Drugs, Good or Bad ???

What happens to a society on drugs? You hear it on the news; read about it on the internet, we watch it on YouTube and hundreds of other media to find out about DRUGS. You may think you know all there is about drugs, whether good opinion or bad one, drugs are a major topic […]

International Day against Drug Abuse and Trafficking

U.N. International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking     On the 26th of June 2013 was the celebration of the yearly event acknowledging the efforts of every person, counselor, family member and politician and law enforcement officers from around the world who work tirelessly to change this civilization in the face of one […]

Major Drug Smuggling Ring Dismantled

Drug addiction leads to drug bust in Cornwall, south Ontario and Quebec Once again drug addicts attempting to climb the toxic corporation of drug trafficking have fallen short on their way up the ladder. Recent drug bust in Cornwall and other drug addicts in Quebec probably started off with just a joint of pot or […]

Smoking vapourize alcohol

Toronto’s alcohol smoking is still alcohol abuse   Here is the latest in alcohol abuse; smoking vapors of some alcoholic beverage has started to show up more and more in Toronto’s younger crowd as a way to get a buzz without the horrible feeling of alcohol in your system.   The media and other supporters […]

Major Drug Bust in BC

Vancouver drug bust secures community for now   A major drug bust was conducted this month on Vancouver Island and is considered a major blow to the drug trafficking criminals. Whereas it was quite a significant amount that was seized and it most likely did create some upset in the drug trafficking world, how long […]

Father’s day wishes

Happy father’s day at the Vancouver eastside injection clinic It’s a beautiful sunny morning on the 16th of June, its father’s day and Pete has just woken from a hard enforce sleep. He gathers his things and begins his walk on this wonderful morning towards his, what he calls his office. But this particular morning […]