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Is alcohol a drug?

To answer this question it might be a good thing to look into it a bit further. Alcohol; we’ve seen it, smelt it, and drank it at some time or other. It’s been around since before the time of ancient Asia. Alcohol has been used as an explosive, a disinfectant and has even served as fuel to light one’s path during travels. Alcohol was at its young age, pretty nasty tasting stuff to say the least according to some scholars on the subject. Over the centuries humans have manipulated and experimented with alcohol to create a multitude of variations of its basic components and essential ingredients.


Many will agree a nicely aged bottle of wine is a welcomed addition to our palette when out dining with friends or family. And most of us accept a twelve-pack of cold beer on a Sunday afternoon watching a football game with friends.


Once you strip away the commercialized version of Alcohol and take away the fancy expensive bottle, labels and packaging, what is left is simply a liquid that was created by refining age-old recipes. But all alcohol require a key step; fermentation. Suffice to say this is not a history lesson on making alcohol but to show that no matter what form of alcohol is created the result is the same; an alteration of the present state of mind.


Now let’s look at a drug; this can be seen as any chemical compound that when ingested by various means causes an alteration of the present state of mind and body. Some drugs are beneficial to healing areas of the body that have been damaged. Other drugs are used to suppress awareness of specific body parts or to render a person unconscious for major repair such as nitrous oxide.


It is safe to say that a drug alters the present state of mind and body, alcohol even if only small amounts are ingested alters the mind, too much will alter the body also.


Is alcohol a drug? Absolutely, any mind and/or body-altering substance whether in liquid form, like alcohol, or other forms like crystals meth, cocaine in powder or simple herb form such as marijuana; if it alters your state of mind and body you can say it is a drug.


Like a gun in the hand of a madman, drugs are only harmful when in the hands of anyone too stupid or uneducated enough to know better. A poppy plant is just a plant; what is done with the plant makes it bad. Yet the plant is only a plant and can only be altered by a human being. It’s human beings that brought alcohol to its multi-billion dollar business and as many deaths, and it’s human beings that put cocaine and heroin in our streets and in front of our children.


Help change the future; say no to altering your mind and body.


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