Addiction and New Years resolution

Drug Free 2014 As we enter a New Year many people will settle on some form of a resolution for the New Year, quit smoking, spend less at restaurants, not stay up as late and thousand of other decision to stop doing something that was somewhat counter productive to their daily lives. In the majority […]

What is Impaired Driving

DUI is not a Christmas Gift It has official begun, the season of impaired driving. The media is out in full force warning people about the effects of drinking and driving and not to do it. And on the other side of the fence is the giant alcohol producing moguls with TV ads and print […]

Designated Driver or Horse and Buggy

This Holiday Season be Responsible   The holiday season is upon us once a gain, the cheerful faces of children light up as they look to the decoration on the homes and the store fronts are full of wrapped gifts with bows and glitter. As a society we build up this excitement straight from Thanksgivings […]