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A comment on marijuana legalisation

A comment on marijuana legalisation

As many of you are aware the Canadian government has agreed to legalize marijuana. Subsequently it has caused much controversy by a wide variety of organisations. From schools boards to health care providers to human resources to insurance companies and drug rehab centers just to name a few. All have a say in this complex issue.

Marijuana leaf & handcuffs

Though there are limited benefits to the legalisation of marijuana, it is a matter of time before this solution starts generating new problems. In fact this is exactly what it’s doing. Many of the above mentioned interest groups are concerned about the ways this law will affect their ability to control their respective areas. Pot is a mind altering substance, if you are unsure about this than smoking a joint will change your mind. You will feel and act different than prior to the joint.

There are so many questions to be answered. What about the addiction treatment facility that deals with people struggling with addiction to opiates or alcohol? How can they safely accept a person who is prescribe a daily dose of marijuana in or around their facility? How can we get around this? I suppose that there is some benefit to smoking pot, it’s just not clear if it is best for all aspects of living. Even as this text is written, there are laws with drinking under the influence that now includes being high from any drug, including pot. So if the transport department deems it necessary to include drugs in their law, it’s only reasonable to assume there is some risk in consuming pot.

Some statistics from the State of Colorado where recreational marijuana was legalized in November 2012, are as follows.

  • Marijuana-related traffic deaths increased by 154 percent between 2006 and 2014;
  • emergency room hospital visits that were “likely related” to marijuana increased by 77 percent from 2011 to 2014; and
  • drug-related suspensions or expulsions increased 40 percent from school years 2008/2009 to 2013/2014.

Even if the Canadian Federal Government actually leaves it up to your provincial government to dictate how the federal law will be applied; the problems remain. But you have a voice, you can make a change, you can alter the outcome. Write to you congressman, write to your human resources department, tell your doctor to make a stand. You can start weekly drug education programs in your neighbourhood or local organizations.

Make your voice count, it will get heard and many voices are what make the world a better place, history has multiple examples of this. If you need help for someone’s addiction to Marijuana or other drugs contact one of our private drug rehab center referral addiction counselors.

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New government, Legalizing Pot

New government, Legalizing Pot

Well here we stand in 2015 with a new liberal government to guide the Canadian people to wealthier, healthier and more productive lives. At least this is what the campaign of the elected candidate has told us. But how factual are those statements made by our newly appointed Prime Minister. I cannot speak for the wealthier nor the more productive but as for the healthier this is an area that I can give an opinion. The new Prime Minister made his intent clear on legalizing Pot.

Legalizing potLegalizing Pot

It has been a long time in the making that Canadians want to follow in the footsteps of our American counter-parts. The debates on legalizing Pot are just a few step away from approval. But this only means it will cut down dramatically on the cost of arresting someone with two joints in their pocket.

Legalization of Pot does not mean you can simply stand around a corner and smoke an ounce of week. It doesn’t give one license to smoke a joint while driving home or have a pipe of weed at lunch break during work. The real truth behind the legalization is simply to cut down on the high cost of justice actions for personal possession or use of marijuana.

Long-Term Effects; Legalizing Pot

It’s the long term that is the main concern, once the gate is open it’s really hard to close it back. Marijuana of any type is still a drug, it causes an alteration in the proper functioning of the mind, even if just temporary.

No one can deny this fact; take a good inhale of any marijuana joint or pipe, hold it for a second or two and exhale, it’s for sure that a few seconds afterwards you feel light headed and giddy. Do it again and again and again, over and over; two maybe three times a week then each day for week and months; that feeling will turn into sitting on a couch, watching something you have no clue about, red eyed and lethargic. Short term and long term memory loss is another side effect of Pot use.

THC Content

The other fact is that the marijuana smoked back in the 60’s and 70’s that was imported, illegally, from California, Hawaii, Mexico and other hot spots is not the same as what is now on the market.

Today the growing of marijuana has taken on a new level of expertise, the level of THC within the plant has been increase through the science of Hydroponics. This permits the growing of the marijuana plants without the labor of earth and dirt in controlled environments with the proper care to increase its potency.

Legalizing Pot today means that users are getting stronger effects from the drug than in the past. Psychosis and in rare cases overdoses have been reported.

Addiction & Legalizing Pot

An important question to ask is, why hasn’t anyone questioned the reason a person requires using pot? What possible reason does someone have to use a mind altering drug?

Some people drink wine with a supper as a digestive or just for taste. The fact is, many people in our present society are working with high stress levels, huge debts, living with lies and bad decisions, suffering with sorrows from a long time past and overall just not happy with their present life.

Whenever a person is struggling with some form of pain whether emotional, physical or some bad memory that keeps popping up and a thousand of other reasons, relief is looked for. Pain is not pleasant, emotional loss is painful and unpleasant and equally unwanted. People drink to get rid of some hunted feeling of a bad memory, drugs, illicit or not, are used for similar reasons.

The only error in this thinking is that when the temporary relief of the drug wears off the unwanted feeling returns. The solution is to take more drugs, this causes the person to become dependent physically and/or mentally, the result is always the same; addiction and bad health.

Legalizing Pot, Legalizing Alcohol

So even if marijuana does get legal status, remember it’s still a mind altering drug and will in the long run bring about addiction, pain, suffering and is NOT a solution but simply the cause of a new problem.

After Prohibition, alcohol was legalized and it is the number one substance of abuse. Legalizing Pot will make it harder to discourage the use of it. We depend on the next generation’s sanity to run the country that we must live in so discourage the use of it.


Marijuana’s New Face of Evil

Marijuana’s New Face of Evil

medical-marijuana150x150Marijuana is well-known over the decades, first as simply an imported illicit substance used by many just to chill out and ‘’be more one with the universe’’. When the risk and cost were such that import became more inaccessible Canadians began to grow their own weed. It was not of the same quality but then certain educated drug users read up on the growing techniques and suddenly hydroponics was born. As the years moved on the weed became more potent and more accessible for pot users and younger potential clients.

Then it was found that certain sources lobbied to have marijuana with its mind altering effects become accepted as a medicinal supplement to aid with certain diagnosed conditions. So now south of the border Marijuana growers are seeing a business opportunity which in not connected to anxiety of arrest at any moment. This then gains popularity with others and soon it is an imported idea in Canada. Pot in Canada is still being used illicitly with only a small minority of people given the status of medical marijuana user.


But it doesn’t end there, with new technology the hydroponic growers are finding ways to increase the potency once more and the pot being sold is now causing overdoses, a new condition not seen before. Finally we get the 21st century marijuana where the THC of high potency is now extracted and dried turning it into what is being labeled “chatter” which causes an instant high and is very addictive. Anyone would think that it couldn’t get any worse but it does.

Fentanyl Laced

As seen in recent news reports of young people overdosing and being rushed to the ER or dying from this new form of Pot. Someone got very evil and took a simple plant that is normally smoked and decided that it would be a good thing to lace it with opiate based drugs, such as Fentanyl. This is a very high potent pain suppressant opiate. Fentanyl is 200 times more potent than Oxys and normally prescribe to people being treated for cancer, has cause great concerns across the nation. Even at this writing new legislation is being look at to bring better control for this prescription medication.

In all cases marijuana is simply a mind altering plant that has many mild to severe side effects. Long term will create slowed activity, loss of ambitions and general lethargy. Though now with it being laced, meaning altered with other substances, there is no prediction as to the effect it will cause any given person. From one use you can have the expected high and the next time have and overdose or worse die. This is a serious situation in Canada and elsewhere.

The Origin

Why take a chance, even when you know your dealer of illicit drugs, you probably don’t know where he or she got her drugs from. All drugs pass through at least five to ten different people before being consumed. Even the best of investigator from the RCMP Drug Enforcement Division have difficulty backtracking the origin of some drugs. All drugs are bad for people, it is not a natural occurring substance for healthy bodies. Why people take drugs is not part of this writing but it is simple to state that wherever people suffer relief will be searched for. Drugs bring temporary relief to physical pain or unwanted or painful emotions.

Do yourself a favor and that of anyone you care about, say no to drugs no matter how cool, or tempting it may seem. It could be the last cool thing you do. Stay alive and free, stay away of mind altering drugs.


Marijuana to ‘Shatter’

Marijuana to ‘Shatter’

To receive immediate help for addiction to Shatter or any other drug please call 1-888-488-8434 and speak with our professional referral counselor, for help with private drug rehab.

Shatter in Canada

Toronto’s recent discovery of what used to be called Marijuana, pot, ganja, weed, etc. has now been upgraded by vested interest who have created a drug called ‘shatter’. Police in metro Toronto Canada have recently discovered during a drug bust a brittle, caramel colored sticky substance. This drug, called on the streets ‘shatter’, is actually the extracted and highly concentrated active ingredient in Marijuana, THC. The method to extract this ingredient requires clandestine laboratory equipment.


In the US alone within the past year there have been over 30 explosions related to the effort to extract THC from marijuana plants. The recent explosion in Barrie Ontario was related to propane tanks that were suspect in the extraction process to create this so called ‘shatter’ drug. Considering that marijuana joints can have anywhere from 5% to 20% of potency this particular form of THC is up in the 80%, this puts the unsuspecting drug addict in a high risk zone. Any drug is bad for the body and mind but when you don’t know what you’re taking it makes the risk that much more dangerous.

Drug Dealing

The reason drug dealers are always looking for a new way to distribute their product is sometimes based on its addictive nature making first time users immediate long term clients, as seen with crack cocaine. Accessibility is another feature that is sought out for traffickers, some drugs are more difficult to import, being able to make a drug with less risk than attempting to smuggle a drug across the border such as heroin, and is less trouble than simply dealing in Oxycodone or Fentanyl. Canada can grow its own marijuana and decent quality of Pot has been achieved in western Canada but this is bulky and hard to hide or move. With this new form of marijuana, ‘shatter’, a dealer can move a large quantity in a very small space.

Drugs & Society

No matter when in history, society has always found some form of toxin to relieve pain or preform certain rituals. Any substance that alters the mind and general behavior has shown to be counter survival to the best interest of the many. Emergency medical relief is another matter. It’s the continuance or recreational use that is damaging to the person and those around them. The amount of work hours lost every year are astronomical, the numbers of person admitted to an emergency ward for a drug overdose is way above any sentient society as ours. Why people use drugs is a simple story.

Drug Addiction

Emotional pain, physical discomforts, losses, failures, shyness and dozens of other reasons that cause one to live with unwanted feelings, without a real workable solution to these; those are the underlying conditions behind addiction. Drugs, all drugs bring about a numbing of these feelings and to all other feelings, emotions, motivations, etc. but when the drug wears off the condition returns. More drugs are used but also higher dosages are need to get the same effect, known as tolerance. The body becomes accustomed to this toxin and now requires it and this we call addiction.

Help available

Drugs harm the body, mind and soul, there is really no good result from abusing such toxic substances. How you treat your body and mind will increase or decrease your spiritual ability to change the world for the better or for the worse. If you or someone you know is using shatter or any other drug, call us for help today and begin to live drug free and with success.


Fentanyl, the New Craze

Fentanyl, the New Craze

Just as other Canadian provinces are struggling with their own drug addiction issues, British Columbia is fighting the devastating Fentanyl drug addiction problem. Fentanyl has become a wide spread substitute drug for those seeking some replacement for Oxycodone, Percocet or even Heroin and morphine. In the province of British Columbia alone police have reported over 75 deaths linked to Fentanyl overdose. This drug has no taste and you cannot detect an odor, it is known to be between 50 and 100 times stronger than morphine. The bigger issue is that now other recreational drugs like marijuana, cocaine and even heroin are laced with this medicinal drug. This results in very unpredictable consequences; physical and psychological including death.

What is Fentanyl?

The drug is used as a narcotic pain management substance. Mainly prescribed after surgery and other medical conditions. Some people have real physical disabilities and require a controlled pain management while other procedures are investigated. When the drug is used for a recreational high the results are very different. Over time people in BC and across Canada have shifted from drugs such as Marijuana, hashish, cocaine even heroin to more synthetic type substances. In the last 10 to 15 years an increase in pharmaceutical drug use for partying or just to deal with unwanted emotional conditions, has increased to an alarming rate. Every year there is more deaths related to narcotic pain medications than any other mind altering drug.


It is interesting, if one cared to look, that the increase in pain medication like Fentanyl in our society is parallels the failing educational system, health care system and downfall of social morality. Our present society accepts a below standard education and ends up unable to solve simple family problems; cannot deal with work disputes, and lacks the know-how to increase their personal well-being meanwhile the large pharmaceutical corporations by use of advertisement resort to medication for the slightest aches and ailments. The emotional pain of losing a job, the broken vow, betrayed agreements even the pain of losing a loved one leaves people with unwanted emotional conditions. With no immediate solution it’s not long before they discover that prescription medications and illicit drugs or alcohol will numb the condition, at least temporarily.

Fentanyl’s Numbing Effect

Illicit drugs, prescription pain medications like Fentanyl and all mind altering substances have a numbing effect, this is mainly why people abuse them. It causes a break in perception between the mind and one’s actual feeling. Feeling betrayed is a normal emotion, sensing grief when a family member dies is expected, the sense of failure after not closing the “big deal” is simply part of living, what one does with these feelings is what determines their future. Numbing the feeling with Fentanyl or other drugs will only send all your abilities into the shadows of death. But facing these and learning from them and accepting that they exist is a wonderful thing. You are as alive as you can feel.

Don’t burry your feelings of sorrow, fear or grief or regret; you should deal with these, there are tools in society to help overcome any obstacle. Drugs turn people into unthinking, unfeeling hypnotic zombies. Don’t become a statistic, stay clear of Fentanyl, and even if you are prescribed this drug by your family doctor for a specific condition be sure the doctor also sees to that you are helped to stop its use on a proper dosage off. You can have a good productive drug free life without Fentanyl or any other drugs. Call us if you know anyone that may need some assistance in getting their life back on track, it’s what we do as referral counselors.


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