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Is your child drug free for school?

Is your child drug free for school?


As summer winds through to its end are you certain your son or daughter is drug or alcohol free for their next school year? There are ways to determine if this is not the case and options to handle before school begins and save the study year. One of the main indicators that possible drug use is out of control is that your family member has become distant. Apart of the possibility of asserting their independence, they are less present at family gatherings, giving odd reason or being vague about why they cannot be present or simply being defensive at the idea of spending quality time with the family. This can be a sign of hidden activities, that your son or daughter know very well you would disapprove of, and they are ashamed to admit to it.

Another observation that there may be drug abuse is physical changes, such as noticeable loss of weight. Usually due to some abuse of opiate type drugs, like heroin, cocaine or pain killers namely Oxycodone, morphine and other similar classed drugs.

You will also see the eye sockets darkening and showing signs of being sunken inwards. Shaking is a common side effect of opiate drug use, the level of anxiety and nutritional depletion causes the body to shake uncontrolled. One observation is when you notice you child wearing long sleeves even when the weather dictates that short sleeves or tank tops would be the normal dress wear. This is often a sign of hiding needle marks on the arms from injecting drugs like heroin. One that is less accepted as a sign of drug abuse is the observation that your son or daughter is sleeping way more than usual and seem to always be tire and have lack of energy. This is observed when the drug’s effect is wearing off, the burning up of minerals and vitamins and proteins in the body is a key factor in this lethargic behavior.

Whatever the symptoms you notice in your loved ones attitude or behavior you have a responsibly to find out what is going on. When questioned, the addict will often attempt to avoid answering or brush their condition off with some lame excuse for their condition. One of the best methods to determine if your child is using illicit drugs or alcohol is to have them do a urine test or breathalyzer These can be acquired in pharmacies or local hospitals or ordered on-line.

The real work begins when you have determined that your daughter or son is using drugs or alcohol. This is where you need to locate good professional addiction treatment. Sometimes you may be able to get them local help rapidly but this is rare. Most local drug rehab centers funded by the government have lengthy screening processes and long waiting list for residential programs.

The other option is to contact a private treatment referral counselors who can put you in touch with a suitable private drug rehab intake counselor. These, normally affordable facilities, will not have any type of waiting time. They will be able to help your son or daughter the same day or the next, rarely any longer. If you or someone you know is struggling with some form of illicit drug addiction or alcohol abuse you can call 1-888-488-8434 and speak with an experienced referral counselor and get your loved one into treatment before school starts up again for their next semester. Why lose a year of education when you can save it in one months.




What is summertime addiction?

What is summertime addiction?

Family together on a beach

Family vacation to the beach

Help is available right now for your child’s drug addiction just call 1-888-488-8434.

We often hear parents of youths near the end of their high school years planning the summer time vacation with the whole family at the cottage or the lake or even just a road trip to Disney or water parks. No matter the destination, you can envision the whole family together laughing and having a good time.

But this year something is different, the little kids are not so little anymore. Your vacation plans are being hindered and have less appeal to your kids. Their friends are staying in town, getting summer jobs, others just want to “hang out”. Your son or daughter may begin to say things like “again! We have been there so many times” or “there’s nothing to do at the cottage, it’s boring”. These comments and similar remarks are signs of self-expression, your son or daughter are asserting their self-determinism and independence, it’s a form of ‘breaking away from the nest’ in sorts.

Vacation Plans

If you force them to stick with the vacation plan, they then rebel. If you give in, you feel you’re losing control. The truth of the matter is you need to let them express their self-determinism and experience the world for themselves, and begin the road to adulthood. But beware; you also need to know how to guide them in a jungle of lies and betrayals this society offers.

Summertime is a time of opportunity; your daughter or son may have done a great year with A’s or B+. Now they want to stick around the city like their peers and get a part time job or some such thing. Maybe he or she wants the newest I Pad or I Phone or ticket to a concert and will pay for it themselves. You see this as a responsible direction and considered proper upbringing. Your son gets his first paying job at a fast food place and is really happy about his first paycheck.

Drug Influences

As the weeks move on you realize he is coming home later and later. Has trouble getting up in the morning; says “too tired to do weekend chores”. He begins to avoid your questions; is in and out without notice. His appearance takes on a mysterious and backstreet look. Or your daughter starts to dress like she going to a fancy night club, and behaves like you never understand her, and make a point of it, becomes distant and withdrawn. All these observations are signs of possible drug or alcohol abuse.

In many cases it has been found that a young adult is more likely influenced by some friend or acquaintance to try some mind altering drug for the first time. This is due to trust and friendships, in other words; “a friend would not think of causing any harm”. This, of course, is false!

Drug Dealers

Drugs like marijuana, cocaine, prescription pills like Oxy, fentanyl, etc. are easily found on the streets and clubs. But in the summer time when youths are out and about drug dealers are on every major gathering spot; parks, beaches, lakes and boardwalks; one can even find dealers in the most remote camping grounds.

Drugs are big business across Canada and each province has its own issues to deal with. But you as a parent, how do you know and deal with your child’s drug abuse? How can you be sure your son is or is not using drugs? And what are your options when you do find out that he or she has an addiction.

School Year

You can be certain that if it is not properly dealt with before the end of summer your child’s next school year will be in the most part a failure; he or she may very well give up on school altogether.

Your best and most lasting solution to drug addiction is to talk with a drug rehab referral counselor to know the right treatment programs available. If you or someone you know is suffering from drug abuse call 1-888-488-8434, a drug rehab referral counselor is standing by.


The Happy Sadness of the Holiday Season

The Happy Sadness
of the Holiday Season

Woke up one morning and it was a beautiful December morning with the sun shining and a light flurry. From the window I could see it was going to be a good day. I got ready for work and step out into the brisk wintry day, I was happy that I took the time to pick up a nice gift for the office party. In fact I was sure that the co-worker I had chosen for the gift exchange would be very pleased to have this gift.

As I entered the office you could feel the excitement in the room and everyone was dress up for this evening’s event. As the day wore on the buzz got more intense, you could see that all the employees were just as excited as I was to get together and just have a good time. When 5 o’clock arrived people began to exit and head out to the rental hall some blocks away. I left with some colleagues and we drove there. The festivities included a cocktail and announcement from the CEO, a three course meal, gift exchange and dancing.

I had my first drink at 5:30 and this was fine, during supper we shared a bottle of wine at our table of four where I shared two more glasses. Then someone ordered a second bottle and decided I would only have one small glass of wine with dessert. Thinking back on that evening, I guess this is the one I should not have had. When the meal was over I felt tipsy from the three glasses of alcohol I had drank but I went and picked up a beer while the gift exchange was happening. It was clear that many others had a few drinks also anyone could easily observe odd behavior in people, the way they spoke, the comments made, the hidden remarks, the snickers, etc. I never considered myself to be a big drinker or having a problem with alcohol. But for some reason I felt the need to have another beer, then a vodka, then shooters than more shooters.

Two women snorting cocaine on a sylver platterBy ten o’clock I was pretty drunk and so was many of the co-workers. Then I was approached by a fellow who I had seen around but had no formal contact with. He smiled and invited me
to a secluded area of the hall, we sat and laughed and said silly things he then pulled out a small baggy with white powder in it. I was shocked at first but being drunk my initial reaction quickly disappeared. He invited me to sniff some cocaine with him, I did. Don’t know why but I did. It was not long before I was sniffing more and more. At close to midnight most of the party staff had left and myself and my new found buddy decided to leave, he invited me    to another party which I agreed to as long as there was more coke there or any other substance.

Unfortunately for me that night was the end of my happy holiday seasons for the next five years. The cocaine became the only important thing in my life, I lost my job, my apartment and all my belongings. I am now selling my body and soul for a few lines of cocaine. I am thin and have Hepatitis-C, was pregnant but lost that child two years ago. Today it’s once again the fantastic Xmas season and I can’t help but be reminded of that fatal evening when I should have said no to the one drink too many that sent me on an adventure of losing all that was important. I have an appointment with an addiction counselor next week, maybe this time it will be different and I will have an actual chance to change my life.

The only thing I can say to anyone at a party with alcohol and drugs is before you decide to take another cheering drink or a line of some cocaine or just joint of pot. Stop and look, look at the people around you, look at your life as it exist and ask yourself this: am I ready to throw everything I know, have and love away for a brief momentary sensation of bliss?

This has been my Happy Sadness of the holiday season. I know I will be better so don’t be sad for me be effective for the person you love and care about who is struggling with addiction.


New government, Legalizing Pot

New government, Legalizing Pot

Well here we stand in 2015 with a new liberal government to guide the Canadian people to wealthier, healthier and more productive lives. At least this is what the campaign of the elected candidate has told us. But how factual are those statements made by our newly appointed Prime Minister. I cannot speak for the wealthier nor the more productive but as for the healthier this is an area that I can give an opinion. The new Prime Minister made his intent clear on legalizing Pot.

Legalizing potLegalizing Pot

It has been a long time in the making that Canadians want to follow in the footsteps of our American counter-parts. The debates on legalizing Pot are just a few step away from approval. But this only means it will cut down dramatically on the cost of arresting someone with two joints in their pocket.

Legalization of Pot does not mean you can simply stand around a corner and smoke an ounce of week. It doesn’t give one license to smoke a joint while driving home or have a pipe of weed at lunch break during work. The real truth behind the legalization is simply to cut down on the high cost of justice actions for personal possession or use of marijuana.

Long-Term Effects; Legalizing Pot

It’s the long term that is the main concern, once the gate is open it’s really hard to close it back. Marijuana of any type is still a drug, it causes an alteration in the proper functioning of the mind, even if just temporary.

No one can deny this fact; take a good inhale of any marijuana joint or pipe, hold it for a second or two and exhale, it’s for sure that a few seconds afterwards you feel light headed and giddy. Do it again and again and again, over and over; two maybe three times a week then each day for week and months; that feeling will turn into sitting on a couch, watching something you have no clue about, red eyed and lethargic. Short term and long term memory loss is another side effect of Pot use.

THC Content

The other fact is that the marijuana smoked back in the 60’s and 70’s that was imported, illegally, from California, Hawaii, Mexico and other hot spots is not the same as what is now on the market.

Today the growing of marijuana has taken on a new level of expertise, the level of THC within the plant has been increase through the science of Hydroponics. This permits the growing of the marijuana plants without the labor of earth and dirt in controlled environments with the proper care to increase its potency.

Legalizing Pot today means that users are getting stronger effects from the drug than in the past. Psychosis and in rare cases overdoses have been reported.

Addiction & Legalizing Pot

An important question to ask is, why hasn’t anyone questioned the reason a person requires using pot? What possible reason does someone have to use a mind altering drug?

Some people drink wine with a supper as a digestive or just for taste. The fact is, many people in our present society are working with high stress levels, huge debts, living with lies and bad decisions, suffering with sorrows from a long time past and overall just not happy with their present life.

Whenever a person is struggling with some form of pain whether emotional, physical or some bad memory that keeps popping up and a thousand of other reasons, relief is looked for. Pain is not pleasant, emotional loss is painful and unpleasant and equally unwanted. People drink to get rid of some hunted feeling of a bad memory, drugs, illicit or not, are used for similar reasons.

The only error in this thinking is that when the temporary relief of the drug wears off the unwanted feeling returns. The solution is to take more drugs, this causes the person to become dependent physically and/or mentally, the result is always the same; addiction and bad health.

Legalizing Pot, Legalizing Alcohol

So even if marijuana does get legal status, remember it’s still a mind altering drug and will in the long run bring about addiction, pain, suffering and is NOT a solution but simply the cause of a new problem.

After Prohibition, alcohol was legalized and it is the number one substance of abuse. Legalizing Pot will make it harder to discourage the use of it. We depend on the next generation’s sanity to run the country that we must live in so discourage the use of it.


Canada Health Care; Get in Line Option

Canada Health Care



If one wishes to understand what the problem is with helping drug addicts from all walks of life in Canada it’s best to start with knowing what our healthcare system is. In Canada we have a group of “socialized” health insurance plans, these are intended to provide coverage to ALL Canadians. The administration of this system is ran on a provincial and territorial basis, publicly funded and handled with guidelines as established by the federal government.

Interesting enough under this care system, each citizen is provided medical treatment and preventive care by primary physicians, including access to hospitals, surgery and other medical services. All Canadians qualify for health coverage, despite their medical history, income or lifestyle. As taken off of Health Canada’s own website page on their “mission and vision”:

“Health Canada is committed to improving the lives of all of Canada’s people and to making this country’s population among the healthiest in the world as measured by longevity, lifestyle and effective use of the public health care system.”

Get in Line Option

If this is the case, then how is it that there are hundreds of thousands of Canadians suffering from addiction that cannot get the help that they are actually asking for? It’s a well-known fact that if you don’t have $5000 to $20000 for private residential treatment than the only option is, GET IN LINE! There are families across Canada that are dealing with a relative’s addiction and when they attempt to contact a government run facility it’s like traveling through a bee hive.

Drug Rehab Backlogs

People with addiction to drugs such as heroin, cocaine, crack and even prescription drugs are not getting the instant service that is needed. In fact many are told that they first need an assessment, which makes sense but instead of entering that day into treatment the person is told to fill out a variety of forms, then to come to another appointment for further assessment and this is then followed by “you have to wait until a bed is available…” In other words GET IN LINE.

Reaching out for Addiction Treatment

When addiction is at the point where the addict has reached out for help it should be available right there and then. You can’t put an addict on hold with substance abuse, most can’t stay away from their drug of choice for more than a day or so because of the withdrawal symptoms that some drugs have. When the drug is not taken, the body’s depleted nutrition kicks in, soar muscles, anxieties, shakes, tremors, aches and pains, mood swings, and a list of other side effects from not having the drug that numbs the body and mind. In many instances government facilities will even state that the addict must be clean for 3 to 4 days before entering their rehab. This makes no sense, if an addict can stay clean for that amount of time why would he or she enter a rehab?

Solution for Drug Rehabilitation

Even though the funded treatment centers are unable to care for the demand across the country they still manage to help some people live sober lives. If the government wants more tax money than it should handle the hundreds of thousands that are suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. If each were given a real chance at sobriety as stated in Health Canada’s mission statement and vision, these recovered addicts would be working, buying homes, raising families, contributing to the productivity of our society and paying taxes.

Until then, relatives of a drug addict can do something by encouraging the addict to seek help and use the private system but also write to your politician to change the system for substance abuse and make it so everyone can achieve sober living.


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