Welcome to Alberta rehab expert webpage, your search has brought you to us due to the overwhelming amount of websites to filter through just to get help with someone you know or for self. At Alberta rehab experts our counselors have years of experience with drug addicts and our in constant link to hundreds of drug rehab centers in Alberta and across Canada. Your call to us will be confidential and very professional, we care that you get the right drug rehab program to suit your needs. Call your Alberta rehab expert and speak to a counselor that’s standing by to get you started.


A rehab expert is someone who has been in the field of drug addiction a great many years. Was a drug addict and recovered or has worked in the field with drug addicts and gained experience. A rehab expert is not associated to any one drug rehab facility, is not a member of their staff but knows the various types of drug treatment programs available and which will handle what.


When you talk to the Alberta drug expert counselor he or she will do the screening and the recommendation that will suit your needs. We care about addiction, at Alberta rehab expert we know that addiction can be overcome, that a drug free life is available. Call us and stop worrying about those around you, help is a phone call away, call 1-888-488-8434

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