Alcohol and Drug Rehab Holiday Message

  To everyone celebrating this holiday season it is our wish to you that you will care for those you love most by being strong and not permitting a friend or family member to drive after having a few drinks. Yet despite this message having been broadcasted so many times some people still think its […]

Give Yourself the Gift of Getting Clean this Christmas

  Christmas and New Year’s are coming. With the holidays come more opportunities to drink and to take drugs. You can be in a party atmosphere and celebrating with friends and family, the perfect opportunity to hide a growing problem. Or you can be depressed as the holidays do make some of us and fall […]

Discuss Drugs and Alcohol With Your Teen

  Teens in Ontario are coming out about drug and alcohol use. Over the course of the last few months, this writer has seen news items on teens and drinking and teens and drug use. What I see are teens turning it around for someone else. I think a lot has to do with parent […]