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A New Outlook on the Opioid Crisis

A New Outlook on the Opioid Crisis

Oxycontin bottle

OxyContin & the Opioid Crisis

It would appear that the opiate crisis can be read, heard and watched at every turn. How is it that suddenly in this day and age of knowledge we, as a civilization, are plagued with such a life killing substance? For all intents and purposes one could easily state that this just came about through various haphazard circumstances. Yet when one looks closer at the sequence of events there is a very different aspect to this “opioid crisis”.

Substance abuse has been around man’s evolution since the first hunter-gatherers. Over time certain substances became more desirable than others. As can be seen in shaman’s medical application or a priest’s religious use. Yet in our present society we find these mind altering substances being used recreationally. People intentionally attempting to alter their present state of mind and body. And yet when asked about their reasons, very few can give a precise response as to their motives for using. And then there are those cases across the country where we find individuals suffering with some physical ailment looking for help. Only to receive an improper diagnosis or little, if any, actual cure; the result is just more suffering. Yet, as we come forward through man’s evolution we can discover modern chemistry working endlessly to find ways to bring relief; not a cure. Thus we find that the use of a variety of organic plants with psychotropic properties synthesized to bring about temporary relief.

Again look into the situation just a bit further and you will discover the modern solution to relieve just creates a new problem. More often than not, someone complaining about body pain that can’t be physically diagnoses, is treated with “pain killers”. These drugs are opiate based and are very addictive. But this only explains a certain percentage of opiate abusers. What about the recreational users. What can bring a person to take such dangerous mind altering substances and physically addictive drugs? Careful observation into this problem one can discover that people in general have lost the ability to face and deal with daily life situations. Whether it’s the death of a close relative or an abusive childhood. Even failures and broken relations can cause a person to suffer with emotional pain. Any drug is basically a numbing agent, it numbs out the source of pain; it does not cure. Opiates are strong numbing drugs, whether it is oxycodone, morphine, heroin or fentanyl or any other name, the result is the same.

The short term solution rapidly turns into a life threatening problem. The body is not constructed to deal with continued use of toxic substances. Each use makes the body fight off the ingested poison. This is done to such a degree that the natural building blocks of a healthy body is depleted. This explains, in part, the unhealthy appearance of those abusing opiates. In conclusion it is clear that the culprit to this opioid epidemic is in fact, bad education and lack of life skills. A child in this world should be given good usable tools for life. Such things as honesty, integrity, tolerance, acceptance and encouragement are the qualities of living. When a society substitutes these for a quick fix mind altering drug, that society is on its way out. We need good opiate addiction treatment programs for this society, create good and widespread prevention programs and put mandatory drug education program for the next generation. Enough with the endless debates it’s time to act.



Canada Health Care; Get in Line Option

Canada Health Care



If one wishes to understand what the problem is with helping drug addicts from all walks of life in Canada it’s best to start with knowing what our healthcare system is. In Canada we have a group of “socialized” health insurance plans, these are intended to provide coverage to ALL Canadians. The administration of this system is ran on a provincial and territorial basis, publicly funded and handled with guidelines as established by the federal government.

Interesting enough under this care system, each citizen is provided medical treatment and preventive care by primary physicians, including access to hospitals, surgery and other medical services. All Canadians qualify for health coverage, despite their medical history, income or lifestyle. As taken off of Health Canada’s own website page on their “mission and vision”:

“Health Canada is committed to improving the lives of all of Canada’s people and to making this country’s population among the healthiest in the world as measured by longevity, lifestyle and effective use of the public health care system.”

Get in Line Option

If this is the case, then how is it that there are hundreds of thousands of Canadians suffering from addiction that cannot get the help that they are actually asking for? It’s a well-known fact that if you don’t have $5000 to $20000 for private residential treatment than the only option is, GET IN LINE! There are families across Canada that are dealing with a relative’s addiction and when they attempt to contact a government run facility it’s like traveling through a bee hive.

Drug Rehab Backlogs

People with addiction to drugs such as heroin, cocaine, crack and even prescription drugs are not getting the instant service that is needed. In fact many are told that they first need an assessment, which makes sense but instead of entering that day into treatment the person is told to fill out a variety of forms, then to come to another appointment for further assessment and this is then followed by “you have to wait until a bed is available…” In other words GET IN LINE.

Reaching out for Addiction Treatment

When addiction is at the point where the addict has reached out for help it should be available right there and then. You can’t put an addict on hold with substance abuse, most can’t stay away from their drug of choice for more than a day or so because of the withdrawal symptoms that some drugs have. When the drug is not taken, the body’s depleted nutrition kicks in, soar muscles, anxieties, shakes, tremors, aches and pains, mood swings, and a list of other side effects from not having the drug that numbs the body and mind. In many instances government facilities will even state that the addict must be clean for 3 to 4 days before entering their rehab. This makes no sense, if an addict can stay clean for that amount of time why would he or she enter a rehab?

Solution for Drug Rehabilitation

Even though the funded treatment centers are unable to care for the demand across the country they still manage to help some people live sober lives. If the government wants more tax money than it should handle the hundreds of thousands that are suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. If each were given a real chance at sobriety as stated in Health Canada’s mission statement and vision, these recovered addicts would be working, buying homes, raising families, contributing to the productivity of our society and paying taxes.

Until then, relatives of a drug addict can do something by encouraging the addict to seek help and use the private system but also write to your politician to change the system for substance abuse and make it so everyone can achieve sober living.


Canadian Prescription Drug Abuse

Canadian Prescription Drug Abuse;
the Ongoing Battle

Prescription drug abue

Prescription drugs, by which we mean any over-the-counter medication and prescribed medication by a physician, intended to ease a specified pain or general physical ailment. This has now moved over into practically any type of medication that is intended for a physical condition that gives a mental and / or physical side effect; such as, dizziness, sleepy or drowsy feeling, etc. But it is the opioid medications that are the most abuse presently all across Canada. In a recent study it was noted that Canada currently ranks second to the U.S. in prescription opioid abuse.

Pain Medication

Not every abuser began as a recreational drug user, many of the pain medications such as; OxyContin, Percocet even T-3’s (Tylonol-3), Morphine and Fentanyl are prescribed for an existing conditions. The person taking these, even when following the dosage to the letter, began their dependency to the drug way before they realized they were addicted.

This real problem of abusing painkilling drugs exists because of a lack of information on dealing with pain. Because the medical profession has not resolved the issue of pain, the only solution for people is to cope with the pain by numbing or suppressing the person’s awareness of the pain during healing and recovery from a surgery or accident. But when a person continues to experience the pain their only option is to take more medications. The body will become accustomed to this numbing effect and when the drug is not taken there is a resulting increase in pain awareness and in a lot of cases withdrawal pain, a vicious cycle is now begun of more pain medication ending up with addiction.

Recreational Painkiller Drugs

When these painkilling drugs are taken for recreational above its recommended dosage, the effects are amplified and the abuser gets a sense of euphoria or a feeling of being high. They have often been referred to as the poor man’s heroin. When pain drugs, or opiates, are abused and the person becomes addicted the withdrawal can be very difficult and painful in itself, if not done properly. In many case of Oxy or Fentanyl abuse the person is advised to go through a medical detoxification prior to their drug rehab program. During withdrawal the person’s physical well-being can be at risk and normally require a medical staff on standby for monitoring purposes.

It is actually quite easy to get prescribed a pain medication, one simply need to see their doctor and say they have a pain, after examination and finding nothing physically wrong or sometimes no examination is done you get prescribed a pain drug, usually accompanied by some anti-depressant to cope with this undiagnosed pain.

But for people with legitimate pain conditions (based on past accidents or surgeries) society to this date has no answers. It should be noted this article is not referring to someone with a physical disability, or a disease that is attacking the nerve tissues or other such conditions. It is also noted that this is not a medical opinion or diagnosis, it is simply a statement of observable facts in today’s society and to present other options for people to look into in the hopes that it brings relief and helps to cut down on the abuse of opioid pain medication for Canadians.

It should also be noted that not everyone gets addicted to their prescription pain medication, there exist many people who have been on painkilling drugs for 2 or 3 weeks and stopped and handled the balance of recovery with natural and rational approaches as dictated by their doctors, etc.


Back to school; straight or high

Back to school; straight or high

To receive help immediately with your addiction problem or that of someone close to you call 1-888-488-8434 and speak with one of our addiction referral & consultation counselors.

Summer Break

As school approaches closer and closer, do you know what your son or daughter has been doing during their summer break? Many young adults when their past school year is ended will get summer jobs, apply for college or university and you as the parent are always proud to know your child is seeking higher education. But what was going on during their summer time? Who were they hanging with? Some of these questions can be answered with observation.

iStock_000000984563_Small-150x150For example, If you have noticed your son or daughter has mood shifts, one day or two being all nice and chatty than suddenly they’re withdrawn or snappy, maybe they began to not be as communicative with you, or are showing signs sneaking in and out, secretive about their life, lethargic appearance, etc. These are signs of possible drug use.

Many youths get presented some party drugs like, MDMA, Cocaine, even prescription drugs like Oxys or marijuana laced with Fentanyl. Normally the first time using will have dramatic effects on the person resulting in feelings of extreme freedom. But the effect wears off soon enough and the down is just a bit too hard to face; this is responded by seeking out more drugs to reach the high.

Blunted Ambitions

As summer rolls on your child’s drug use may be once or twice a week, or just weekends. But this can rapidly moves up into three or four times a week and eventually on a daily basis. What’s worse is these illicit drugs with their mind altering effects can bring about a loss of interest in going back to school, blunting of goals and ambitions, etc. And if they do make it to sign-up day for school, it’s usually only to not disappoint mom and dad.

But the result is inefficiency at school work, lack of interest, low grades and overall disconnection from life in general. This is the road of drug abuse, it is seen across the nation and known by many professionals. Any illicit mind altering substance will suppress any desire for better life and achievement of goals by the user.

Signs of Addiction

You as a parent should be aware of such signs of addiction and be informed sufficiently on various types of drugs being trafficked in your community, know the signs of the different illicit drugs. Talk to your kids about the harmful effects of drugs and what can happen, research, get drug prevention kits available on-line ( and be interested in your child’s interests and who they hang with.

Drug dealers can be found in practically every community constantly seeking out new clients to bring under their addictive distribution of harmful drugs of all sorts. If you want your daughter or son to be happy and grow up with goals and achievements then you have a responsibility to be informed, and help your child understand why drugs and alcohol are destructive.

For information on addiction and treatment available take the time and call one of our addiction and consultation counselors today and ask what your options are before it’s too late, dial 888-488-8434 and get your questions answered.


Marijuana’s New Face of Evil

Marijuana’s New Face of Evil

medical-marijuana150x150Marijuana is well-known over the decades, first as simply an imported illicit substance used by many just to chill out and ‘’be more one with the universe’’. When the risk and cost were such that import became more inaccessible Canadians began to grow their own weed. It was not of the same quality but then certain educated drug users read up on the growing techniques and suddenly hydroponics was born. As the years moved on the weed became more potent and more accessible for pot users and younger potential clients.

Then it was found that certain sources lobbied to have marijuana with its mind altering effects become accepted as a medicinal supplement to aid with certain diagnosed conditions. So now south of the border Marijuana growers are seeing a business opportunity which in not connected to anxiety of arrest at any moment. This then gains popularity with others and soon it is an imported idea in Canada. Pot in Canada is still being used illicitly with only a small minority of people given the status of medical marijuana user.


But it doesn’t end there, with new technology the hydroponic growers are finding ways to increase the potency once more and the pot being sold is now causing overdoses, a new condition not seen before. Finally we get the 21st century marijuana where the THC of high potency is now extracted and dried turning it into what is being labeled “chatter” which causes an instant high and is very addictive. Anyone would think that it couldn’t get any worse but it does.

Fentanyl Laced

As seen in recent news reports of young people overdosing and being rushed to the ER or dying from this new form of Pot. Someone got very evil and took a simple plant that is normally smoked and decided that it would be a good thing to lace it with opiate based drugs, such as Fentanyl. This is a very high potent pain suppressant opiate. Fentanyl is 200 times more potent than Oxys and normally prescribe to people being treated for cancer, has cause great concerns across the nation. Even at this writing new legislation is being look at to bring better control for this prescription medication.

In all cases marijuana is simply a mind altering plant that has many mild to severe side effects. Long term will create slowed activity, loss of ambitions and general lethargy. Though now with it being laced, meaning altered with other substances, there is no prediction as to the effect it will cause any given person. From one use you can have the expected high and the next time have and overdose or worse die. This is a serious situation in Canada and elsewhere.

The Origin

Why take a chance, even when you know your dealer of illicit drugs, you probably don’t know where he or she got her drugs from. All drugs pass through at least five to ten different people before being consumed. Even the best of investigator from the RCMP Drug Enforcement Division have difficulty backtracking the origin of some drugs. All drugs are bad for people, it is not a natural occurring substance for healthy bodies. Why people take drugs is not part of this writing but it is simple to state that wherever people suffer relief will be searched for. Drugs bring temporary relief to physical pain or unwanted or painful emotions.

Do yourself a favor and that of anyone you care about, say no to drugs no matter how cool, or tempting it may seem. It could be the last cool thing you do. Stay alive and free, stay away of mind altering drugs.


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