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A comment on marijuana legalisation

A comment on marijuana legalisation

As many of you are aware the Canadian government has agreed to legalize marijuana. Subsequently it has caused much controversy by a wide variety of organisations. From schools boards to health care providers to human resources to insurance companies and drug rehab centers just to name a few. All have a say in this complex issue.

Marijuana leaf & handcuffs

Though there are limited benefits to the legalisation of marijuana, it is a matter of time before this solution starts generating new problems. In fact this is exactly what it’s doing. Many of the above mentioned interest groups are concerned about the ways this law will affect their ability to control their respective areas. Pot is a mind altering substance, if you are unsure about this than smoking a joint will change your mind. You will feel and act different than prior to the joint.

There are so many questions to be answered. What about the addiction treatment facility that deals with people struggling with addiction to opiates or alcohol? How can they safely accept a person who is prescribe a daily dose of marijuana in or around their facility? How can we get around this? I suppose that there is some benefit to smoking pot, it’s just not clear if it is best for all aspects of living. Even as this text is written, there are laws with drinking under the influence that now includes being high from any drug, including pot. So if the transport department deems it necessary to include drugs in their law, it’s only reasonable to assume there is some risk in consuming pot.

Some statistics from the State of Colorado where recreational marijuana was legalized in November 2012, are as follows.

  • Marijuana-related traffic deaths increased by 154 percent between 2006 and 2014;
  • emergency room hospital visits that were “likely related” to marijuana increased by 77 percent from 2011 to 2014; and
  • drug-related suspensions or expulsions increased 40 percent from school years 2008/2009 to 2013/2014.

Even if the Canadian Federal Government actually leaves it up to your provincial government to dictate how the federal law will be applied; the problems remain. But you have a voice, you can make a change, you can alter the outcome. Write to you congressman, write to your human resources department, tell your doctor to make a stand. You can start weekly drug education programs in your neighbourhood or local organizations.

Make your voice count, it will get heard and many voices are what make the world a better place, history has multiple examples of this. If you need help for someone’s addiction to Marijuana or other drugs contact one of our private drug rehab center referral addiction counselors.

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Is your child drug free for school?

Is your child drug free for school?


As summer winds through to its end are you certain your son or daughter is drug or alcohol free for their next school year? There are ways to determine if this is not the case and options to handle before school begins and save the study year. One of the main indicators that possible drug use is out of control is that your family member has become distant. Apart of the possibility of asserting their independence, they are less present at family gatherings, giving odd reason or being vague about why they cannot be present or simply being defensive at the idea of spending quality time with the family. This can be a sign of hidden activities, that your son or daughter know very well you would disapprove of, and they are ashamed to admit to it.

Another observation that there may be drug abuse is physical changes, such as noticeable loss of weight. Usually due to some abuse of opiate type drugs, like heroin, cocaine or pain killers namely Oxycodone, morphine and other similar classed drugs.

You will also see the eye sockets darkening and showing signs of being sunken inwards. Shaking is a common side effect of opiate drug use, the level of anxiety and nutritional depletion causes the body to shake uncontrolled. One observation is when you notice you child wearing long sleeves even when the weather dictates that short sleeves or tank tops would be the normal dress wear. This is often a sign of hiding needle marks on the arms from injecting drugs like heroin. One that is less accepted as a sign of drug abuse is the observation that your son or daughter is sleeping way more than usual and seem to always be tire and have lack of energy. This is observed when the drug’s effect is wearing off, the burning up of minerals and vitamins and proteins in the body is a key factor in this lethargic behavior.

Whatever the symptoms you notice in your loved ones attitude or behavior you have a responsibly to find out what is going on. When questioned, the addict will often attempt to avoid answering or brush their condition off with some lame excuse for their condition. One of the best methods to determine if your child is using illicit drugs or alcohol is to have them do a urine test or breathalyzer These can be acquired in pharmacies or local hospitals or ordered on-line.

The real work begins when you have determined that your daughter or son is using drugs or alcohol. This is where you need to locate good professional addiction treatment. Sometimes you may be able to get them local help rapidly but this is rare. Most local drug rehab centers funded by the government have lengthy screening processes and long waiting list for residential programs.

The other option is to contact a private treatment referral counselors who can put you in touch with a suitable private drug rehab intake counselor. These, normally affordable facilities, will not have any type of waiting time. They will be able to help your son or daughter the same day or the next, rarely any longer. If you or someone you know is struggling with some form of illicit drug addiction or alcohol abuse you can call 1-888-488-8434 and speak with an experienced referral counselor and get your loved one into treatment before school starts up again for their next semester. Why lose a year of education when you can save it in one months.




New government, Legalizing Pot

New government, Legalizing Pot

Well here we stand in 2015 with a new liberal government to guide the Canadian people to wealthier, healthier and more productive lives. At least this is what the campaign of the elected candidate has told us. But how factual are those statements made by our newly appointed Prime Minister. I cannot speak for the wealthier nor the more productive but as for the healthier this is an area that I can give an opinion. The new Prime Minister made his intent clear on legalizing Pot.

Legalizing potLegalizing Pot

It has been a long time in the making that Canadians want to follow in the footsteps of our American counter-parts. The debates on legalizing Pot are just a few step away from approval. But this only means it will cut down dramatically on the cost of arresting someone with two joints in their pocket.

Legalization of Pot does not mean you can simply stand around a corner and smoke an ounce of week. It doesn’t give one license to smoke a joint while driving home or have a pipe of weed at lunch break during work. The real truth behind the legalization is simply to cut down on the high cost of justice actions for personal possession or use of marijuana.

Long-Term Effects; Legalizing Pot

It’s the long term that is the main concern, once the gate is open it’s really hard to close it back. Marijuana of any type is still a drug, it causes an alteration in the proper functioning of the mind, even if just temporary.

No one can deny this fact; take a good inhale of any marijuana joint or pipe, hold it for a second or two and exhale, it’s for sure that a few seconds afterwards you feel light headed and giddy. Do it again and again and again, over and over; two maybe three times a week then each day for week and months; that feeling will turn into sitting on a couch, watching something you have no clue about, red eyed and lethargic. Short term and long term memory loss is another side effect of Pot use.

THC Content

The other fact is that the marijuana smoked back in the 60’s and 70’s that was imported, illegally, from California, Hawaii, Mexico and other hot spots is not the same as what is now on the market.

Today the growing of marijuana has taken on a new level of expertise, the level of THC within the plant has been increase through the science of Hydroponics. This permits the growing of the marijuana plants without the labor of earth and dirt in controlled environments with the proper care to increase its potency.

Legalizing Pot today means that users are getting stronger effects from the drug than in the past. Psychosis and in rare cases overdoses have been reported.

Addiction & Legalizing Pot

An important question to ask is, why hasn’t anyone questioned the reason a person requires using pot? What possible reason does someone have to use a mind altering drug?

Some people drink wine with a supper as a digestive or just for taste. The fact is, many people in our present society are working with high stress levels, huge debts, living with lies and bad decisions, suffering with sorrows from a long time past and overall just not happy with their present life.

Whenever a person is struggling with some form of pain whether emotional, physical or some bad memory that keeps popping up and a thousand of other reasons, relief is looked for. Pain is not pleasant, emotional loss is painful and unpleasant and equally unwanted. People drink to get rid of some hunted feeling of a bad memory, drugs, illicit or not, are used for similar reasons.

The only error in this thinking is that when the temporary relief of the drug wears off the unwanted feeling returns. The solution is to take more drugs, this causes the person to become dependent physically and/or mentally, the result is always the same; addiction and bad health.

Legalizing Pot, Legalizing Alcohol

So even if marijuana does get legal status, remember it’s still a mind altering drug and will in the long run bring about addiction, pain, suffering and is NOT a solution but simply the cause of a new problem.

After Prohibition, alcohol was legalized and it is the number one substance of abuse. Legalizing Pot will make it harder to discourage the use of it. We depend on the next generation’s sanity to run the country that we must live in so discourage the use of it.


Environments & Drug Rehabs

Environments & Drug Rehabs

When a person is struggling with their drug addiction or alcohol abuse and need drug rehabilitation the first thing that is normally on their mind is to get through the physical and emotional pain that follows the attempt to quit their substance of choice. Anyone who has ever been through a withdrawal period of some opiate addiction can attest to the terrible discomforts associated with such action, the environment of the drug rehab center in which it is done is important.

This has been observed by various professional addiction counselors; the drug rehab center’s environment is just as vital as the drug rehab center program itself. Whenever an addict enters a program at a drug rehab center they know that they are putting their life into the hands of professionals. Though, unfortunately some facilities don’t have the funding to upgrade their surroundings.

Rundown Environments & Drug Rehabs

Many drug addicts will have some experience with crack houses, and rundown drug dealer apartments. The usual environment of the addict is less then hygienic, their living quarter have been abandoned. This is normally due to the lack of responsibility and carelessness that comes with drug addiction. When drugs take over a person’s lifestyle they begin to not care about their person or the areas around them. This gets so bad that even those they are expected to care for like children and pets are often ignored or left to fend for themselves and their own environment is not properly dealt with and can be seen to degrade to a marked degree.

For an addicts seeking help from a professional drug rehab one does not expect the environment to resemble a crack houses. This type of surrounding only distracts the addict from recovery as they are constantly reminded of the way things were and seeing that this is how things are does not aid to increase confidence in recovery. You would think that this is an exaggeration, but it’s not, there are facilities offering addiction treatment that are so badly kept that the results are less then hopeful. Then there are the other type of drug rehab centers that are nowhere close to a drug addict’s usual environment.

Private Drug Rehab Center in Canada

Over the year there has been an increase in private treatment facilities opening up across Canada. Many of these are affordable and have a higher rate of success then the traditional government funded drug rehabs. One of the main differences is the environment, these private facilities are bright, clean, well-organized programs. You will find fresh bedding, well-kept grounds, functional appliances, etc.

When you bring a drug addict into a clean and orderly environment the person tends to join in the upkeep and maintenance of their personal space. When the area is presented with chipped plates, scratch up furniture, stained bedding or uncomfortable beds you can’t expect a person to feel some kind of pride or ownership and therefore they do not take any responsibility in the appearance or up keeping.

Clean Environment Drug Rehab

Give a person who has dropped down to the attitude of “I don’t care”, a new and acceptable area to recover (not necessarily an upscale one), where they are given a chance to show they are good people; you get immediate shift in view and they become willing to rise to a more social level. Just a simple clean and well organized environment that is expected to stay that way and that each recovering addict has a responsibility to the facility’s upkeep will go far in achieving recovery as responsibility will raise their level of self-worth, ownership and participation will enhance their self-confidence. The actual program schedule and structure will do the rest.

Drug Rehab Center Referral Help

If you or someone close is faced with a choice of just any other drug rehab and a private drug rehab; it is advised you check out the private drug rehab center and the other options and take a tour of both, if you are told that there are no tours then cancel that facility from your choice. ALL drug rehabs can be visited prior to intake. Your recovery may depend on the space you stay. Call our drug rehab center referral counselor for assistance in locating a suitable drug rehab, dial 1-888-488-8434


Drug free Canada day 2015

Drug free Canada day 2015

Happy Canada Day will be shouted by everyone, from Halifax Nova Scotia to Victoria BC this July first. Canada day celebrates the confederation of the various provinces into a united country and each year in cities and communities from coast to coast various celebration will be organized and bring cheers to all.

Many of these events include concerts from well-known international Canadian artists and some not so well-known artists for everyone to enjoy and celebrate. In most large or small social events, such as these, various types of drinks are raised but this also attracts the dealers of black market drugs for a quick and easy distribution.


When one looks back in history it can be found that all great events include some form of mind altering substance, usually alcohol is the choice substance. Its legal, it’s cheap and it creates an altered state of mind pretty quick. A little will make one giddy, a bit more causes drowsiness, and too much makes one sick.

Alcohol is a depressant, it burns up B vitamins, especially B1; not to mention the amount of minerals that are also used up. People under the influence of alcohol tend to either be one of two ways; very depressed or very loud and hostile.
The effects on the body are obvious to anyone living with an alcoholic, but the effects on the mind are even more devastating. People who abuse alcohol will find that their memories get jumbled, the past is mixed with the present and the present is thrown into the future and the future is mushed up with the person’s imagination and mental fabrications.

If you ever tried to speak with an intoxicated alcoholic you will soon discover whatever you say or do the person misinterprets the words and actions to fit their own jumble ideas of situations. Celebrations with alcohol should always be accompanied by moderation; the ability to say no and always have someone named as designated driver.

Illicit Drugs

The same can be said for illicit drugs. Whether the drug is marijuana, crack cocaine, prescription pills of the opioid family, and everything in between. Just like alcohol drugs have their desired effects. Some drugs used in very small quantity will cause immediate euphoria or high for the person. Others will cause a high followed by paranoia, but this effect is short lived and more drugs are taken to again feel that brief feeling of great overwhelming power and disconnected freedom.

Though this is the initial desire of anyone wanting to free themselves of some hidden unwanted pain, whether emotional or physical, you can be assured of one thing; it is always short lived.

As more drugs are used the body begins to replace natural supplements such as vitamins, proteins and minerals with the toxic substances. This exchange creates a physical dependency with painful effects when the drug is not taken.
Whereas it also does a whole lots of nasty, unimaginable things to the mind. Loss of memory is the mild end of drug use, long term causes psychological effects that can become permanent in some drug addicts.
Aside from the blank memories, drugs will overlap certain memory incidents and make the past get mixed with other parts of the past that should not be related and the list goes on. Its clear drugs are bad for people in general.

Canada Day

Canada day is for the pride of being Canadian, it’s standing up and proud with other Canadians and saying “we are Canadian and will continue to be Canadian”. But this is all in jeopardy if we permit our family, friends and even fellow Canadians to continue to struggle with drug addiction. Say No to Drugs and Alcohol abuse. If you need help for substance abuse call a drug rehab center referral counselor at: 1-888-488-8434


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