Opiates, some clarification

Opiates, some clarification If you or someone close is struggling with drug addiction of some sort, please call this toll free number; 1-888-488-8434 and speak with an experienced drug rehab referral counselors who will answer all your questions as best they can. They will propose various options to help you decide how best to deal […]

Medical marijuana

Medical marijuana; what’s the deal? It’s on TV and in the papers, special reports turn it into a major national discussion, legislators’ debate for months about it and talk show hosts make fun of it; wherever we look the trending medical marijuana issue is in the front line.   It’s not necessary to get into […]

Act Now

Act now To get help now with your addiction problem or that of someone close to you call 1-888-488-8434 and speak with one of our addiction referral & consultation counselors.     Waiting for Change One of the most common errors seen with family members who have a loved one struggling with some form of […]