be tolerable without the excessive use of pain suppressors.


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Krokodil, Fact or Fiction

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Krokodil, Fact or Fiction?

The national news has covered the stories, the local broadcasters have published the photos and the story continues to spread across North America. Krokodil is a drug that originated in Russia. The poor quality of life, bad economic situation and poverty are the ingredients for extreme solutions to the existing drug addiction problems face by hundreds of thousands of drug addicts each day in Russia and surrounding countries.

Side Effects of new Drug Krokodil

Side Effects of new Drug Krokodil

The main pipeline of drugs throughout Russia for many years has been heroin; that would come up from Afghanistan. When things get as they are in Russia’s present society and the heroin addict has no money to pay for his or her daily dose of heroin and even selling ones body no longer produces the funds needed to pay for their high, the extreme solutions come forth. This is the birth place of Krokodil drug, at least its explosive use and destructive nature.

Russian drug addicts began to make synthesized Heroin at home by using pharmaceutical drugs such as Codeine and household products. Krokodil as a chemical fabrication by a non-qualified heroin addict is nothing more than some Codeine and anything else one can find such as gasoline, hydrochloric acid and red phosphorus. These chemicals are basically poisons not unlike Heroin or cocaine, or alcohol; all have a toxic effect on the human brain and physical body. The big difference is that some chemicals are more toxic in small quantities, and other are deadlier in the long run. Some drugs kill you quick others take years.

It wasn’t long before this became news and with our present day media speed way such as internet and satellite TV, etc the news of Russian heroin addicts and the severe side effect of this home made drug called Krokodil was unlike anything seen before. Medical toxicologists were writing papers studying the effects and emergency wards were treating cases one after another. Of course when you create a sensational story it goes viral and its only matter of time before some American heroin addict tries to make his own batch of Krokodil.

Krokodil has been seen in very sporadic spots across the US and even in Canada but nothing of the magnitude it was in Russia. The fact that a case of Krokodil would be seen in Colorado and then made into an international scare was well stated by Jacob Sullum of Forbes on this subject. With the amount of cheap and available heroin on the streets of American and Canadian cities alike it goes without saying that its unlikely there is an epidemic here in North America of Krokodil as it was seen in Russia.

But it does show another side of drug addiction, without proper drug rehab centers and drug addiction treatment programs a drug addict can get very extreme to avoid the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms of heroin or any other drug for that matter. Krokodil is just one example of what can happen, Bath Salts is another example of someone going to extremes to get a high. Alcohol vapors is again another example of finding ways to avoid life situations and escaping into the world of drug effects to deal with those daily problems.

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Drug Addiction Placement Explained

Placement for

Substance Abuse

Governmental help with drug addition

Over the years in the field of drug addiction and alcohol abuse much study and research has been done. As the problem of drug addiction spreads throughout the country and across the planet more precise solution are needed. Every year drug addiction professionals from various government health agencies in the field of drug addiction gather to discuss the options for drug addiction treatments, drug addiction and alcohol abuse education and prevention strategies.

The only real problem with these substance abuse summits by drug addiction professionals is that the discussions normally end with more meetings in the future and requiring another summit to find out if such and such should be implemented and who will cover the cost and it goes on and on. Meanwhile drug addiction continues to cause harm and devastation to families and friends on a daily basis. It’s unfortunate that so much bureaucracy must be present to have any real change by our country leaders, but that is the price for governmental financial support to change drug addiction in our present society. There is another solution.

Detox and Rehab Treatment Placement Office for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Detox and Rehab Treatment Placement Office for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

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Other option for drug addition treatment

But others have opted to go a different route; many dedicated drug addiction counselors have gone private and without the restraint of bureaucracy can effect change almost instantly. A major trend over the past couple of years has been the appearance of drug addiction placement counselors and drug rehab referral counselors. Because the private drug rehab centers are mainly occupied with the treatment of drug addiction on a daily basis many of them rely on independant drug addiction counselors and other health care providers to bring the drug addict or alcoholic to them for treatment.

When looking for a drug rehab center most families will simply call their local health care clinic and will be referred to a government funded drug rehab center. With such a problem as drug addiction the majority of these funded drug rehabs have no beds available and the only options left is to create a waiting list. And there are other issues at play with government funded drug addiction treatment centers. Whereas with a drug addiction placement counselor or drug rehab referral counselor, such as us, do not have any particular agenda but work with hundreds of private drug rehab centers and drug addiction treatment program across the county.

A drug rehab referral counselor will be able to answer all your questions and some will even do a case assessment, others will possibly have a small fee for their service and others are a free service. Also it should be known that there are many affordable private drug rehabs and many of these will have some form of financing service and in many provinces these services are tax deductible. Your insurance may even be applied on certain private drug rehab centers. In any case this option is often cheaper than to let the person struggling with drug addiction continue to create hell for everyone which in itself is very costly.

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Drug Addiction Treatment Center Explained

Drug Addiction

Treatment Centers

in Canada

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In society today there is concern with the increasing amount of drug addiction cases reporting to various drug rehab centers and substance abuse clinics and emergency wards dealing with overdoses; in fact there are hundreds of thousand of people suffering with addiction to drugs  such as cocaine, pot, crack, heroin or prescription drugs like Oxycodon, Percocet including methamphetamines of all sorts. The biggest challenge is not always the drug addict’s personally, which by the way can be quite exceptionally complex. No, the main issue faced by all drug rehab centers and drug treatment programs is the variety of drugs that people get addicted to.

Drug Addiction Counselor

Drug Addiction Counselor

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In recent past any drug addict arriving for help at a drug rehab center would present addictions like coke or heroin or pot some LSD cases and alcohol. But in today’s market there appears to be a home chemist in every community. Emergency personnel whenever an overdose case arrives on their table the first question is what exactly did the person take, in many instances its “a blue pill, a red tab or some white powder with speckles” the ER personnel are usually working blind to treat the overdosed drug addict.

Drug addiction treatment programs and various drug rehab personnel are facing similar issues once the person is out of danger and ready to get help or has been ordered to get help. Drug addiction counselors must find ways to adapt their skills and program to an ever changing drug abusing society. Dealing with an alcohol addiction is not quite the same as dealing with someone who mixes crack cocaine, Paxil and dad’s high blood pressure pills covered in iodine. As a side note in the last couple of years two nasty drugs have hit the market; Baths Salts and Krokodil both of which have cause more death in the first year then any other illicit drug.

Despite the changes in drugs addiction entering drug rehab centers the drug addiction counselors know their jobs and adapt rapidly to help the persons out. The best drug addition treatment programs are those that are first and foremost supportive of natural health issues, and do not freely dispense more drugs to handle drug addiction. Next is that the drug rehab center staffs are caring, they listen and guide, never tell the drug addict what to think or how to act but work with the drug addict to increase their will to change into a better version of themselves, someone that has the will to survive and gain more happiness and joy out of life.

Any drug addiction program that believes drug addicts and alcoholics are simply insane people with complete self destructive tendency that are incurable and only more drugs and a lifetime of inhibitor medications can keep these beasts under control and able to live with; well these are not drug addiction programs meant to help but to control and get paid for it. For anyone who is suffering with drug addiction real humane help is available, thousands can attest that drug addiction can be beaten.

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