Alcohol for Xmas Shoppers

Season to be Jolly Here is a new take on substance abuse traffickers. We are all quite familiar with drug dealers and drug traffickers. It’s no mystery that in order to get drugs into the public hands for consumption you need to recruit sufficient amount of people to get the product out, and it would […]

Office Christmas Party

Drugs, Alcohol & the Xmas office party We are now on the doorsteps of entering the holiday season. This is such a great time of the year. Companies across the nation in every province from British Columbia to Nova Scotia including the Yukon will be working out the details in the next weeks to come […]

Has the Mayor been Cracked ?

Crack Cocaine in Toronto Now that Toronto’s Mayor, Rob Ford, has confessed to his “alleged” crack cocaine use maybe we can get some real help out to those who are suffering with their own crack addiction. For anyone not familiar with Crack it’s quite simple; first you have cocaine from the coca plant, with the […]

Drugs and Politics

Drugs, Politics and You You are the public; you are the voter and the individual in this society who has put your trust in the politician you believe to best serve the interest of your community. Yet suddenly we find the media bombarding us daily with city mayors using illicit drugs and promising to get […]

Drug Bust across Canada

More drug bust and problem still there Well, just this month there have been at least ten new drug bust alerts from across Canada, wow ten separate instances of drug busts. But to make news the drug bust must have some importance or some media known person involved or it doesn’t make the news. On […]