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Paradise Drug Rehab – Private Addiction Services

Finding help locating a Paradise drug rehab for a loved one for their addiction to illicit drugs can be difficult. But there is help with Addiction Referral and Consultation Services, call 1-888-488-8434. It’s one thing to realize something must be done to change a loved one’s behavior but putting solutions into action is another. Our experienced referral counselors understand this issue and will work to get the best private drug rehab suited to your needs.

Drug Rehab Centers in Paradise

There are 2 available community addiction services for Paradise. One of these is The Grace Center in Harbour Grace, a residential 28-days drug rehab center. The other is the Recovery Center in St. John’s which is a detox center and outpatient treatment program. There are two youth live-in treatment centers of a duration of 6 to 12 months. For more information visit the link at the end of this page.


Paradise residents may find they have limited resources and need further options to help their loved one. This is what we offer, we can help bring some hope and solutions to your family by finding private treatments.


The step of Detox in Paradise NL

When a person has been abusing street drugsprescription meds, or heavy consumption of alcohol they’re normally quite out of touch. The person is basically not tracking with what you and I are aware of. The only way to get the person to open up is to first and foremost rid them of the drugs or alcohol in their system. This is done by a complete and thorough detox. Normally this is what is known as withdrawal management or the drying out period. Over a period of one week or sometimes more. Once the person is “clean” counseling or rehab can begin.

Private Drug Rehab for Paradise Residents

Our addiction referral counselors are helping Paradise residents with private rehab by getting your loved one connected to a suitable facility. We have knowledge of a wide range of private drug rehabs across Canada. They have no non-sense admissions and are ready to service you. With a short phone assessment and general interview, we can have you in contact with a facility that is right for your son or daughter.


But the only catch is that you need to act. Adding time will only put your loved one at continued risk of relapse, bolting from the process, or worse. You have the means to make a difference in a relative’s life. If you are looking for a Paradise drug rehab for someone you care about you need to speak with one of our counselors. He or she will see to it that your call is cared for with respect and in confidence.


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Here is the information for public-access beds and services in Newfoundland & Labrador, click on the link below.

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