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Dual Diagnosis & Substance Abuse

Dual Diagnosis
& Substance Abuse

The shame blame and regrets of drug addiction

Dual Diagnosis

What is really meant by ‘dual diagnosis’ and how this is associated to drug addiction or alcohol abuse and what the pharmaceuticals and medico’s are not saying, is probably of interest to any family member dealing with a loved one and their struggle with drug addiction or alcohol abuse.

As with many youths and young adults going out dancing, listening to loud concert or seeing a movie with friends or just a getting together to watch a sporting event these are usually accompanied with alcohol or some illicit drug like marijuana, cocaine or crack and other such drugs. In many cases the alcohol use over time will cause a depressed condition just as drugs taken over time will also have side effects of depression, anxiety and even light or heavy spells of psychosis.

When drugs are taken sporadically, such as only on weekends the euphoria achieved is short lived and the burnt up nutrients in the body are not replenished sufficiently, resulting in depressed feeling, due to burnt up vitamin B, C, A and D, E, etc. not to mention the minerals and proteins. This is the same with alcohol. Added to this is the fact that drugs and alcohol really mess up one’s mind. The mind is the thinking machine of each human being and taking drugs or alcohol is like throwing sand in a gearbox. Eventually something will break.

One day you wake up and you’re not feeling as perky, not as quick witted; sort of heavy and distracted. You brush it off and blame the cloudy day. At the end of the work day the heavy feeling is still there and weights a bit more, you think maybe it’s a cold or just overworked. You decide to take a Sudafed before bed and get a good night sleep. The next day you wake up and though it is sunny out you’re not smiling. You feel something is not right but can’t quite put your finger on it. Weeks go by and still you cannot seem to get that happy “life is great” feeling. So you make an appointment to see your doctor or some local health care provider clinic. You tell him you’re not happy, you feel down or lacking energy. The one thing you don’t tell him is you also do drugs and alcohol every weekend.

The doctor or treating physician prescribes an “anti-depression” for you symptoms. But when your drug or alcohol use becomes out of control and you seek help the consulting addictions counselor doing your assessment find out you are on “anti-depressants” and doing drugs or alcohol. Now you have a new label, dual diagnosis, you’re an addict and suffer depression. This type of situation is happening every day across Canada in almost every city. A simple, and all too common example; wife has child, husband and wife are happy, husband wants affection, wife not “in the mood”, husband is unfaithful and now guilty, arguments begin, family unit is deteriorating. Husband begins to drink more, wife is upset she sees her doctor he prescribes medication. Husband is also loosing vigor and is unhappy, he seeks advice from his doctor and is prescribed his dose of anti-depressants. He still drinks and all goes downhill from there.

People face life problems every day, some are tragic others are physical pain, or emotional upsets, the loss of a job, the betrayal of trust, the lying for fear of telling the truth; all are daily affairs. Lacking real life skills to overcome such issues people seek the “quick fix”. Drugs, including medication and alcohol are temporary fixes, when the substance wears off the problem or pain returns. More drugs are taken and at higher doses to get the same relief. This is the cycle of addiction. When it comes to drug and alcohol addiction; deal with the substance abuse and in the majority of cases there is no more dual diagnosis, but simply a person who can now face life head on and deal with it without artificial means. If you have been labeled “dual-diagnosis” then call for help, especially if it relates to drug or alcohol abuse.


Vancouver Major drug bust

Vancouver Major drug bust


Vancouver BC

If you need help finding a drug rehab center or if someone close to you does call 1-888-488-8434 and speak with one of our private drug rehab addiction counselors.

It’s a well-known fact that Vancouver BC is a major player in the illicit drug trade into British Columbia and throughout Canada. But recent drug bust has put a major dent in the drug trade in metro Vancouver. According to Vancouver Police a long term investigation called Project Trooper has come to its culminating result of arresting 11 individuals in connection with a large quantity of illicit drugs, cash and arms. This is one of many such scenarios across the nation every month.

This is a social situation that can be witnessed from coast to coast and in practically every country on earth today. Throughout history certain herbs and spices have been cultivated and sold in trade, much of which were smuggle and sold on the black market. But never in all of history has there been such a high demand for mind altering drugs used for recreational purposes or for self-medication to overcome all forms of unwanted conditions. The real goal is, money. The amount of profit available from illicit drug trade, whether it’s Pot, cocaine, prescription drugs or any other pharmaceutical drug is many times that of its production cost. If someone wants it and cannot get it, you can charge any price and it will still be bought. Why?

Drugs for Profit

Making Money

Drug deal

In any commerce, even illicit drugs it all comes down to demand and supply. If there is a demand for drugs someone will supply it, for a profit, of course. The idea of paying to get some amount of relief for an emotional or physical pain is very desirable. So why is there so much pain and emotional discord in our present society? It begins with education, over the past forty plus years social structure has shifted. More families have both parents working, child is in daycare, schools have new rules and teachers, the real ones, have less say in how kids should be taught, not to mention high levels of child drugging early on, Ritalin, Prozac, etc. This all leads up to kids and young adults with little or no skills to deal with daily life problems. Despite efforts being made to counter such issues, a rejected teenager will seek out ways to be accepted, doing drugs brings relief to peer pressure and increases your acceptance and other such nonsense. The same can be said for adults.

So even with the drug bust in metro Vancouver or any other metropolis across Canada, why is it that the drug and addiction problem continues to hit our schools and business? Simple, the drug enforcement agency and police spend millions of tax payer’s money in an attempt to cut off the supply. But the real solution is to address the demand. If there was as much or more attention on handling the demand for drugs, illicit or otherwise, chances are kids, teenagers and adults would not want mind altering drugs. Thus the commerce would be useless, no money to be made, no one wants the product.

Drug Prevention & Education

This can only be done by prevention, education and massive media agreement that drugs are bad, and do more harm than good. There is simply not enough being done in this arena, one TV add, and few federal campaigns does little to a struggling society. Real solutions to life are available without resorting to drugs and alcohol.

For information on addiction and treatment available take the time and call one of our addiction and consultation counselors today and ask what your options are before it’s too late, dial 1-888-488-8434 and get your questions answered.


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