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Finding the right Amherst drug rehab can be, at times, a difficult affair. Especially for family members who may not be familiar with drugs and alcohol treatments. Here at Addiction Referral and Consultation Service, we have the experience. We can help you make sense of the existing situation and propose solutions to good private centers. The one obvious thing is that you and your loved one are going through some very hard times. You may be at wits-end with the whole subject and wouldn’t be the only one in that position. We do not represent any particular center, so you can expect unbiased advice.

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 NA and AA support Group for alcohol and drugs in Amherst

Opioids in Amherst Nova Scotia

Opioid pain medication is estimated to be used by 11.8% of Canadians, and roughly 3% report using it for non-medical purposes. Between January 2016 and December 2019, there were 15,393 opioid-related deaths in Canada. The rates of emergency department visits for opioid poisoning have doubled for younger adults aged 24 to 44.

Between January and March 2020 alone, there were 1,018 opioid-related deaths recorded in Canada, the majority of which were accidental. And since January 2016, more than 26,494 naloxone kits have been dispensed to Nova Scotians. There have been 207 reported to date.

Helping a Loved One in Amherst

Often, we hear families in Amherst say that they don’t know what to do. How do I proceed to help the person? And, of course, there are so many individual scenarios that it’s difficult to take them up one at a time. The first step would be to talk to the addicted person, and you can read more about that by following the link. It takes patience and perseverance. If they see they have a drug or alcohol problem, your next step is to search for an Amherst drug rehab center. If they don’t recognize the problem even after several attempts, then an intervention may be necessary

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Amherst, Nova Scotia

Intervention Services

After many coaxing, talking, and yelling attempts, the situation gives way to frustration and despair. Some decide to disconnect, “How can they not see!” The addicted person is left on their own to struggle their way back to the living.

Intervention is often the last-ditch effort to help someone recognize they need help. Families in Amherst can get together and plan an intervention. The input of a professional interventionist is always a good idea.

The family should pick a drug and alcohol rehab before the start of the intervention. An addicted person can quickly change their mind. So, being prepared with every aspect of the outcome is must. It is worth mentioning that most private rehabs have their interventionist, something you don’t find in public access treatments.

Online Addiction Recovery Coaching

Not everybody needs a residential drug rehab center. When a person worries about losing control over their consumption of drugs and alcohol, our Coaching Service may be right. It is a unique service that gives life skills tools and is educational.

It offers many advantages. For instance, it is done in the comfort of your home in Amherst. It consists of a couple of sessions a week. One sees how they influence their environment and how the environment influences them. It helps an individual make their own decisions without the influence of others. Making good decisions in one’s life is crucial for happiness. You can get more information about our Coaching sessions here

Calling for Amherst Drug Rehab Help

What to Expect from Us

Confidential, courteous, and friendly support and information are what you receive from our experienced referral counsellors. We have a few decades of experience in substance abuse, and we know how difficult it can get.

First, we will do an assessment over the phone to better grasp the person’s life situation in Amherst. We will, by this action, be able to determine the degree of addiction and what service best suits the person. We also expect questions from you, which we will answer. After deciding on a private residential rehab center, we will put you in contact with them. We also like to stay in touch until your loved one is in rehab.