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Private Addiction Treatment Option

Get help for your relative’s drug addiction or alcohol abuse today. Our referral addiction counselor will work with you to locate the best private residential drug rehabilitation for Sydney residents. Call us and start the process of gaining control over a difficult situation. We understand the troubles any family faces finding a Sydney drug rehab center for a relative struggle with substance abuse.

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Alternative to Sydney Drug Rehab Facilities

Addiction brings worry and anxiety. Lying and betrayal are just part and parcel of substance abuse. It’s hard enough dealing with drugs or alcohol in your life, having to find help just aggravates it. Many tend to contact their public access addiction center. Unfortunately, this often turns into additional frustration with endless assessment forms and long waitlists. But there are alternative options, the private sector. Our referral counselors are well versed in the different rehab centers in Nova Scotia and can help locate an affordable treatment for your loved one.

Substance Use Disorder

If you’re in Sydney or some other city, the cycle of addiction is basically the same. It happens when a person is faced or was faced with a difficult life situation. There are as many situations as there are people struggling with addiction. The fundamental missing element is not having the tools, knowledge, or solution to resolve the situation.

The point is without a solution it continues to hinder the person in life. Finding relief may be difficult and soon enough the person finds drugs or alcohol. These numb out pain and other unwanted emotions and conditions. But as the effect wears off the pain and other issues return. More drugs are taken at one point the person is in need constantly. This is now a new condition known as addiction.

Private Rehab Referral Counselor Aid

Our referral counselors have many years of experience with addicts and rehab centers across Canada. He or she will work with you to find the most suitable private withdrawal management service and inpatient substance abuse recovery center for your loved one. In recent years people are choosing private treatment centers. This is due to their being more affordable and one-on-one addiction counseling. Our referral counselors are here to work with you to have your relative enter the most suited program to their situation. So you don’t have to search for a Sydney drug rehab facility on your own, help is available.

Sydney Drug Rehab – Help for Private Treatment

You can make a difference about a loved one’s substance abuse. It does however begin with knowing what help is available. In our present society, there are different steps to deal with substance abuse. In order to help your relative, they must first stop consuming mind-altering substances. This can be either medical detox or a regular withdrawal step. Most people require this step before they start the treatment program as such. Call our addiction referral counselor today for quick and professional assistance.

Find support for family members and friends of those who have substance abuse issues.

Al-Anon Maritimes

Here are a few addresses in Sydney for support meetings.

Courage to Change AFG
St. Theresa’s Church Hall
Side door – downstairs,
285 St. Peter’s Road
Sydney, NS

Sydney Noon Time AFG
Bethel Presbyterian Hall
9 Brookland Street (at George St)
Sydney, NS

Sydney Friendship AFG
Spanish River Seniors
Community Centre
1840 Kings Road
Sydney River, NS