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Christmas 2014 – Moderation

Christmas festivities
Better done in moderation

Santa Claus

Have fun but be good for goodness’ sake!

With the holiday season upon us, many companies will be having their festive office Christmas party and with that comes alcohol and in many parts of the country drugs are also present. It is always a great thing to have all the staff and executives come together at one big fun event, smiles are shared and toasts are made; people exchange gifts and wishes.

When super is finished and acknowledgements are made, the music is pumped up and the drinks begin to flow. This is usually where many begin to lose control on the amount being consumed. Too many stories can be told about the embarrassing moments of the office Christmas party of yesteryear. When the booze begins to flow there will always be someone in the group that may be unknown to others or at best only suspected of drug use. You can usually see a couple of co-workers going to the washroom a bit too often or to an isolated corner of the hotel, maybe a few secretaries or office clerks sniffling oddly, this can be signs of cocaine abuse or similar illicit drugs.

As with any festive gathering it’s important to remind people to enjoy themselves but also to keep in mind to drink moderately. There is nothing wrong with a cheer at celebrations but it is another thing to have too many drinks. With alcohol, as with any mind altering substance, a person’s perceptions are compromised and their thinking is impaired, decision making is slowed and flawed.

Drink in Moderation

So why is society putting so much attention on cutting back the consumption of liquor or any other substance? It’s quite simple really, anyone with an alcohol problem can’t just have one or two drinks they must have more. Technically the alcohol is traveling through the blood stream and will enter the brain tissues and begin to cause bad relay from mind to body, past issues; memories, get stimulated and confused with present circumstances. This is the cause of thousands of accidents and deaths every year.

Just like drugs will alter the mind and the person’s ability to think clearly, alcohol is no different. So the message this holiday season is to keep in mind moderation, be moderate. This means to not go in excess, cut back on the indulgence, ask yourself if you really need to have the extra drink. More often than not, you don’t; so don’t. It’s really that simple. Have a safe and joyous holiday season.




 Government Drug Rehabs Difficulties

Addiction Pressure

Attempting to enter a government funded treatment

If someone you know has attempted to enter a government addiction treatment program and had little or no luck there is a reason. Each year the Canadian government allocates a certain percentage or amount of tax payer money to the health care system. Canada’s health care system and the provincial governments took on the responsibility to ensure there are outlets for public to go and get information on substance abuse, treatment programs for various addictions (either for substances abuse or other addiction forms). They also have elaborated certain prevention programs and strategies to deter drug addiction.

Of course all the above requires some funding to continue to supply the service to the Canadian public. Out of all these there is a section that is at the forefront of addiction; the actual detox centers and drug rehab facilities. When the budget is launched and the funds are dispensed these “on the front line” groups are limited to deliver what they can by the amount of funds available. But in recent years the growing concern is the amount of individual Canadians struggling with some form of illicit and prescription drug abuse, these are way beyond the health ministry ability to cope. Thus you as the struggling addict or the family member suffering with such ailment must go through a trail of paper work and interviews just to be on a waiting list.

The typical actions taken on any given day and in pretty much all provinces to get help with a government funded substance abuse problems is the following; Whether the person is abusing cocaine, heroin or pot even pain pills like Fentanyl or Percocet’s and of course alcohol, is to contact a local addiction treatment center. If you get to speak with someone, normally they require the addict themselves contact the center. With contact made you will then be given an appointment for assessment. A few days later you go for your appointment, the counselor there does the assessment to determine the severity of your addiction and life issues. Then the counselor will send your name to be added to the list of those already waiting for a bed to become available and you will most likely be told to call each day to see if a bed freed up. Depending on how long the waiting list is you might have to call for several weeks (from three to eight weeks) and be told “there is no bed available”.

While you are waiting for a bed it is strongly advised that you do not use your substance of choice because when a bed does free up and you are told to come in for addiction treatment they will refuse you treatment if you arrive having used in the last 24 hours to 78 hours. During your stay in many government places you can be given other medications to help you sleep, take the edge of anxiety and overall you may be given other medications to stabilize or prevent relapse.

Drug Addiction on Hold

I have seen addiction in people for over fifteen years from all walks of life and the one thing that is common to all is the lack of motivation. The majority of people with substance abuse issues want to quit and live drug free. But requesting a drug addict to stay clean and drug free as part of the requirement to enter a drug treatment program is complete foolishness. A person addicted to any illicit drug or alcohol reaches out for help there should be no wasted time in giving that help. Lives are on the line, many addicts can be or have been good productive people. There should be a means to have open doors 24/7 for any addict requesting help and should be delivered to on the spot.

Unfortunately at this time the only place this happens is in the private sector, instant service; on the spot help; no or very little waiting time surrounded by caring and professional counselors who know addiction; many have successfully beaten their own personal addiction and are living success stories. The choice is yours, do it now or fight to get it done, one day the government will realize something more effective must be done about addiction, until then don’t lose hope.


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